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I partially suited last night at the FoxTrot meet. The fursuit's case just barely fit in my car's back seat; I had to move the driver's seat forward and force the case in a bit. The case is 20 inches wide, so I will look for a case that's only 16-18 inches. I didn't see as many friends at the meet since some of them are in Reno at BLFC. I had a cheeseburger, a couple of rum-and-cokes and a few glasses of water before putting on the suit's head, hand paws and tail. There were no chairs in the headless lounge, so I skipped putting on the foot paws. My belt broke during the meet, but it was able to hold my tail for the 20-25 minutes I was in suit. It was slightly dark in the club and difficult to see without my glasses. I got a few hugs and at least one person took my picture. After getting out of suit, I realized I had forgotten to put on a fresh layer of deodorant before the meet. Also, the burger made me a bit farty for a while. I'll do a better job of pre-meet bathing from now on.

R.I.P. Bandit, the border collie belonging to Funday PawPet Show founder Yappyfox. 

UPDATE (8:35 AM): I found a couple of Rubbermaid containers that would fit my car: the Roughneck 66-quart tote (16.5 inches wide) and a large FlexTote (15.7 inches.) The latter has a zipper closure to make it more secure for flying. Both are clear.
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Tomorrow at FoxTrot, I'll wear the "partial" parts of my fursuit with my jacket and regular clothes since this weekend will be chilly. I need to contact my suit maker after dinner tonight to see if she's going to FoxTrot, or if she can adjust the suit body sometime in the next two weeks. Next week might not work due to the KRCC drive.

I signed up for two more phone shifts at KRCC yesterday. My upcoming vacation is now completely "Even Stevened."

My replacement APAP mask was delivered an hour ago. This should greatly improve my sleep for the next few months. Also, a few of the KRCC shifts I picked were 6-9 AM, so my sleep schedule won't be quite as varied this week.
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This is the last weekend before KRCC switches to its new schedule on Monday. The station is switching to only having music from 7 PM-midnight, with news/NPR programming the rest of the day. When the station last changed its schedule, I got plenty of both good and bad calls about the changes. The latest change will eliminate some of the less-liked shows. "A Prairie Home Companion" will return on weekends, having been dropped after Garrison Keillor retired. Still, the elimination of the late-morning/early-afternoon music shows has already garnered lots of complaints. As much as I hate the reduced music content, I know KRCC has to do what it can to compete with the new Colorado Public Radio affiliate starting up in April.

I'll be doing some more furry bowling on Saturday night. My fursuit's maker is hosting the meet, so I'll ask if she can make adjustments to the suit body next week.

I forgot to pick up my medication refills today. I'll need to do that on Monday.
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Colorado Springs got more snow today. I had to go to a Toastmasters training tonight, but luckily the roads weren't slick. After the training, I used the Visa gift cards from Christmas to get gas for my car and (with a coupon) dinner/Friday lunch at Burger King.

I'll see if I have a smaller container to store my fursuit. The maker had put it in a giant container which isn't really portable. I still need to have the suit's crotch lowered a bit, but I can't seem to coordinate a repair time with the maker. Since it's still jacket weather, I can just wear the "partial" parts of the suit with my clothes and jacket at FoxTrot. Saturday's weather will be back in the 50s and low-60s.
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My savings and checking accounts will be dry until Monday. I wanted to have a bit more cash on me for last night's bowling meet, so I took my change jar to a King Soopers location with a Coinstar machine. After the transaction fee was subtracted, I got $27.95.

The bowling meet was the first time I wore my fursuit head and tail outside my home. My fursuit's maker was also at the meet and arranged to come by my home Wednesday to make adjustments to my suit. It took a few frames for me to get used to bowling with a fursuit head. My scores were 82 and 104. My vision was slightly blurry since I couldn't wear my glasses under the head. I'm thinking of getting some prescription goggles to wear over the mask. I just had water during the meet to keep from overheating; I had wanted to order a drink or two, but I was usually bowling when the server came around. I didn't need to order food since I had a large dinner beforehand. The meet raised $366 for Nakio's Underdog Rescue.

I got about four hours of sleep after getting home. Before I take a nap later today, I'll put an ice pack on my right ankle since it's been hurting for the past week.
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I tried on the body of my new fursuit tonight. I'm glad the maker said she could adjust the crotch if needed, because it's definitely needed. The suit's legs wound up still being baggy while the upper body was an inch or two short. Lowering the crotch a few inches should solve that problem. I tried on the hands and feet, and those fit just fine.

I was looking forward to wearing the suit to the bowling meet this coming Saturday. I suppose I could still wear the head and tail, or just wear my kigurumi. I'm not sure if there are any other fursuiting events I'm able to attend between the bowling meet and FoxTrot in December.
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My collie fursuit was delivered to me this afternoon! I'm a bit tired now, so I just tried on the head.
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After getting home from RMFC, I saw a post from a Colorado fur taking commissions for fursuits.  I decided to request a slot and was told which measurements I needed to send.  I measured myself today, but I'll have someone else double-check the measurements to make sure they're accurate.  After wanting a suit for 8 years, it will be awesome to finally bring my collie fursona to life.
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I'm getting ready to cross off one of the items from my furry bucket list.

An FA friend recommended watching a particular artist who was offering to do free badges for anyone referred by the friend, so I watched her FA page and requested a badge. She sent me a private message saying I was her 50th watcher. She offered to draw something else for me and linked me to examples of her ref sheets. Another FA friend had drawn a head shot of my Jerzei Collie fursona, but this will be the first full-body drawing (the bucket list item.) Hopefully it can lead to accomplishing another item one day: getting a fursuit made.
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I made an album for the pictures/videos I took on day 3 after my camera decided to erase everything from days 1 and 2.


Today I filled out the registration for Rocky Mountain Fur Con (162 days away!)
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I can't wait to hang this up! I also can't wait until I have a similar-looking fursuit (and a full-time job to pay for it!) The calendar can act as a sort of motivational device for that.

Also, a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] diegowolffox !
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I called the Flamingo Hotel today and made my reservation for the singles cruise reunion. The vacation is now halfway paid for. The Flamingo only charged me about $60 for the first night plus a deposit, and my plane tickets are completely paid for. The rest will be paid when I arrive.

I finally downloaded a collie graphic off a website to go with my main fursona. I might wait until I lose more weight before getting a collie suit made. I still have my idea for Kukido Leopard, which would be better suited for a fat person.

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