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 I will be using my rental car until at least Friday. The garage called me to say my car should be ready to pick up sometime this weekend. I let the people at Hertz know, and they said it was no problem. Now I can attend some of the meetups this week!

A few weeks ago, the address sign post on my parking space had broken. I don't know if the maintenance workers broke or if it was weather or insect-related. A new post was just put in a half-hour ago.

I ordered a few things on Amazon that I need: a new mouse for my laptop, and a 64GB SD card and new battery for my cell phone.
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I recently got some lemon-scented plug-in air fresheners from an online store. Lemon and peppermint are the two scents I can't seem to find in local stores, unless they're combined with another scent. This lemon scent isn't triggering my allergies. I don't know if all of AirWick's scents make me sneeze or just the lavender and chamomile.

I need to get a haircut tomorrow.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta and Motor City Fur Con are taking place this weekend. Because of that, some of the weekend furry shows were off. Bungee Skunk hosted a Jackbox Games stream since Steelwoulfe was away. The Funday PawPet Show stream was supposed to auto-play a rerun, but there was only a black screen after the "Let Your Love Flow" intro played. Fred Bedderhead had his own stream going. I tuned in for the beginning but left to nap for a bit.

Winter appears to be gone for now, though there has been a brief return in late-April in past years.

I've been turning off my front porch light before going to bed for the past few days. My bedroom window faces my front porch. While this can act like a night light, I think it's also affecting my sleep pattern by tricking my mind into thinking it's still daytime.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is to "go back in time" to look at old LiveJournal entries to see what has changed and what hasn't. I also add tags to any old entries where they're missing:
--Last year around this date, the "Colorado Furries Plus" group was shut down due to trolls reporting some of the images posted. I was invited to a private Facebook chat group with the group members, which caused me to not get much sleep that night.
--Five years ago, Melting Temple (a co-worker's former band) released their "Hunter's Moon" EP and held a release party/concert at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou. The band asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the concert (I had skipped a fur meet to attend) and I got to dance on stage to some of the songs.
--Ten years ago, I was growing tired of being manipulated by a woman who claimed she was needing money for food, medical bills and other expenses. The first few times she asked, I felt sorry for her and sent the money. When the requests started becoming more frequent and she ignored my pleas to stop bugging me, I blocked her and shut down my Camfrog account. I started calling her "hney" because of how she constantly misspelled "honey."
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I bought a thermometer for my refrigerator tonight. Years ago, I had turned up the fridge's temperature beause all the liquid items I put in it kept turning to ice. More recently, I suspected it was too warm when my container of coffee creamer started to spoil a month before its expiration date. The current fridge temp is just inside the safe zone at 39 degrees, but I'm making it cooler just to be safe.

Another insurance refund check came in the mail over the weekend!
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About a week ago, my bedroom clock's alarm somehow turned itself on, waking me up at 4:15 AM on Monday and Tuesday. The clock's touch screen stopped working for some reason, so the only way to turn off the alarm was to unplug the clock. I plugged it back in today and it's working normally again. I initially planned to buy a new clock today if the old one didn't work.

I caught a small cold last night. The only annoyances so far are light congestion and a dry throat. I'm drinking more water today to help alleviate those.

I woke up to some light snow today. Most of the roads were clear. I went to a lunch meetup with the international cuisine group at a European cafe. I had a curry chicken pita pocket.
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According to the other guests at the Thanksgiving dinner, the "Yum Yum Corn" dish I made lived up to its name. I mixed the corn with cream cheese and butter, with a bit of garlic, sugar and parsley.

There wasn't a Toastmasters meeting Friday, so I went bowling with members of my singles group. I didn't do as well this time partially due to my right ankle hurting. My scores were 98, 98 and 92.

One of my Christmas list items will be a floor lamp. One section of my living room barely gets any light at night. I've used my small Christmas tree to light that area year-round, but the top half of the tree's lights stopped working a month or two ago.
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This afternoon, I attended a seminar about starting a business. While I already knew about half of the information presented at the meeting, the additional information and resources will give me much more help in either starting a new radio/TV station or buying an existing one.

I felt sleepy toward the end of the seminar (though not due to the seminar itself) and did my best to hide my yawns. I watched Matthew Ebel's live music stream when I got home, then fell asleep after that. My roughly four-hour nap caused me to miss the "Turn Up The Night" political talk show I enjoy. I thought I had missed the beginning of Bucktown Tiger's show, but he had started late.

I'm cleaning off my sofa as well as I can tonight and will take out the trash tomorrow morning. Updates were made to my Medicare plan, and a couple of people will be visiting Wednesday to explain the updates. I was going to do the cleaning tomorrow morning, but I will only have about 20-30 minutes to get ready since I will be answering phones at KRCC from 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM Wednesday.
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I was cold when I woke up yesterday. I had hoped to put this off until October, but I turned on my thermostat and programmed it to be in the mid- to upper-60s throughout the day. So far, the furnace has only needed to run in the early morning since the afternoon temperatures are still warm.

I'll still be driving around in a dented car for a few more days. I dropped the car off at BumperDoc today, but they found the local rental car companies didn't have any cars available. I will now bring my car in next Tuesday, and I reserved a rental car for Tuesday-Thursday. Sadly, the rental company no longer honors BumperDoc's discount rate.

I reinstalled Troll Starver for YouTube live chats on my browser today. I had installed it previously but uninstalled it because it wasn't working for me. I discovered I needed to click-drag the troll's icon into the "block" box instead of the troll's username. It works just fine now.
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I recently bought an aluminum can crusher and a couple of small laundry baskets. The can crusher will allow me to get rid of the bags of cans I have much faster. The pair of baskets will make laundry easier to put away since I can sort it into clothes and bed/bath items.

This will be the first weekend since my recent schedule change where I don't have anything planned for Saturday after work (beyond watching a web stream or two.)
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Plans to attend my non-RMFC vacation in 2017 (TFF, BLFC or the singles cruise reunion) may have to be canceled if I don't find a new job before then. I could afford two vacations, but I wouldn't have enough money left over for emergencies or much else.

As soon as I actually put an effort into cleaning my condo, I'd like to eventually have my windows fixed or replaced. Another wasp was flying around behind the blinds of one window again. I'm assuming it flew out whatever opening it entered through since I don't hear it now nor see a dead wasp anywhere. Depression over eventually being unemployed, the vagueness of when my last work day will actually be, and my desire to find a new job/business and new home have zapped my motivation to do anything. I don't consider myself a hoarder, but I've been too lazy to throw out some of the boxes and bags in my condo.

Mopping up

Jun. 29th, 2016 03:38 pm
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I still haven't heard from the woman making my fursuit. I checked my e-mail's spam folder to see if any messages ended up there, but nothing from her. I wonder if she started using a new Internet device this year since the last DM I got from her was last December.

A plumber just came over and found there is water leaking in the crawlspace. He is currently fixing the leak. He said other homes in the area had similar problems due to older pipes and recommended replacing them. He also called someone else to come over and remove the water from the crawlspace.

UPDATE: One of the leaky pipes was replaced, but the people drying the crawlspace found another pipe had begun leaking. The plumber will return tomorrow morning, followed by the crawlspace guys in the afternoon. I'm considering the plumber's initial recommendation of replacing all the pipes, possibly while I'm on vacation. My condo was built in 1982, and the plumber said the pipes in my building were either recalled or banned in the 1970s.

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I spent a brief moment throwing out the old mail and random junk from part of my kitchen counter. I ordered a refill of my Alprazolam earlier this week, but I forgot to pick it up. I made a note to pick it up on Monday. I ran out of pills this week and need to refill it before my cruise vacation next Friday.

My dad said my water bill went way up over the past month. There were times when my toilet kept flowing, but jiggling the handle fixed it. I double-checked everything tonight, including the spigot on my back porch, but they all appear to be fine and there's no water in the crawl space. I'll see if a plumber can find anything wrong before my vacation.

I found substitutes for both my Saturday and Sunday shifts at KRCC for the weekends I'll be in Grenada. I found some of the e-mails sent by the singles cruise group; they were being sent to my old AOL address.
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I need to pick up some AAA batteries today. My bathroom scale appears to be working properly, I've been behaving on my diet and I've been more active this week. However, I'm having trouble believing I went from 302 lbs on Monday to 294 lbs. today. I'll re-weigh myself tonight after getting new scale batteries to see if I get a more-accurate reading. I haven't replaced the batteries since I got the scale last year. I had run out of my anxiety medication a few days ago and will pick up the refill today before work. I wonder if going without my medication affected my weight as well.

UPDATE (12:00 PM): I recalibrated the scale and currently weigh 308. Also, I keep forgetting my pharmacy isn't open on weekends. I'll have to pick up my refill on Monday.
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In the event I don't find my waterproof camera case, I looked at reviews for waterproof cameras and bookmarked a couple that caught my interest.

I'll be answering phones at KRCC today and tomorrow afternoon. The membership drive is scheduled to wrap up at noon on Friday.
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I signed up for four evening shifts for the upcoming KRCC membership drive. If other morning or evening shifts are still open in a week or two, I'll fill some of those.

I went to one of the singles group's "Taco Tuesday" meets at Jose Muldoon's restaurant. From now on, I'll ask for flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas because the corn tortillas are flimsy. Either that, or I'll try one of the main dishes instead.

Speaking of dishes, I bought four more plates at a grocery store after the Village Inn fur meet tonight so I could do more loads with a full dishwasher instead of half-full.
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Today, I plan to get a haircut, then shop for cereal mini-boxes and a few other items. I will also clean my condo today and tomorrow.

Note to self: I'm (sort of) on vacation. It's okay to relax. My only scheduled meeting before Furry Fiesta is a therapist's appointment on Wednesday.

EDIT: I did some of the shopping today, but I'll put off the haircut until tomorrow. I haven't completely reset my sleep pattern, so I needed a nap around 2 PM.
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My lower lip began swelling yesterday. I think this was caused by nicking it while shaving. There has been what feels like a cut or sore just below the lip. I've been putting ice on my lip from time to time to reduce the swelling.

Tomorrow, I need to order a sandwich platter for Friday's Toastmasters potluck, check my mailbox and take out the trash.
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I'll take one of my winter blankets off of my bed before going to sleep tonight. The weather has warmed to spring levels and should remain warmer for at least a week. I've also lowered the thermostat a degree or two during warmer dayparts. I've been reluctant to get out of bed lately because it's just so warm!

Snowed in

Feb. 1st, 2016 04:22 pm
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I heard the community maintenance crew shoveling the walkways this morning. When I looked out the window an hour ago, my walkway had another 2-3 inches of fresh snow with snow continuing to fall. A few OA members said they couldn't make it to the meeting, so I decided to stay home as well. I'm making some chicken chili for dinner.
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I need to buy more plates. I've been relying mostly on paper plates for my home-cooked meals. When the time comes to wash everything, I often have only half a load's worth of dishes and glasses, and way too much tableware. At other times when I use my pots, pans, grill and other items, I let them collect in the sink until there isn't enough room in the dishwasher for everything.

About half of the snow on my neighborhood's roads has melted now. Some shaded areas are still icy and the snow on other areas has turned to slush. The highs over the next two days will be in the mid-40s to low-50s.

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