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I scheduled my car's repair for July 25.

The rum and coke gummies turned out well. I used Captain Morgan spiced rum. The spiced rum is a good match for the sweet cola flavor of the gummies. I just drained the excess rum and drank it, so I'm buzzed at the moment.

I can now use the TSA Pre-Check line when I fly. I used some of my frequent flyer miles to pay for the Pre-Check sign-up.

Date: 2017-06-29 08:44 pm (UTC)
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One of two early sci-fi predictions that may come true is "maybe the reason everyone in early era sci fi wears identical skin-tight jumpsuits is to make all the security checks easier...no pockets or places to conceal anything." If I was getting on and off spaceships and going through spaceport security many times a dayI would definitely warm to such a time saving option.

The other is the round viewscreens, and seeing all the people who can't rotate their smartphones to take video in landscape not portrait orientation, just giving up and going to round screens for everything makes sense.

In actually relevant news, now that I have a bunch of body piercings I accept that this will earn me the attention of the TSA and more frequent "freedom fondles" from them.

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