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"We need to take a break. Mr. Jefferson has a hot shit in the chamber."

My voice sounded much better on Sunday. My throat still has a tiny bit of congestion left over from my latest cold, but my nose and head are otherwise clear. For Friday's dinner, my dad made a birthday cake which came with Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze as frosting. I bought two slices of German chocolate cake at Safeway yesterday and had one last night for my actual birthday.
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I did much better at furry bowling last night. My first game was mostly open frames, but the second and third games were much better. My scores were 88, 138 and 128. The listed host for the meet didn't show, but another furry got everyone set up.

My voice is a little rough this morning due to the last little bit of congestion in my throat and only getting about three hours of sleep after the bowling meet. I have some cough drops and green tea handy. The congestion will hopefully go away tonight since it's no longer getting worse while I sleep.
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I was running low on groceries this weekend. On Friday, I made four sandwiches to take to work: two bacon, turkey & Swiss and two salami. After work on Saturday, I used some online coupons to buy some sodas and a few frozen and non-frozen meals at Safeway. I need to make sandwiches more often. I didn't feel as sluggish as I sometimes do when I have two or three pre-packaged meals during my work shift.

The head congestion part of my cold is gone. I still have a bit of congestion in my throat which is a pain. I'm making sure to keep hydrated to help get rid of it.
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My cold seems to clear up during the day, then get worse when I sleep. I put on more clothes to sleep and an extra comforter on the bed, and have also been taking Vitamin C and DayQuil. I still have a bag of throat lozenges in my briefcase in case I need them at work this weekend. I need to get more Kleenex tomorrow since I'm down to my last box tonight.

At dinner, my dad told me he had rented the movie "Sausage Party," not knowing it was rated R and had plenty of cursing.
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About a week ago, my bedroom clock's alarm somehow turned itself on, waking me up at 4:15 AM on Monday and Tuesday. The clock's touch screen stopped working for some reason, so the only way to turn off the alarm was to unplug the clock. I plugged it back in today and it's working normally again. I initially planned to buy a new clock today if the old one didn't work.

I caught a small cold last night. The only annoyances so far are light congestion and a dry throat. I'm drinking more water today to help alleviate those.

I woke up to some light snow today. Most of the roads were clear. I went to a lunch meetup with the international cuisine group at a European cafe. I had a curry chicken pita pocket.
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Since I still have a stuffy nose and dry throat left over from my cold, I bought some DayQuil and cough drops over the weekend. Those are really helping to reduce the symptoms. I called in sick for last Friday's Toastmasters meeting because the symptoms kept me from getting enough sleep. 

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My cruise crud/cold symptoms are almost gone. Another day of nose blowing and a good night's sleep should completely shake it. I will bring cough drops with me to KRCC tomorrow just in case I need them. The inner ear infection I had is almost gone as well. This is the first day in a week or two where I'm not feeling dizzy or sleepy in the afternoon, though the lack of sleepiness might be due to my body clock readjusting from Island Time to Mountain Time. I made a doctor's appointment for early-August, when I'll ask her about being tested for sleep apnea. I've re-lost 10 of the 15 pounds I gained during the cruise.
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31 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con! How much time I'll actually spend there will depend on my work schedule. Beginning this weekend, I will be working from 12-8 PM Saturdays and 5 AM-1 PM Sundays. I don't have RMFC's schedule yet, so I'm not sure which events I'll be missing. I'm considering asking someone to fill in for part of that Saturday (4-8 PM) so I can get more sleep that night.

I still have nose and throat congestion, but I'm slowly getting better.
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I got home from my vacation in Grenada last night. I felt like I had either a cold or bad allergy when I woke up today, but taking a Zyrtec and drinking lots of water seems to be reducing it.

I just weighed myself and found I gained about 15 pounds during the cruise. I didn't eat a lot of junk food during the cruise since this was a small working ship instead of a large cruise ship with lots of food options. I was hoping I had lost weight since a red shirt which had been a little tight on me fit comfortably during the trip.

A woman from Pueblo going on the same vacation said hello to me at the Colorado Springs airport. Our assigned seats were across the aisle from each other during all three flights. While waiting for the first flight, we saw another passenger with a small dog named Bashful, though it sure didn't seem bashful! I had a breakfast quesadilla during the first layover in Dallas. When the second plane landed in Miami, it had to wait on the tarmac about 30 minutes since a plane with mechanical problems was stuck at the gate our plane was supposed to use. Another gate was found, and my cruise friend and I took a cart to the connecting gate. We landed in Grenada on time, but my friend and I discovered our suitcases were still in Miami.

The cruise group stayed at the Flamboyant Hotel. The hotel itself is spread out with dozens of buildings, and getting from one place to another requires taking flights of steep steps outside. The group met for dinner and drinks at the hotel's Owl Sports Bar.

The rest of the trip... )


I forgot to pack my name necklace for the singles cruise. The cruise director made me a new one. He had to make one with my last name since he didn't have an O to spell John.

If I do a trip like this again, remember to pack laundry soap and a change of clothes in my carry-on.

The streets on many of the islands remind me of San Francisco. Any unemployed mechanics could move to this area and make a good living repairing brakes and transmissions.

Each of the ship's cabins has an en-suite bathroom about the size of a walk-in closet. I could never get hot water through the sink or shower. Also the floor in the rest of the cabin is tile. "People are going to be stepping out of the shower with wet feet on a boat that's rocking. Let's put down slick tile for them. Not just any tile, but dark blue tile that won't reflect any light in the cabin."

The island tours were okay, but being in the back of a truck with occasional breezes is not the same as being in an air-conditioned vehicle.

PSA: If an out-of-shape person asks how far away something is, either give an estimate or say you don't know. An out-of-shape person's idea of "not very far" is a much shorter distance than someone in shape.

I had a slightly bothersome ear infection before and during the trip. Also, my hemorrhoids began bugging me halfway through the trip.

When asking myself if I wanted to do this cruise again, I thought I would only do it if it were a private charter like this trip was. Also, I'd definitely work harder to lose much more weight before then.
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My cold went away gradually today. I'm currently drinking water to soothe my dry, scratchy throat. Thankfully, the weather this weekend will be in the 60s and maybe low-70s.
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It feels like I have a small cold this morning. I've taken the usual cold-fighting steps and will have a nap later on. I'm going to a singles meetup this afternoon at a Mexican restaurant. I decided to stay home instead.

KRCC's membership drive begins tomorrow. I signed up to answer phones on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for both weeks.
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My cold went away last night. I still have some leftover congestion, but I'm slowly getting rid of that.

There's still snow on the walkway to my condo, though it's melted on the roads and the sunny side of the buildings. I shoveled my porch and part of the walkway. I found a couple of poop piles on the walkway, likely from a neighbor's dachshund.
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I woke up Saturday with a cold.  I thought it was almost over Sunday night, but I became sleepy early and had to miss Radiolawn, The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio.  I'm hoping the cold goes away by Tuesday night since most of my colds last from 1-4 days.  I'm also glad I didn't have a repeat of 2010 when I lost my voice for a few weeks.

I know I have at least two months of Winter weather left, but I'd love for the colder bits to be fewer and further apart.
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My cold appears to be almost gone. My nose is still stuffy, but my entire head doesn't feel congested anymore.

I have an interview later today for yet another temporary job. If hired, I will work for a state senator's local campaign office.
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My hemorrhoids appear to be gone, or at least healed enough to not be a problem. Unfortunately, I caught a cold Monday morning. The cold is much less painful, but it's still just as annoying.
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PAY for Monday, April 22nd: 3 hours (6-9 AM)
Tuesday, April 23rd: 4 hours (3-7 PM)
Wednesday, April 24th: 4 hours (3-7 PM)
Thursday, April 25th: 4 hours (3-7 PM)
Missed Friday, April 26th
Saturday, April 27th: 11 hours (9 AM-8 PM)

As if my current dental situation isn't bad enough, another expense has been added to the list. I was biting into a soft roll tonight at work when I felt something hard as I chewed. I discovered the hard part was a portion of one of my upper teeth; it apparently came loose as I ate. I believe it's the tooth next to the one that was recently worked on. Since the dentist's office was closed by then, I left a voice mail. Thankfully, the portion of the tooth still in my mouth doesn't hurt.

When I woke up this morning, I was unsure if I had caught a cold or just had stuffiness or allergies. I took a Vitamin C tablet and Zyrtec. I had chicken noodle soup with garlic for lunch, then had a teaspoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon (a cold treatment an online friend once talked about.) I was feeling better very quickly.
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My allergic reaction worsened into a cold throughout the week, even though temperatures were in the 80s and 90s. It actually reached 100 this afternoon. My cold is getting better. It's not affecting my voice now as it was earlier, and I've been coughing up bits of mucus once in a while. I bought a couple cans of chicken noodle soup a few days ago to help as well.

Driving to work, I saw a large plume of smoke over the mountains. I figured it was from one of the other wildfires in the state. I learned a new wildfire, called the Waldo Canyon Fire, had broken out and caused evacuations in parts of western El Paso County. I provided updates on the air whenever I could.
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I'm glad I stepped out to get some cough drops during work. If I hadn't, I probably would have had a repeat of last February where I lost my voice completely for several weeks. I forgot I was working a double shift today, but I managed to fill most of the breaks with pre-recorded announcements with only a sentence or two of talk. I'll go to bed early tonight (and have some Grand Marnier beforehand) to help my voice recover.
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Okay, forget about sleeping in. I was so stressed out for some reason I can't remember now that I couldn't sleep. I'll have to catch up on that after work today. I had hoped the relief about my new job would have relaxed me enough this weekend.

I need to take some mucus relief pills over the next few days. I don't want this junk in my throat to develop into another cold or any type of "pre-con crud." I'm already taking Vitamin C and soup to try and tackle it.
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My cold hasn't completely gone away yet. I thought it was on its way out Wednesday night, but it started getting bad again around 9 PM. I've been wearing socks to bed the past two nights for extra warmth.

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