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My Dreamwidth account is almost ready. I signed up for an account Tuesday night, and everything except the journal comments have been transferred from LiveJournal. (The comments began loading a few minutes ago.)

Since Rocky Mountain Fur Con is kaput, I was looking at other conventions I might like to attend. Biggest Little Fur Con is less than two months away. However, I'd like to find something later in the year this year. Attending an October con would depend upon when KRCC holds its Fall membership drive (usually the end of October.)
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Still no federal tax refund. I'm not worried at the moment because I don't have any major expenses due this week. My next payday will be on Friday.

I never thought I'd ever have to say this, but... R.I.P. Rocky Mountain Fur Con. I didn't realize problems with the con ran deeper than just fear/hatred of certain groups. It turns out MAAAC, the organization that ran RMFC, had lost its tax-exempt status years ago. Also, the head of MAAAC sent a Cease and Desist letter banning someone (who wasn't even going to attend RMFC) for bringing a gun threat to the staff's attention.

A group is now working on a replacement con for 2018. I've heard the names Mile High Furry Weekend, Mile High Furry Con and DenFur being proposed. Leaders of other cons are mentoring the group to get things started. I'm sad about the loss of RMFC as I've been attending since 2010, but I look forward to a new and (hopefully) better-run convention.

I might need to buy a new digital camera if I can't find a specific part for my current one. The tab holding the camera's battery in place broke about a month ago. Now the camera only works when it's in its charging dock. HP no longer supports the camera (a Photosmart R817,) so buying a new one might be better. I still have the waterproof camera I bought for my Grenada cruise as a backup.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta and Motor City Fur Con are taking place this weekend. Because of that, some of the weekend furry shows were off. Bungee Skunk hosted a Jackbox Games stream since Steelwoulfe was away. The Funday PawPet Show stream was supposed to auto-play a rerun, but there was only a black screen after the "Let Your Love Flow" intro played. Fred Bedderhead had his own stream going. I tuned in for the beginning but left to nap for a bit.

Winter appears to be gone for now, though there has been a brief return in late-April in past years.

I've been turning off my front porch light before going to bed for the past few days. My bedroom window faces my front porch. While this can act like a night light, I think it's also affecting my sleep pattern by tricking my mind into thinking it's still daytime.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is to "go back in time" to look at old LiveJournal entries to see what has changed and what hasn't. I also add tags to any old entries where they're missing:
--Last year around this date, the "Colorado Furries Plus" group was shut down due to trolls reporting some of the images posted. I was invited to a private Facebook chat group with the group members, which caused me to not get much sleep that night.
--Five years ago, Melting Temple (a co-worker's former band) released their "Hunter's Moon" EP and held a release party/concert at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou. The band asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the concert (I had skipped a fur meet to attend) and I got to dance on stage to some of the songs.
--Ten years ago, I was growing tired of being manipulated by a woman who claimed she was needing money for food, medical bills and other expenses. The first few times she asked, I felt sorry for her and sent the money. When the requests started becoming more frequent and she ignored my pleas to stop bugging me, I blocked her and shut down my Camfrog account. I started calling her "hney" because of how she constantly misspelled "honey."
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My boss at KRCC tried to contact me during my Toastmasters meeting earlier, looking for additional phone staff for the membership drive's final day.

I just saw an article about a proposed "Hyperloop" train which would serve various cities:

One of the planned routes would go from Cheyenne, WY to Houston, TX, with stops including Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. I don't know if this route would stop in Dallas/Fort Worth, but there's another route linking DFW with Houston. This would be a nice system (if I'm still alive when it's completed) for traveling to Texas Furry Fiesta.

Just 20 days until my Washington, DC trip, and 124 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con!
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1. Singles cruise
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC
3. Get a fursuit (currently in progress!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300.
5. Stick to a schedule for certain duties (taking out the trash, checking the mail, etc.) or just stop putting things off until the last minute.

I've accomplished the first two resolutions this year. I will contact my fursuit's maker later today to get a progress update. My weight is still hovering in the same 310s range that it was last year. I've definitely failed at the fifth resolution.

Compared to 2015, I'm doing less "okay" financially, but not poor enough to resurrect the #brokeasscollie hashtag on Twitter. I will see a doctor in a couple of weeks about the results of my sleep test. I hope a CPAP or whatever else the doctor recommends will improve my sleep. That would help me feel more alert and less cranky during the day, which would also reduce my tendency to snack/overeat due to being angry or tired.

I hope to keep another goal alive for next year: attending Biggest Little Fur Con. I tried to book a hotel room online when the room block opened, but I couldn't find any available for the entire weekend. I'll see if anyone with a room is looking for roommates, or hopefully the room block will be expanded later on.
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I got home from RMFC and realized I forgot to pick up one of the items I got as a Super Patron. At registration, one of the things I got was the personalized back of a director's chair. I was told I could get the rest of the chair at Con Ops, but I kept forgetting to go there. I was unable to meet with the person who made a badge for me. After work Sunday, I planned to ask him to bring the badge to my hotel room, but he had to leave the con early.

I had a good time at RMFC, though I wish work hadn't interfered with how long I could stay. I missed the late Friday/Saturday and early Saturday/Sunday events due to my KRCC shifts (and not finding a sub for them.) I registered for next year's RMFC on Sunday night. The con will be back at the DTC Marriott then.
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If I-25 traffic is backed up tomorrow afternoon, I'll take Highway 83 back to Denver. There's not much difference distance- or time-wise. I had gone the opposite direction this morning, heading west to Palmer Lake then north to Larkspur. Sadly, the I-25 traffic was still backed up a little in Larkspur. I'll be working at KRCC from 5 AM-3 PM Sunday since a co-worker needed me to fill in from 2-3 PM. This will still get me back to RMFC in plenty of time for the closing ceremonies. If I'm not too tired Sunday night, I might even go to the dance or karaoke. Tonight, I'll likely go to bed after the cocktail party. If I'm not tired then, I'll probably go to the Match Game.

The fur who made a badge for me said he'd be at the cocktail party, so I'll pick it up then.

My KRCC co-worker recently got a bunch of Whoopie Pies. Today, he gave me a peanut butter/chocolate pie to take home (or to the hotel in this case.)
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I arrived at the RMFC hotel around 12:30 PM Thursday. Today is a slow day for me. I only attended the opening ceremony and will head down to the Guest of Honor dinner in less than an hour.

I just noticed the letters U and N in the Sunkist logo are conjoined. It makes the name look like Sinkist.

I keep missing private messages from a furry who made a badge for me. I'm not constantly monitoring FurAffinity, so I don't read the messages until an hour or two after he sends them. I know we follow each other on Twitter, so I had asked him to either message me there or send a text to my phone.
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I have to give USAA a call tonight. Last night, a large hail storm battered my car. The hail was actually strong enough to put six large cracks in my windshield and dozens of dents in the hood.

Today was a potluck day at my Toastmasters meeting. The club president originally said she would bring a main dish, but I got an e-mail this morning asking me to bring it instead. I stopped by Little Caesar's on the way to the meeting to get a couple of pizzas.

My dad's oven malfunctioned today before I arrived for dinner. Dad said this was the second time the broiler came on while he was baking something. The sandwiches he prepared had burned, but he quickly made a few more for me.

I looked at the just-released schedule for RMFC. Working until 4 PM Saturday at KRCC wouldn't interfere with too many events on the schedule. The cocktail party happens at 6:00, then Match Game will be at 8:30.
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I'm looking at the conventions/vacations I want to do in 2017 and seeing which ones I should attend or skip. I likely could only afford Rocky Mountain Fur Con and one other choice. A third option may open up if any Colorado furs could give me a ride to and/or share a room at Furry Fiesta or BLFC. I have plenty of frequent flyer miles saved up to pay for the airfare to one of the destinations.

March: Furry Fiesta
-- I've attended this con four times since 2010. The past two years allowed me to see several furry musicians live. TFF allowed me to meet many of my online friends in person when I first attended. The availability of food trucks and some restaurants within walking distance is excellent.

April: Singles Cruise reunion in Washington, DC
--I haven't been to DC since 1984. The singles group is debating whether to stay in a hotel in DC or the Virginia suburbs near a subway line. One of my brothers lives in Alexandria.

June: Biggest Little Fur Con
--This would be my first time at BLFC. All the positive feedback I've heard about the con and the resort hotel have made it tempting for me. The resort has lots of activities available like bowling and go-carts.

August: Rocky Mountain Fur Con
--RMFC is the only definite con on my list for 2017. It's only an hour's drive away for me. If worst comes to worst financially, I could share a hotel room to save money. Sharing a room with a handler would be good since my fursuit should be finished by then.
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I can't really go into details about this, but I will be unemployed by the end of this year. Though I would no longer be a paid employee, I said I would be willing to be put on the volunteer substitute list for music shows. I also offered to fill in for other paid workers during the months I have left as a paid employee. I guess my streak of being laid off at the end of a presidential term is still going. Coincidentally, I had also planned and paid for a cruise prior to my last layoff in 2008.

While I'm sad about losing a great job, my weekends will soon be free for more of the fur meets and singles meets. Also, if I need to make extra money, I could always sell things at the flea market or a community garage sale (both of which happen on weekends only.) The downside is my plans to attend Furry Fiesta and/or BLFC next year will likely be affected.

Speaking of work, I noticed the same episode of "All Songs Considered" was loaded twice instead of two different episodes. This happens occasionally, and I noticed it ahead of time this time. I brought up a different episode on the studio computer and played that during the second half-hour. (Someone else screws up, I fix it, I get laid off. Hmmmm...)

P.S. The "Bubba & Dubya" reference is from an LJ post in September 2008. I don't know if The Jeffersonswould be a model for an Obama spinoff, but maybe 227.

UPDATE: Thankfully I was wrong about the first paragraph. I'm still employed at KRCC, though I now work weekend mornings and early afternoons. This still makes it easier for me to attend weekend meets in the evenings.
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I forgot to check out the food trucks on Friday and Saturday. I went to the SoCal Tacos truck and got a steak burrito. I put on my kigurumi after lunch and went to "Rhubarb and Cosmik Ruin Everything." I got a Double-Double and "animal style" fries from In-N-Out Burger for dinner. After closing ceremonies, I hung out in the hotel bar for a bit. I needed to wake up early on Monday, so I wasn't able to listen to The Rabbit Hole, Radiolawn or Doggy Radio.

I checked out of the hotel around 7 AM. I refilled my rental car's gas tank before returning the car to the airport. Even though my airline seats were in First Class, the flights only offered drinks and light snacks because each flight was under 2.5 hours. I grabbed breakfast at the Dallas airport, then lunch at the Houston airport. My flight landed in Colorado Springs around 4:30, and I made it home around 5:30.

It's amazing how much Furry Fiesta has grown. When I first went in 2010 (The con's second year,) about 780 people attended. This year's final registration total was 2,820. If I'm able to attend in 2017, I will either fly directly to Dallas on American Airlines or drive to Dallas. I had downloaded a few podcasts to my smartphone, but I didn't pack headphones for listening.
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I shoveled the 6-10 inches of snow off of my car and parking space so I could drive to pick up my medication. A bit more snow is expected overnight, less than an inch.

The room block for this year's RMFC will open on Sunday. I may get a room with two beds since my fursuit will (hopefully) be finished by then and I could have a handler/friend share the room with me.

Only 34 days until Furry Fiesta!
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57 days until Furry Fiesta, and 170 days until my singles cruise!

I finally went to get blood drawn this morning to test my Vitamin D level. I couldn't find an available space in the hospital's parking garage, so I parked in the surface lot next to the garage. I went into the main hospital building to discover the blood lab had moved to a nearby building. After having to fast overnight for the blood test, even crappy microwave food tastes wonderful.
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I'm taking advantage of the slightly-warmer weather this week to do some of the things I've been putting off. I finally got my car's oil changed this afternoon. I'll get a haircut and renew my passport either Wednesday or Thursday. The passport expires next week, and I'd like to have a photo without Doc Brown hair.

100 days until Furry Fiesta!
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I really need to see a doctor about possible sleep apnea. I was driving to the Howl-O-Ween party in Denver last night when I started feeling sleepy. I thought my feeling sleepy during the late afternoon/early evening was due to my differing weekday and weekend schedules, but I still feel tired even on days when I get 7-8 hours of sleep. I still snore a little bit when I sleep, though it's a huge improvement over the "tractor stuck in the mud" snoring I used to do when I weighed 340-350. I will ask the doctor about possibly needing a CPAP since others have suggested it. I hope getting and keeping my weight below 280 again will also help.

The organizers of Rocky Mountain Fur Con announced the location and dates of next year's convention. The DTC Marriott is being renovated, so the convention is August 12-14 at the Crowne Plaza near DIA.
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1. Get my weight back below 280 lbs.
2. Make at least one Toastmasters speech
3. Attend Furry Fiesta and Rocky Mountain Fur Con
4. Find a second job, side business or franchise
5. Singles cruise or Furry Cruise

So far, I've only accomplished #3. My weight is continuing to seesaw between 305 and 315. I'm still brainstorming ideas for a Toastmasters speech since I have two months to do it.  A second job is still out of reach. I've booked a cruise for next July.

1. Singles cruise
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC
3. Get a fursuit (currently in progress!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300.
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Earlier this week, the furry world received notice that Oklacon would be canceled indefinitely. Oklacon staff reported Roman Nose State Park denied the con's permit for 2015 due to three idiots who got drunk at the previous year's event and had sex in the middle of the campground. Plans to move to another state park (or any state park in Oklahoma) were foiled when someone linked the con to the illegal activity.

I attended Oklacon in 2011, a few weeks after being laid off from a temporary (nightmare) job. In addition to seeing certain furries again and seeing/meeting others for the first time, I got to see Rhubarb The Bear's musical "Julie Bunny Must Die" and attend my third Bucktown Tiger concert. The 9- to 10-hour drive through southeastern Colorado and western Oklahoma had long stretches of boredom at times, including some road construction delays on U.S. 287. However, the fun times I had at Oklacon more than made up for that. KRCC's fall membership drive partially coincided with Oklacon, so that and a lack of money kept me from returning to the con again.
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I've been looking at travel options for next year's Biggest Little Fur Con if I decide to go then or wait until 2017.  The cheapest options would either be taking Greyhound out of Colorado Springs or flying Southwest Airlines out of Denver.  The Greyhound trip would take roughly 24 hours, so taking Southwest would be the better option.  I took a 16-hour trip on Greyhound to Furry Fiesta in 2010.  I'd rather not relive that nightmare.  Flying another airline out of Colorado Springs would cost $400-500.  Driving to Reno would cost $400-600 and take at least a day and a half.

I made the first payment for my fursuit earlier today.
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My Sunday at RMFC wasn't as busy as I expected.  I missed the Improv workshop panel due to taking a nap after breakfast.  I had lunch at the hotel restaurant then attended the "Free Can Cook" panel.

My big regret about this year's con was that I didn't get out more.  I need to start taking my former psychologist's advice and avoid taking naps during the daytime.  I should actually be out walking during stretches of time where there aren't any panels I wish to attend.  I used the stairs at least half of the time, and had walked about 0.6 miles each way going to dinner Saturday at Qdoba.  The only time I wore my panda kigurumi was an hour or so Sunday night.  During that time, another con-goer came up and asked for "end-of-con hugs."  Since she said it quickly in a noisy room, I didn't understand her until she repeated it.  I actually thought she said "panda condoms."

I made a "compulsive eating" mistake Friday afternoon.  I had gone to Subway to get a 6-inch sub.  Another customer had a page of Subway coupons he wanted to give away.  I accepted one of the coupons for "buy one sub, get one free."  The hotel rooms have refrigerators, so I should have refrigerated one for lunch Saturday instead of eating both on Friday afternoon.  I only gained about 2 pounds this weekend, so I'm not too unhappy about that.

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