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 PAY for Sunday, August 13th: 5 hours (6-11 AM)

The announcer whose shift follows mine is able to relieve me at 11 AM tomorrow so I can go to Arvada Tails. I signed up for five phone shifts during next month's KRCC membership drive, which will more than make up for the hours missed during July's cruise reunion as well as Arvada Tails. If I can find time to do two more shifts, that would completely make up for my next vacation (either Christmas or Furry Fiesta.)

I saw the Psychedelgates play last night. The beginning of the show was a bit awkward because one of the guitarists started shouting and cursing at the others during the sound check before storming off stage. On Twitter, I jokingly called it a re-enactment of the Troggs tape. (For those who don't get the reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrXfK9Osmvs )
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PAY for Sunday, February 19th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I'm glad I went through the mail that's been piling up over the past couple of weeks. I found a couple of refund checks from my health insurance company. I'll deposit the checks later today.
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PAY for Sunday, February 5th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I decided to bring my kigurumi instead of my fursuit to FoxTrot last night. I currently don't have a container that's both large enough to store the fursuit and small enough to fit in my car. I plan to buy a container in a week or two so I can bring my suit from now on.

The meet's new bar, the Denver Wrangler, is in the building where Howl-O-Ween had been held for a few years (formerly the ExDo Annex and the Eden nightclub.) I ate dinner at home before driving to the meet, but the Wrangler does have food service including pizza, burgers and nachos. During the meet, an RMFC staff member let me know the director's chair I forgot to pick up last year would be shipped later this week.
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PAY for Sunday, January 29th: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I did a much better job of budgeting my latest paycheck. Since my credit card payment isn't due until the 17th, I will only pay about two-thirds of it this week in order to buy a tank of gas and have more than enough left over for FoxTrot. My life insurance and PayPal Credit payments will also be withdrawn this week, and I'll still have a decent balance left in my accounts. I need to get my car an oil change and get myself a haircut before the weekend.
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PAY for Sunday, January 22nd: 10 hours (5 AM-3 PM)

I had dinner with the local Happy Hour group Friday at Jose Muldoon's on the east end of town. I've been to the downtown location with the group a few times, but the east location is less than a mile from my home. I got a dinner plate piled high with nachos (and this was a HALF-order!) I wanted to get the restaurant's Horni Blue margarita, but they were out of blue Curacao. Instead, I had a couple of Black and Gold margaritas.
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I need to submit my next time card before Thursday this week since the payroll office will be closed next week for the Thanksgiving break. I'll be doing a split shift today since my co-worker had an appointment during his regular shift. I'll work from 5-10 AM and 1-5 PM, with my co-worker covering the 10-1 part. I feel like I need a nap between shifts, and maybe after the second shift as well.

As I did last year, I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with members of a local singles group. Last week, I bought the ingredients I need for a corn dish.
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I had much more success with the APAP machine Saturday. I took a Xanax after work to make me less anxious about the mask. I was actually able to get a good night's sleep, and so far I don't hear any snoring on the recording I made. On previous weekends, I felt myself dozing off in the middle of some work shifts. Today I only felt a little sleepy about 15 minutes before the shift's end.

PAY for Friday, September 23rd: 5 hours (3-8 PM)
Saturday, September 24th: 9 hours (6 AM-3 PM)
Sunday, September 25th 10 hours (5 AM-2 PM and 7-8 PM)

UPDATE (Monday 3:30 AM): I picked up a few groceries before my Sunday night fill-in shift. After the shift, I had to refill my car's gas tank since it was almost empty. The Safeway's gas station had regular for $1.99/gallon, which was reduced to $1.79 with the discounts I had earned. I began to feel sleepy again during The Rabbit Hole, so I laid down in bed and put on the APAP machine for a bit. I took a Xanax and will likely go back to bed within an hour. Doggy Radio is about to do "The Quickening," so the show is close to ending for tonight.
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PAY for Saturday, June 4th: 10 hours (5-9 AM and 2-8 PM)
"Even Steven" hours for upcoming vacation: 13 out of 20

I need to pick up a new access card for the front door at KRCC tomorrow. I'll be filling in for the Saturday morning announcer this weekend, meaning no one will be inside to let me in. The access cards were recently reissued with the new college logo. I'll head to bed early Friday night, then try to nap between the morning and afternoon shifts. FoxTrot is on Saturday night, so I hope I'm not too tired to party after work.
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PAY for Saturday, May 28th: 11 hours (9 AM-8 PM)
Sunday, May 29th: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

My upcoming cruise vacation (35 more days) will take me away from work for two weekends, or 20 work hours. The midday announcer asked for a sub this weekend, so I offered. The extra shifts would cover 9 of the 20 hours.
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PAY for Sunday, February 21st: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

18 days until Furry Fiesta! The fill-in shift I did last Sunday and the extra hours I'll do today will make up for the weekend work I'll miss while at Furry Fiesta. The announcer who does the 9 AM shift came down with a cold and asked if I could fill in for her today. I might miss at least part of the Funday Pawpet Show since I was unable to fall asleep after my Saturday shift.

Gave you many chances to make change
The only thing you changed was love to hate.

Since one of my Toastmasters speeches involves researching a specific topic, I thought about making a speech about writer's block since I seem to have one. I haven't given a regular speech since 2011 mainly due to stress about my finances and inability to find full-time work. Researching writer's block will not only give me a speech subject, but maybe also a cure for my own symptoms.
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Twenty-something days until Furry Fiesta! (It's late, sorry.)  EDIT: 25.

I got an e-mail from the Furry Fiesta staff saying this year's Super Sponsor lunch will be at a theater showing the new movie Zootopia. There are furry meetups scheduled in Colorado Springs and Denver on the opening weekend, but those are on Saturday when I work.

PAY for Sunday, February 14th: 10 hours (5-9 AM and 1-7 PM.)

(4:58 PM) I was originally supposed to fill in until 5 PM, but the employee called and asked me if I could stay until 7.

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PAY for Sunday, May 24th: 10 hours (5-9 AM and 1-7 PM)

Lens Crafters called Monday to say the new lenses for my glasses are ready.

I'm getting four new pairs of pants since some of the pants I currently own are falling apart. I think I accidentally entered a wrong inseam measurement, but I could get the pants tailored if they're too long (or just roll them up.)
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PAY for Wednesday, May 20th: 1 hour (12:30-1:30 PM)
Thursday, May 21st: 3.5 hours (1:30-5 PM)

"...or are you just happy to see me?"

David Letterman's final Late Show is about to start here. I began watching Dave's NBC Late Night show in 1986, when I was in 9th grade. When I learned the date of Dave's birthday, I had sent him homemade birthday cards courtesy of my family's Apple II Plus and "Print Shop."

I started to practice stand-up myself in high school, performing a 4-5 minute act for the school talent show. It seemed funny at the time (as hacky as it was) and the audience seemed to like it.

People said my voice would be perfect for radio, which I began studying in college. Locally at the time, a duo called "The Mark Brothers" (Mark Stevens and Mark Goldberg) had the local "zany" morning show. I loved many of the bits they did, including some I later discovered were actually Bob & Tom Show bits. I worked with Mark Goldberg briefly in the 2000s at KRDO-FM and later at KRCC, actually showing him how the control board was laid out.

My path to becoming a DJ took longer than I expected, not actually getting my own (paid) on-air shifts until 2002, but my weird sense of humor was shaped in part by David Letterman, Johnny Carson and many of the comics that appeared on their shows.
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Pay for Saturday, November 15th: 3.5 hours (2-5:30 PM)

I'm headed to another local furry bowling meet after work Saturday.

Pay update

Nov. 5th, 2014 05:45 pm
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Pay for Saturday, November 1st: 6.5 hours (1:30-8 PM)
Sunday, November 2nd: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)
Tuesday, November 4th: 10 hours (6 AM-12 PM and 3-7 PM)
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Pay for Sunday, November 2nd: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

KRCC's membership drive will likely end early this week.  By the time I went home Sunday, the station had about $39,000 left to raise.  I've signed up for phone shifts on Tuesday-Thursday.

Howl-O-Ween went well for me, even though I had to leave early to get enough rest before work.  The event was held in the Highland Park Pavillion in Denver.  The building seemed to be a bit smaller than the EXDO Annex.  Either that, or the Pavillion's layout isn't really meant for large parties.  The dance floor was the only area that wasn't completely packed. I didn't do much dancing because my lower back was bothering me.

I thought I wouldn't be able to make it to Howl-O-Ween.  After work, my car started normally, but it wouldn't accelerate properly.  Even with the pedal all the way down, the engine didn't rev and I only went less than 5 MPH for half a block before I pulled over.  I turned the engine off and debated just going home.  After restarting, the car ran normally.
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PAY for Saturday, October 25th: 6.5 hours (1:30-8 PM)
Sunday, October 26th: 4 hours (5-9 AM)
Monday, October 27th: 3 hours (6-9 AM)
Tuesday, October 28th: 3 hours (6-9 AM)
Thursday, October 30th: 4 hours (3-7 PM)

I had originally signed up for KRCC phone duty from 6-9 AM and 3-5 PM today.  Yesterday, I wanted to erase the 6-9 AM shift in order to get more sleep.  Sadly, the phone shift log book was in a locked office.  Instead, I erased the 3-5 PM shift.  As I was doing that, a co-worker who usually supervises the phones from 6 AM-noon asked if I could fill in for him from 9-noon on two days next week.
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PAY for Wednesday, October 22nd: 5 hours (6-9 AM and 3-5 PM)
Thursday October 23rd:  2.75 hours (3-5:45 PM)

I had signed up to work from 3-7 PM today, but more phone volunteers kept arriving, outnumbering the phones.  I noted I would leave at 5:45 tomorrow to attend the monthly Drinking Liberally meeting at 6:00.
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PAY for Sunday, October 12th: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

I got a good night's sleep (for once) last night.  I started to feel sleepy toward the end of my shift yesterday due to not getting enough sleep the night before.  Sadly, I had to miss a performance by my co-worker's band.  With the extra shift I'm doing today, I wanted to be well-rested for work and the online shows I'll watch tonight.

Another co-worker told me the radio company where he works weekdays has acquired more stations.  He urged me to re-apply with the company.
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PAY for Thursday, October 2nd: 4.25 hours (3:45-8:00 PM)

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