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My car is in the shop this morning. I should get an estimate of the actual repair cost in a day or two. I'd love it if the repairs could be finished in less than six weeks, since I wouldn't have to spend as much on the rental car.

I did some food shopping last night to cover the next few days until I pick up my rental car on Friday.
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I reserved a rental car for the weeks my car will be repaired. I will pick up the rental on the 28th instead of the 25th to save a bit of money. The rental will cost about $2,400 including insurance.

Some of the furry stream hosts are at Anthrocon this weekend. There was no mention of another hosted Jackbox Games stream tonight. I'll go to bed in a bit once the fireworks show at Security Service Field ends.

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I scheduled my car's repair for July 25.

The rum and coke gummies turned out well. I used Captain Morgan spiced rum. The spiced rum is a good match for the sweet cola flavor of the gummies. I just drained the excess rum and drank it, so I'm buzzed at the moment.

I can now use the TSA Pre-Check line when I fly. I used some of my frequent flyer miles to pay for the Pre-Check sign-up.
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I couldn't find my light jacket this morning before work. Luckily, the weather was just warm enough (with no wind) to go out without the jacket. If I don't find it at home, I'll contact some other places I've been recently to see if I left it there. The last time I definitely remember wearing it was June 3rd during FoxTrot. I may have put the jacket inside my fursuit case after taking off the suit at the meet.

I wanted to make an appointment today for my car's hail/dent repair. Unfortunately, the computer system at the shop wasn't working when I called. I'll try again on Monday.
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The second auto body shop I visited Tuesday said the larger hail dents in my car would likely add at least $800 to the original damage estimate I got. The time quoted for repairs was half the time compared to the first shop: 2-3 weeks.

I was too tired when I woke up today. I decided to skip this week's Toastmasters meeting since I hadn't signed up for any roles. I don't know if the tired feeling is depression since I don't really feel sad or happy. I made sure to drink two large glasses of water after getting out of bed since I've been slacking off on drinking enough water.
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My Subaru's dealership recommended a body shop in Old Colorado City. The person who answered the shop's phone was upfront about their business "not being the cheapest," which is fine. Online, the reviews for the shop are almost all excellent. I will take my car in Tuesday morning for an estimate.

I'll be having dinner with the international cuisine group tonight at Uchenna, the Ethiopian restaurant we visited a few months ago. I plan to try a meat dish tonight since I tried a vegetarian dish the last time.
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I will call my local Subaru dealer Monday to see if it has a body shop or can recommend one. I'd like to get a second opinion on repairing the dents and hail damage to my car since it shouldn't take over a month to complete. If the work can be done during the weekend of the Denver cruise reunion, I could just rent a car then.
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 The auto repair shop told me it would take 4-6 weeks to completely repair the hail damage and dents in my car. The shop doesn't have any "loaner" cars, but I can get a discounted rental rate through Enterprise with my car insurance. Renting a car for six weeks at the regular rate would cost me $1,700-2,400. Renting one for Friday-Monday only each weekend wouldn't be much cheaper ($1,600-2,200 total.) My dad might loan me his Oldsmobile during that time, but I'm not sure how he'd feel about me driving it back and forth to Denver for the cruise reunion or for FoxTrot in August if my car isn't fixed by then. I may rent a car just for those two weekends.
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"I drive a bucket/This ain't Rolls-Royce shit."

I brought my car to an auto body shop today to get an updated estimate for repairing the car's dents and hail damage. The estimate came out to around $6,500. The employee who did the estimate said the repairs would cost more than the car is worth. He recommended just leaving the car as is. I would like to have all the dents taken out since I'll likely be driving it for at least another 5-10 years and would like it to look nicer.

If I can't find a more flight-friendly case for my fursuit (one with a zipper closure instead of the action packer.) I may either drive to Furry Fiesta next year or arrange a ride with someone else. The trip would be about 50% longer than my 2011 trip to Oklacon.
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Last night, I tried a laundry tip I read about online. A few housekeeping sites said putting a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer with clothes will eliminate static cling. It worked for me.

Before going to bed, I discovered one of the soap samples I have glows in the dark.

While stopped at a red light Friday, another driver let me know my right front headlight was burned out. I had that light replaced at a shop last August, so it was still under warranty and replaced for free this time.

The system which plays prerecorded shows on KRCC had the wrong episode of The Thomas Jefferson Hour loaded. I got three calls during the show stating it was the episode from last week. One of the callers called back later asking for my name, saying she would complain to my manager. That soured my mood for the rest of the workday.
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Things I need to do this week: Get a haircut, get my car's oil changed and tires rotated, and go through the weekend's mail.

It turns out the plastic tote my fursuit was put in is the perfect size. It's big enough to hold all the fursuit parts, yet small and light enough to carry and fit in my car. For some reason, it just seemed bulkier at first sight.

I went to Tony's Downtown Bar yesterday for a Happy Hour meetup. There was a good-sized group this time: around 65 people. I ordered a Frito chili pie and a mini pitcher of Pabst. Steelwoulfe's game night ended earlier than usual since fewer people showed up this week.
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PAY for Sunday, January 29th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I did a much better job of budgeting my latest paycheck. Since my credit card payment isn't due until the 17th, I will only pay about two-thirds of it this week in order to buy a tank of gas and have more than enough left over for FoxTrot. My life insurance and PayPal Credit payments will also be withdrawn this week, and I'll still have a decent balance left in my accounts. I need to get my car an oil change and get myself a haircut before the weekend.
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Tomorrow, I will bring my car into an auto shop (again!) to get an estimate for repairing my car's hail damage. This time, I told the clerk it would be "self pay" instead of paying through insurance. While I'm out, I'll also get a long-overdue haircut.

I went to a couple of dining meetups yesterday. The "Happy Hour" group had dinner and drinks at Amanda's Cantina on the north end of town. The food I had was okay but not great, though it was reasonably priced. Another group member only took a few bites of his food then said it was horrible. Service was also a bit slow since the restaurant was busy. Later that night, I went to the local furry meetup at a Village Inn. Since I had already eaten dinner, I just ordered a piece of French silk pie for dessert.
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Both of the errands I scheduled for today wound up not going as planned. I brought my car to an auto body shop to get an estimate for fixing the hail damage. I was told I needed to bring the written estimate USAA gave me (I forgot it.) Later, I went to a credit union where another Toastmasters member and I were supposed to meet to open a new club account. I waited inside for over an hour, but the other member never showed up.

I may just delete my LinkedIn account. I haven't had any luck finding a job using that site. Several of my "connections" on LinkedIn have said the site hasn't helped them either.
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The Medicare people who were supposed to meet with me yesterday never showed.

After tomorrow's Toastmasters meeting, I need to have the auto body shop look at my still-mostly-dented car to get an estimate of the repair costs.

KRCC's membership drive will wrap up Saturday afternoon. I like earning extra money answering phones during the drive, but getting up for the early shifts was occasionally tough.
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My rental car's transmission actually managed to function properly when I went grocery shopping Wednesday morning. Sadly, it reverted back to remaining in a lower gear on the trip back home. I'll be returning the car in about 8 hours when my less-dented Subaru will be ready for pickup. My dad said the auto shop he uses could look at repairing the rest of the dents.

Yesterday's grocery trip was necessary since I will be filling in for someone at KRCC on Friday afternoon/evening, when I usually go to my parents' house for dinner and bring home the groceries my dad buys for me. I let my Toastmasters group know I wouldn't make this Friday's meeting.

After getting my car back, I have an appointment with the sleep disorder specialist to see if I actually have sleep apnea or some other disorder.

UPDATE (4:10 PM): I have an APAP (a.k.a. AutoCPAP) machine now. The sleep test I took officially diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea. 
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The rental car I have is a Chevrolet Cruze. While the car runs, I can't get it to go above 30 MPH for some reason. When I first discovered this, I felt like Judy Hopps in her parking enforcement vehicle. Thankfully I don't have any urgent errands to run over the next two days.
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Last night, I constantly had the feeling I had something I needed to do today. I slept in due to staying up last night listening to The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. As I was making lunch, I noticed my jury duty notice on the counter saying I needed to serve today if needed! I called the phone number to see if I needed to report. Thankfully, my juror number was within the range of those not needed.

I finally get to bring my car in to have the hood and windshield replaced tomorrow. I initially arranged to return the rental car at 1 PM Thursday, but I have a sleep doctor's appointment then. I modified the reservation to return the rental at 11 AM. That will knock $20-30 off the bill.
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I was cold when I woke up yesterday. I had hoped to put this off until October, but I turned on my thermostat and programmed it to be in the mid- to upper-60s throughout the day. So far, the furnace has only needed to run in the early morning since the afternoon temperatures are still warm.

I'll still be driving around in a dented car for a few more days. I dropped the car off at BumperDoc today, but they found the local rental car companies didn't have any cars available. I will now bring my car in next Tuesday, and I reserved a rental car for Tuesday-Thursday. Sadly, the rental company no longer honors BumperDoc's discount rate.

I reinstalled Troll Starver for YouTube live chats on my browser today. I had installed it previously but uninstalled it because it wasn't working for me. I discovered I needed to click-drag the troll's icon into the "block" box instead of the troll's username. It works just fine now.
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I thought Tuesday was the day the auto shop would replace my car's hood and windshield. I wound up pre-paying for the new parts Tuesday and making the actual repair appointment for next Thursday and Friday.

I forgot to get my blood test done. My doctor's appointment is Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: (4 PM) Since I slept in today before my doctor's appointment, I had fasted long enough to have the blood test done afterward. I'll be going to dinner in Denver tonight with a group of furries.

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