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I got a haircut on Tuesday.

My yearly eye exam happened yesterday. The doctor said my vision is a little better than last year. After the exam, I went to dinner in Castle Rock with one of my Meetup groups. The Vista Vino restaurant had its Happy Hour during the time we were there. I got a bowl of white bean chorizo soup and sausage crostini, a couple glasses of Riesling, and caramel mascarpone cheesecake for dessert. I drove a bit further north after dinner and used my portable TV to watch some of the diginets available in Denver.

I don't have a Toastmasters meeting this week since next Monday is Memorial Day. Tonight is the monthly "Drinking Liberally" meeting in Old Colorado City.

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1. Singles cruise (yes!)
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC (yes!)
3. Get a fursuit (yes!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300. (no.)
5. Stick to a schedule for certain duties (taking out the trash, checking the mail, etc.) or just stop putting things off until the last minute. (no.)

It felt very good to finally meet some goals that were financially impossible before. I finally have a collie fursuit, though I still need to arrange for its maker to make an adjustment or two so it fits properly.

This year, I began sessions with a new therapist. I hadn't seen a therapist since my former one retired in 2014. I had a few medical issues, including an infection which caused my lower lip to swell up. I finally asked a doctor about being tested for sleep apnea and now have an APAP machine to help me sleep better.

2017 GOALS
Weight below 280
Second vacation (BLFC or DC singles reunion)

The second vacation goal might not be possible if the singles reunion is the same weekend as KRCC's spring membership drive.
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I had a follow-up appointment with my physician today. I've been on the increased dose of generic Prozac for a few weeks now, and it's helped me be less anxious. After the appointment, I picked up a jug of purified water for my APAP machine. I'm glad I don't have any other appointments or errands until Friday since it snowed last night and this morning. The roads were mostly snow-free, but the high temperature won't get back above freezing until Friday. There's only a 10% chance of snow showers in Denver on Saturday night, when FoxTrot will take place. It'll be clear again on Sunday for the KRCC Christmas party.

So far, my Christmas list has three items: a floor lamp, a Tupperware bowl set and a pair of Heat Holders socks. I wanted to add a shredder, but most of the shredder models I saw were at least $100; the ones specifically labeled as cardboard shredders were over $2,000.
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I saw my physician for a follow-up appointment on Monday. My pharmacy never called me to say my Prozac refill was ready, so I hadn't picked it up. The refill will be ready after 4 PM Tuesday. I'll see the physician again next month.

UPDATE (3:55 PM): The pharmacy just called to say my refill wasn't shipped today. It will arrive tomorrow at either 11 AM or 4 PM, so I'll stop by at 4 PM Wednesday.

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My rental car's transmission actually managed to function properly when I went grocery shopping Wednesday morning. Sadly, it reverted back to remaining in a lower gear on the trip back home. I'll be returning the car in about 8 hours when my less-dented Subaru will be ready for pickup. My dad said the auto shop he uses could look at repairing the rest of the dents.

Yesterday's grocery trip was necessary since I will be filling in for someone at KRCC on Friday afternoon/evening, when I usually go to my parents' house for dinner and bring home the groceries my dad buys for me. I let my Toastmasters group know I wouldn't make this Friday's meeting.

After getting my car back, I have an appointment with the sleep disorder specialist to see if I actually have sleep apnea or some other disorder.

UPDATE (4:10 PM): I have an APAP (a.k.a. AutoCPAP) machine now. The sleep test I took officially diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea. 
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I thought Tuesday was the day the auto shop would replace my car's hood and windshield. I wound up pre-paying for the new parts Tuesday and making the actual repair appointment for next Thursday and Friday.

I forgot to get my blood test done. My doctor's appointment is Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: (4 PM) Since I slept in today before my doctor's appointment, I had fasted long enough to have the blood test done afterward. I'll be going to dinner in Denver tonight with a group of furries.
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1. Singles cruise
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC
3. Get a fursuit (currently in progress!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300.
5. Stick to a schedule for certain duties (taking out the trash, checking the mail, etc.) or just stop putting things off until the last minute.

I've accomplished the first two resolutions this year. I will contact my fursuit's maker later today to get a progress update. My weight is still hovering in the same 310s range that it was last year. I've definitely failed at the fifth resolution.

Compared to 2015, I'm doing less "okay" financially, but not poor enough to resurrect the #brokeasscollie hashtag on Twitter. I will see a doctor in a couple of weeks about the results of my sleep test. I hope a CPAP or whatever else the doctor recommends will improve my sleep. That would help me feel more alert and less cranky during the day, which would also reduce my tendency to snack/overeat due to being angry or tired.

I hope to keep another goal alive for next year: attending Biggest Little Fur Con. I tried to book a hotel room online when the room block opened, but I couldn't find any available for the entire weekend. I'll see if anyone with a room is looking for roommates, or hopefully the room block will be expanded later on.
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During my last doctor's appointment, the doctor decided to delay renewing my Alprazolam prescription until the results of my sleep study came in. I don't know if that's why I've been feeling sadder lately. The sleep clinic called me today and set up an appointment for later this month. Tomorrow morning, I need to take a blood test. I've been taking Vitamin D tablets daily since I usually wind up with low levels. I'm slightly heavier than my last weigh-in. I slacked off on watching my diet after RMFC and got up to 318; I weigh 313 now.

I will drop off my car for repairs next Tuesday.
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I picked up a medical device this morning to monitor my sleep. I need to wear it tonight to see if I truly do have sleep apnea. I'll return it to the clinic tomorrow morning, then drop off my car to get the windshield and hail damage repaired.
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I talked to my physician on Wednesday about sleep apnea. A sleep clinic is supposed to contact me in the next few days to schedule an appointment. I scored higher on the pre-appointment depression survey, going from a score of 13/26 last time to 21/26. The recent changes at work and my general sleep problems certainly played a role in this.

Someone actually flirted with me during a friend's stream last night. While I'm flattered by the compliments, having them come from some anonymous text on a screen makes me uncomfortable. Past come-ons over the internet didn't work out well for me, which is why I try to avoid them.
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My cruise crud/cold symptoms are almost gone. Another day of nose blowing and a good night's sleep should completely shake it. I will bring cough drops with me to KRCC tomorrow just in case I need them. The inner ear infection I had is almost gone as well. This is the first day in a week or two where I'm not feeling dizzy or sleepy in the afternoon, though the lack of sleepiness might be due to my body clock readjusting from Island Time to Mountain Time. I made a doctor's appointment for early-August, when I'll ask her about being tested for sleep apnea. I've re-lost 10 of the 15 pounds I gained during the cruise.
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Just 16 days until I leave for my cruise vacation! I found work substitutes for my Sunday shifts but not the Saturday shifts. I'll call the part-timers over the next week to see if anyone is available for Saturdays.

Earlier this week, I felt a couple of larger-than-normal lumps in my armpits. I don't know if they're bug bites, an allergic reaction to my deodorant or something more serious. They aren't getting bigger or spreading, but I'll see a doctor if the lumps don't go away within a week or so.
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I had an eye exam Wednesday afternoon. The doctor said the vision in my left eye actually improved since the last visit. I think the difference was mainly due to being well-rested this time; I didn't get much sleep before the previous exam.
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I got a bill in the mail yesterday for the February treatment of my swollen lip. I can pay the bill with a credit card, but I really wanted to limit my spending over the next two months.

I'm doing well on my revised weight loss plan. I bought a few juices to drink in place of sodas, along with a pitcher to filter water.
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Since my lip was still swollen this morning, I went to the hospital to see what was wrong. The nurse said bacteria may have entered my lip through a hole in the skin. The swelling is less severe now, but I'm still slightly numb and I have a bandage on my chin; my speech is only slightly affected. I was given prescriptions for two antibiotics, but the pharmacy I use isn't open on weekends.
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I was startled by a loud noise Monday afternoon. When I went outside a few hours later, I saw the above chunk of shattered ice on my walkway. Wednesday's high was in the lower-60s, so much of this snow and ice is gone now!

I booked a hotel room for RMFC a few hours ago. I got a room with two double beds. I'll wait until June or July to look for roommate(s).

I saw a new therapist today. I let him know about my anxiety/depression issues and what I hope to accomplish through therapy. He suggested I take another look at getting a Bachelor's degree in broadcasting. The only school in the area which offers that is CSU-Pueblo.
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I think I'll wait until tomorrow to pick up my medication. Today's high won't get above freezing. Also, the roads (and my car) are still snow-covered.

I scheduled an appointment for next Wednesday with a new therapist.
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The psychologist I called earlier this week isn't taking new patients at this time.I'll try to find another one Friday, hopefully close to home.

My Toastmasters group is having its monthly potluck at this week's meeting. I'm making and bringing a "Turtle pretzel" snack, with caramel, chocolate and pecans.

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Last week's calorie average: 1,814.2

I searched a listing of psychologists covered by my health insurance. I found one doctor's office located close to home. I'll give it a call on Monday or Tuesday to see if the doctor is accepting new patients. I've been feeling stressed this afternoon.
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My doctor's office called yesterday with the blood test results. My Vitamin D level is still low. I was told to take 3,000 IU of Vitamin D every day. I had been taking 1,000 IU per day prior to the test.

The four pairs of pants I ordered over the weekend arrived today. Four other pairs in my closet (which I thought were the wrong size) turned out to fit just fine, so I now have eight new pairs of pants.

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