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2017-09-21 10:52 pm

Shorter hair and fuller fridge

I got my hair cut today. Later, I did some food shopping since I'll miss my Friday family dinner this week. I couldn't find Garlique tablets at King Soopers, so I got a different brand.

I'll be working the last shift of the KRCC membership drive Friday night. I've worked enough hours during the drive to make up for the weekend of Furry Fiesta. The Christmas vacation I'm thinking of taking would happen during the week to avoid missing work, leaving Monday afternoon/evening and coming home on Friday. I really want to attend BLFC this year, but I may have to miss it again. At least DenFur is starting up in 2018 to replace the defunct RMFC.
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2017-09-18 01:12 am
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Bundling up more at night

The KRCC membership drive started last Wednesday. The fall drive usually begins in mid to late-October, but it was moved up to September for some reason. Since the weekend programming has moved to at least partial automation, the programs had fixed breaks of three to seven minutes. This is a bit easier for me since I don't have to do any math to figure out how long the breaks need to be (e.g.: 5 breaks with 23 minutes of talk time means each break should average 4:36 each.) There was no pitching on Sunday, but one member came by the studio to submit a pledge. I have a few phone shifts that will conflict with a meeting and my Friday dinner; I was moved to these shifts when the station decided to just use an answering service during the shifts I wanted to work.

On Saturday night, I needed to wear sweat pants to bed since the temperature at night is starting to drop down to autumn levels. This week, I'll probably add a blanket to my bed since the low temperatures will dip into the 40s.
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2017-09-12 08:26 pm
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Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, F.P.S.!

While my rental car was at the car wash last Friday, I bought a car cell phone holder that attaches to the A/C vents. Having the phone closer to eye level will allow me to use the GPS without taking my eyes off the road, and also hear any directions or other audio better. Also, the A/C can cool off the phone since it occasionally gets hot when operating/charging in the car for a while. The cell phone battery I ordered on Amazon was out of stock, so it won't arrive with the SD card and a new mouse. I found another seller and ordered a battery there.

This weekend, the owners of the furstre.am web site shut down the site. As a result, the Funday Pawpet Show decided to shut down after 17-18 years. I began watching FPS in 2009 and made it part of my regular Sunday night entertainment. I'll definitely miss it.
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2017-09-08 06:45 pm
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Welcome back, Subaru!

My Subaru Impreza is back home. Since birds decided to target the rental car yesterday, I took it to Water Works car wash and the gas station before returning it to Hertz. My Subaru's roof still has some hail dents in it because replacing that made up a large part of the repair estimate, and the shop said it wouldn't really be worth it. I let my Toastmasters group know I couldn't make it this week since I wasn't sure exactly when the shop would call me.
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2017-09-05 10:54 am
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A few more days with a Kia

 I will be using my rental car until at least Friday. The garage called me to say my car should be ready to pick up sometime this weekend. I let the people at Hertz know, and they said it was no problem. Now I can attend some of the meetups this week!

A few weeks ago, the address sign post on my parking space had broken. I don't know if the maintenance workers broke or if it was weather or insect-related. A new post was just put in a half-hour ago.

I ordered a few things on Amazon that I need: a new mouse for my laptop, and a 64GB SD card and new battery for my cell phone.
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2017-08-31 04:56 pm
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Extra Italian week

I don't have a Toastmasters meeting this week since next Monday is Labor Day. Later tonight, I'll go to the local furry pizza meet.

I went to the Red Gravy Italian restaurant yesterday with a local Happy Hour group. I need to remember to park in the garage at Colorado and Nevada when I'm dining in the central downtown area. This time I could only find a space with a one-hour meter. I ordered the toasted ravioli appetizer and a local honey wheat beer since the appetizers and draft beers were half-price for happy hour.

I'm hoping my car will be ready before Tuesday since I have to return my rental car then.
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2017-08-25 07:37 pm
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R.I.P. Delaney

 My car was initially supposed to be fixed this week, but I haven't heard from the shop as of tonight. When I get an official pick-up date, I'll take my rental car to Water Works to clean both the inside and outside. Several birds decided to target my rental this week.

My former boss at KRCC died last night. I heard the news on Facebook that he died in his sleep from heart failure. I used to listen to his "Oscillation Propagation" dance music show when it was on Saturday nights.
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2017-08-23 12:17 pm
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Refreshing the condo

I recently got some lemon-scented plug-in air fresheners from an online store. Lemon and peppermint are the two scents I can't seem to find in local stores, unless they're combined with another scent. This lemon scent isn't triggering my allergies. I don't know if all of AirWick's scents make me sneeze or just the lavender and chamomile.

I need to get a haircut tomorrow.
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2017-08-20 11:16 pm
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There are two knobs on the [older] radio

I likely won't be able to view the eclipse Monday. Two of the closest points of totality (Casper, WY and North Platte, NE) are too far away to drive to and back before my meeting Monday night. Also, I'm staying up tonight to listen to my usual Sunday/early-Monday entertainment: The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. I usually go to bed after Doggy Radio and sleep until 11 AM or noon (sometimes later.)

I created the above license after getting yet another angry caller at work. A news story about BLM protesters apparently triggered his white guilt, and he felt he needed to repeatedly swear at me for it. Naturally, the license references George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" routine when he talks about a reverend objecting to cursing on the radio.
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2017-08-16 09:51 pm
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Books are back, but cat is gone

I went to the auto repair shop where my car is being worked on to retrieve my OA book bag from the back seat. No work appears to have been done to the car so far. I don't know if the shop is waiting for specific parts or if other cars are ahead of mine in their work order.

One of my neighbor's cats is missing. A "lost cat" poster was put on the community mailboxes. Also, I hear the neighbor's other cat occasionally meowing outside as if to call for the missing cat. 
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2017-08-13 09:44 pm
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No one in the park has tails waggin' like us

 I really need to plan my weekends better. I love having the evenings free to go to more events, but that also cuts into the time I'm supposed to be sleeping. Between 9 and 11 AM, I was debating whether to go to the Arvada Tails "RMFC" meet or just go home and sleep. Running into a few traffic tie-ups on I-25 didn't really help my mood. I spent about two hours at Arvada Tails, said hello to some friends I recognized, then grabbed lunch and headed home. A Pueblo fur from the Pawpet IRC chat said he would be at the meet, but he told me tonight he had to work instead. I didn't know what he looked like beyond him saying he would be wearing a white fox partial suit. I saw a couple of furs at the meet who matched that description.
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2017-08-12 12:34 pm
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You've got to put a little bit of fuckin' fairy dust over the bastard!

 PAY for Sunday, August 13th: 5 hours (6-11 AM)

The announcer whose shift follows mine is able to relieve me at 11 AM tomorrow so I can go to Arvada Tails. I signed up for five phone shifts during next month's KRCC membership drive, which will more than make up for the hours missed during July's cruise reunion as well as Arvada Tails. If I can find time to do two more shifts, that would completely make up for my next vacation (either Christmas or Furry Fiesta.)

I saw the Psychedelgates play last night. The beginning of the show was a bit awkward because one of the guitarists started shouting and cursing at the others during the sound check before storming off stage. On Twitter, I jokingly called it a re-enactment of the Troggs tape. (For those who don't get the reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrXfK9Osmvs )
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2017-08-10 04:29 pm
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Gettin' collie wit' it!


I used a collie morph from Boomer the Dog, along with the JibJab.com site, to make the video linked above.

Here is the original morph picture: http://radio.boomerthedog.net/collie-morph-heart-nose-big.jpg
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2017-08-06 11:50 pm
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Not as fluffy, but more huggy

I basically went to FoxTrot as myself last night. My rental car is a bit smaller than my main car, so the fursuit case wouldn't have fit in the back. It would have been too hot to wear my kigu, and I forgot to wear my collie tail. I got more fluffy hugs this time from local furs who recognized me, as well as furs who had been away at BLFC in June. A local community radio station, KOMF-LP 104.7 actually broadcast live from the Wrangler during FoxTrot.

The usual Sunday furry entertainment took a break this weekend due to Megaplex. Doggy Radio will begin in about half an hour.

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2017-08-02 03:44 pm

Move it on... north

I forgot that my therapist's office had moved to a new address. I went to the original location at first, then looked up the new address on my phone.

I missed the Tuesday fur meet, but I'll be going to the Thursday pizza meet near my home. I'll catch The Psychedelegates on Friday night at a bar near Powers and Galley, then FoxTrot is Saturday night.

I just got some sad news on Telegram. Richard Concepcion, the puppeteer who hosted the "Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends" show for over 30 years, has passed away. He was a guest on one of the first "Funday Pawpet Show" episodes I watched, then I found out Rapid's show preceded FPS.
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2017-07-30 02:31 pm
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Christmas getaway?

The cost to repair my car will be about $7,500 plus whatever it will cost to remove the giant dents from the passenger's side. My dad said the shop will try to get the work done earlier than scheduled to reduce the time I need to use a rental car.

I am considering taking a Christmas vacation this year. I'm researching sites offering low-cost tours during the season and found a couple that sound good. One would originate from Los Angeles and also visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon within 4 days; another would originate in New York City and visit Philadelphia and Washington, DC within 8 days. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, New York or Philadelphia.
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2017-07-28 11:16 pm
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New temporary wheels

I have a silver Kia Forte rental car for the next month and a half.

I've been using my 20-ounce plastic cups for drinking water. Since many sources give 64 ounces (8 glasses x 8 ounces) as a recommendation for daily water intake, I make sure I drink at least 3-1/2 of the large cups every day. I recently bought some Crystal Light drink mixes to flavor the water, reducing my desire to drink sodas.
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2017-07-25 09:16 pm
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Getting un-dented

My car is in the shop this morning. I should get an estimate of the actual repair cost in a day or two. I'd love it if the repairs could be finished in less than six weeks, since I wouldn't have to spend as much on the rental car.

I did some food shopping last night to cover the next few days until I pick up my rental car on Friday.
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2017-07-20 05:45 pm
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Fluffier week

I've been able to attend a couple of furry meetups this week. I went to the Tuesday meet at Village Inn, and I'll go to another meet tonight at a pizza place close to my home. The Arvada Tails "RMFC" meet is 24 days away. Since it's on a Sunday, I'll ask another KRCC announcer if he can fill in for me beginning at 9 or 10 AM. I'll probably just wear my collie tail to the meet since it's outdoors and I don't want to overheat in my kigurumi or fursuit.
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2017-07-16 12:27 pm
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Blues and BBQ

I intended to catch Clem Hammond's performance at Front Range BBQ last night. A former co-worker plays bass for Hammond's band. The restaurant was crowded both inside and out. I was able to have a seat at the bar to have dinner and a drink. I had some jalapeño cheddar hush puppies for an appetizer, followed by a spicy brisket sandwich called the John-Alex (named for a late local blues musician, John-Alex Mason.) When I finished, the opening band was still playing and there were no seats available in the performance area. I decided to head home instead and take part in Steelwoulfe's game night.

I bought a portable charger for my cell phone (and other electronic devices) recently. This will be very handy for vacations when I'm sightseeing and needing to recharge my phone and camera. I also recently deleted a couple of apps I don't use which were huge memory hogs.