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 As I thought, my light jacket was inside my fursuit case.

I let one of the KRCC engineers know the playlist system had Monday's playlist loaded when I came in instead of Sunday's. I don't know if the DJ from the night before clicked on the wrong date or the system itself auto-loaded the wrong date. I brought up the Sunday playlist around 6:20 AM. The "Weather Lady" called the studio this week. I hadn't heard from her for a couple of weeks, so I wasn't sure if something had happened to her. On the other hand, I haven't gotten a call from the "Slime Lady" in months; I hope she found something better to do on weekends. I think I may have forgotten to submit my time card this time. If I don't see the deposit on Friday, I'll add the hours to the next time card.

I went to Rocket Fizz after work to get some gummy cola bottles. I wanted to go to a downtown candy store, but there was no parking nearby (and some street closures) due to a motorcycle festival. I went to a liquor store later for some rum. I plan to soak the gummies in the rum to make rum-and-coke candies.
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I couldn't find my light jacket this morning before work. Luckily, the weather was just warm enough (with no wind) to go out without the jacket. If I don't find it at home, I'll contact some other places I've been recently to see if I left it there. The last time I definitely remember wearing it was June 3rd during FoxTrot. I may have put the jacket inside my fursuit case after taking off the suit at the meet.

I wanted to make an appointment today for my car's hail/dent repair. Unfortunately, the computer system at the shop wasn't working when I called. I'll try again on Monday.
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I partially suited last night at the FoxTrot meet. The fursuit's case just barely fit in my car's back seat; I had to move the driver's seat forward and force the case in a bit. The case is 20 inches wide, so I will look for a case that's only 16-18 inches. I didn't see as many friends at the meet since some of them are in Reno at BLFC. I had a cheeseburger, a couple of rum-and-cokes and a few glasses of water before putting on the suit's head, hand paws and tail. There were no chairs in the headless lounge, so I skipped putting on the foot paws. My belt broke during the meet, but it was able to hold my tail for the 20-25 minutes I was in suit. It was slightly dark in the club and difficult to see without my glasses. I got a few hugs and at least one person took my picture. After getting out of suit, I realized I had forgotten to put on a fresh layer of deodorant before the meet. Also, the burger made me a bit farty for a while. I'll do a better job of pre-meet bathing from now on.

R.I.P. Bandit, the border collie belonging to Funday PawPet Show founder Yappyfox. 

UPDATE (8:35 AM): I found a couple of Rubbermaid containers that would fit my car: the Roughneck 66-quart tote (16.5 inches wide) and a large FlexTote (15.7 inches.) The latter has a zipper closure to make it more secure for flying. Both are clear.
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Last night, I tried a laundry tip I read about online. A few housekeeping sites said putting a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer with clothes will eliminate static cling. It worked for me.

Before going to bed, I discovered one of the soap samples I have glows in the dark.

While stopped at a red light Friday, another driver let me know my right front headlight was burned out. I had that light replaced at a shop last August, so it was still under warranty and replaced for free this time.

The system which plays prerecorded shows on KRCC had the wrong episode of The Thomas Jefferson Hour loaded. I got three calls during the show stating it was the episode from last week. One of the callers called back later asking for my name, saying she would complain to my manager. That soured my mood for the rest of the workday.
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I recently bought an aluminum can crusher and a couple of small laundry baskets. The can crusher will allow me to get rid of the bags of cans I have much faster. The pair of baskets will make laundry easier to put away since I can sort it into clothes and bed/bath items.

This will be the first weekend since my recent schedule change where I don't have anything planned for Saturday after work (beyond watching a web stream or two.)
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I got home from my vacation in Grenada last night. I felt like I had either a cold or bad allergy when I woke up today, but taking a Zyrtec and drinking lots of water seems to be reducing it.

I just weighed myself and found I gained about 15 pounds during the cruise. I didn't eat a lot of junk food during the cruise since this was a small working ship instead of a large cruise ship with lots of food options. I was hoping I had lost weight since a red shirt which had been a little tight on me fit comfortably during the trip.

A woman from Pueblo going on the same vacation said hello to me at the Colorado Springs airport. Our assigned seats were across the aisle from each other during all three flights. While waiting for the first flight, we saw another passenger with a small dog named Bashful, though it sure didn't seem bashful! I had a breakfast quesadilla during the first layover in Dallas. When the second plane landed in Miami, it had to wait on the tarmac about 30 minutes since a plane with mechanical problems was stuck at the gate our plane was supposed to use. Another gate was found, and my cruise friend and I took a cart to the connecting gate. We landed in Grenada on time, but my friend and I discovered our suitcases were still in Miami.

The cruise group stayed at the Flamboyant Hotel. The hotel itself is spread out with dozens of buildings, and getting from one place to another requires taking flights of steep steps outside. The group met for dinner and drinks at the hotel's Owl Sports Bar.

The rest of the trip... )


I forgot to pack my name necklace for the singles cruise. The cruise director made me a new one. He had to make one with my last name since he didn't have an O to spell John.

If I do a trip like this again, remember to pack laundry soap and a change of clothes in my carry-on.

The streets on many of the islands remind me of San Francisco. Any unemployed mechanics could move to this area and make a good living repairing brakes and transmissions.

Each of the ship's cabins has an en-suite bathroom about the size of a walk-in closet. I could never get hot water through the sink or shower. Also the floor in the rest of the cabin is tile. "People are going to be stepping out of the shower with wet feet on a boat that's rocking. Let's put down slick tile for them. Not just any tile, but dark blue tile that won't reflect any light in the cabin."

The island tours were okay, but being in the back of a truck with occasional breezes is not the same as being in an air-conditioned vehicle.

PSA: If an out-of-shape person asks how far away something is, either give an estimate or say you don't know. An out-of-shape person's idea of "not very far" is a much shorter distance than someone in shape.

I had a slightly bothersome ear infection before and during the trip. Also, my hemorrhoids began bugging me halfway through the trip.

When asking myself if I wanted to do this cruise again, I thought I would only do it if it were a private charter like this trip was. Also, I'd definitely work harder to lose much more weight before then.
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I might as well resume this countdown: 106 days until my singles cruise! After finishing my laundry tonight, I'll see how many shirts, shorts, etc. I need to get before the cruise.

Taking a weekend off seems to have temporarily reset my sleep clock. Yesterday and today, I woke up around 8 AM.

I gained seven pounds over Furry Fiesta weekend. Unlike last year, I had more sodas and not enough water. Even though I comfortably fit into the airplanes' First Class seats, the tray tables were in the armrests instead of on the back of the seats; the trays couldn't lay flat due to my gut. I will work hard to get my weight back down before the cruise.
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My doctor's office called yesterday with the blood test results. My Vitamin D level is still low. I was told to take 3,000 IU of Vitamin D every day. I had been taking 1,000 IU per day prior to the test.

The four pairs of pants I ordered over the weekend arrived today. Four other pairs in my closet (which I thought were the wrong size) turned out to fit just fine, so I now have eight new pairs of pants.
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A pair of pants I had bought on eBay a month or two ago ripped yesterday. I still weigh roughly the same and my older pants haven't ripped, so I think the softer material on the eBay pants was just too weak. My older pants were made by Harbor Bay, so I ordered four new pairs of those. For a while, I couldn't find any pants in my exact size (waist and length) at local stores or online.

I read that the Denver location of Hamburger Mary's changed its name to "M Uptown" near the end of December.

This is where the bi-monthly FoxTrot fur meet moved in mid-December. The above article says the food and most everything else will remain the same.
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As always, "Weird Al" Yankovic put on a great show in Denver last night. (Two, actually.)

I didn't know that a 4 PM show had been added after the 6:30 show sold out.  I had arrived at the Paramount Theater around 5:50.  The early show patrons took longer than expected to exit the theater, keeping the 6:30 ticket holders waiting outside until about 6:40 and pushing the start time to 7:30.

Speaking of "Dare To Be Stupid," someone across the street from the theater before the show was carrying a large flag with a picture of a middle finger and the phrase "Fuck cops."

Several people in the crowd wore homemade tinfoil hats, including one lady who had a hat resembling a pirate ship.  Others brought plastic/LED light sabers or wore something related to one of Weird Al's songs.  I wish I would have worn one of my Hawaiian shirts; that would have at least fit in with the opening song "Tacky."  I thought about wearing my kigurumi, but that would have made the pre-show wait outside more uncomfortable.  One of the "medley" portions of the show was done in an "MTV Unplugged" style and included the classics "Eat It" and "I Lost On Jeopardy!"  For an encore, the group performed "The Saga Begins" and "Yoda."

The next time I see a Weird Al show (hopefully it won't be another 10+ years,) I'll try to get a seat in the center section near the front.  I don't know if this officially has a name, but for Weird Al shows I call it the "Fun Zone" since anything thrown/launched into the audience (water, confetti, etc.) usually lands there.
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PAY for Sunday, May 24th: 10 hours (5-9 AM and 1-7 PM)

Lens Crafters called Monday to say the new lenses for my glasses are ready.

I'm getting four new pairs of pants since some of the pants I currently own are falling apart. I think I accidentally entered a wrong inseam measurement, but I could get the pants tailored if they're too long (or just roll them up.)
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I ordered a few new shirts today.  Many of my current shirts still fit, but some of them have missing buttons from when I was heavier.  A few of my shirts also have ripped pockets.  Two of the new shirts have two chest pockets so I don't overstuff one pocket when I wear my kigurumi.
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I was having trouble finding some of my clothes yesterday. For a brief moment, I worried that I may have left them in a drawer at the RMFC hotel. Thankfully, I found the clothes in my laundry basket; some of my black pants obscured them from view.
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BAD NEWS: As expected, the marketing company rejected me during the interview since its schedule would require me to work on Saturdays, which conflicts with my KRCC shift. On top of that, the interviewer said they weren't actually hiring right now.

GOOD NEWS: Since I already had my dress clothes on, I dropped my resume off at three more businesses that advertised openings. The hiring manager at one business asked me to come in Tuesday morning, and another business offered to call me back later this week or next week.

The first interview was over about as quickly as the one in April. There was already 26 minutes left on the parking meter from the last car in the space. I put in another 35 cents to bring the total to 47 minutes. I had a sandwich and coffee at Starbucks after the interview which used up most of the meter's time.

I bought a new pair of dress shoes on eBay earlier. After visiting the business where I'm (hopefully) starting work, I noticed the sole of one of my dress shoes was loose.
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I finally found substitutes for this weekend's work shifts. It took until a couple hours ago to find two people who could split the Saturday 2-8 PM shift. One employee could only work 3-8, but the person substituting for the 9 AM-2 PM announcer said he could stay until 3:00.

I'm done with the first load of laundry. I've got the shirts, pants and underwear for the trip packed, along with the cereal and snacks I'm bringing. My kigurumi and beach towel are currently part of the second load.

Less than 18 hours until I drive up to Denver for RMFC!
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I've got a job interview Tuesday with a company called Sharp Marketing. I thought my business clothes needed washing, but I found them hanging in my closet. Lately, I've just been leaving my washed and dried clothes in the dryer then pulling out what I plan to wear. If I do get hired at this or any company with a strict dress code, I'll need to get my suits dry cleaned and buy more business clothes. Having a full-time salary will definitely help me do that.

I also applied with a company called Alpine Access. An OA friend told me about this company, but she originally misstated the name as Access Online. I didn't find any Web pages for accessonline.com, .org, .net, etc. Searching for that name brought up millions of sites with one or both of those words. When I got the right name, I filled out the information on their site last night and am waiting for a response.
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For the past two days, I was assigned to the clipper room, where the dishes, trays, silverware and other dining items are washed. Clippers are the large washing machines which bring the dishes through on a conveyor belt system. I do pretty well at keeping up with the system, though there were a few times where I felt like Lucille Ball in the candy factory.

I need to go to the hiring company's office and ask for a smaller pair of pants for my work uniform, and also buy a smaller belt. I was given two shirts and one pair of pants, but they're a 56" waist. I punched a new notch in one of my belts to make my pants fit better, but they're still a bit loose. Because of this, my shirt comes untucked often. Tucking in my shirt and tying the plastic aprons I'm required to wear in the clipper room are difficult to do when I'm wearing latex gloves.

For some reason, one of my supervisors kept calling me Robert today. At first, I thought she was just mispronouncing my last name, but a co-worker verified she was saying Robert. My work uniform includes a badge with my name.

I don't know if some of the duties are a bit hard for me or it just seems that way because I haven't had full-time work for over 2.5 years. Hopefully I'll get used to the schedule.
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I read an article yesterday stating that people who drink diet soda every day have a 61% higher chance of heart attack and stroke compared to people who drink regular soda. I actually managed to avoid diet soda today, although I had a Sugar-Free Rockstar energy drink (I don't know if the study counted those or not.)

I forgot the pocket of the shirt I'm currently wearing is halfway torn off. I heard my cell phone and something else fall out of the pocket, but I only saw the cell phone on the floor. When I got home from work, I found the keys to my condo were not in my pocket. I called work to ask if they had found some keys on the floor, then went to my parents' house to pick up the spare keys. Getting home again, I unloaded the bag which I usually take to work and found my keys at the bottom. I let work know I found them, so I don't have to drive back tomorrow and ask about them.

At least 90% of Americans must not realize the rules for telephone survey takers are not the same as the rules for telemarketers. I know getting calls from both are a pain in the ass. Survey takers are not bound by the national Do Not Call list since they're not selling anything. Survey companies do have their own no-call lists that people can ask to be put on. Also survey takers can legally call until 10 PM (Virtually every person my computer called between 9:00 and 10:00 on the East Coast let me know what time it was.) Thankfully tonight's shift will be the last I'll do for a while since I'll be answering phones for KRCC's membership drive over the next two weeks, then having fun at Furry Fiesta. I've been writing down the days left until Furry Fiesta at work to help keep my spirits up.
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I managed to avoid a panic attack at work this week. I started to feel anxious at one point, but this time I remembered to take my afternoon dose of medication and breathe deeply.

I had a pretty good Christmas. I got a couple new shirts and a few pairs of pants. I promised my sister-in-law I would wear one of the new pants on Sunday. Since some of my old pants have torn legs, I'll only wear those around the house when I don't have to go out. I also got a new smoke alarm, a Fushigi trick ball and a calendar of "The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said."

My Christmas stocking had some chocolates and a lottery ticket. Seeing the ticket reminded me of Norm Macdonald's joke about giving lottery tickets as gifts: "Here you go...NOTHING!" Sure enough, my ticket wasn't a winner.

Sunday will mark 60 days until I leave for Furry Fiesta. I'm still holding out hope that Luce Research will start scheduling shifts again soon. In the meantime, I'll be working additional KRCC shifts on Sunday and on New Year's Day, and the January membership drive will give me even more hours.
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I have a little more confidence in my interview with Luce Research today. I waited longer than I thought I would because I forgot my appointment was at 1:30 instead of 1:00. I was actually called into the interviewer's office twice because there was another applicant named John, whose application was picked up first.

When I was called in the second time, I was asked a few of the basic questions most interviewers ask (describe your customer service experience, what can you bring to the company, etc.) I read a practice script and was told I did very well despite flubbing a couple of words. I'm supposed to return Tuesday afternoon for a training session. I hope this means I'll actually be hired. I will have to do some weekends. I may need to find a Saturday substitute for at least a few weeks, but the Sunday hours were listed as 12-8 PM, so I could do that.

The company has a casual dress code, which is good for me. I came to the interview in a suit, but most of the people there (employees and applicants) wore various forms of casual, including some in jeans and a T-shirt. A few of my casual shirts have small tears in them. I'm thinking of buying some Mighty Mend-It or a similar product to fix them.

Speaking of clothes, I need to put some new shirts and pants (both formal and casual) on my Christmas list this year. The crotch is starting to disintegrate in the lightweight blue pants I'm wearing at the moment.

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