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A picture of some of the furries at this month's FoxTrot meet. This was taken on the back patio at Hamburger Mary's.

KRCC pictures )
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I'm taking advantage of the slightly-warmer weather this week to do some of the things I've been putting off. I finally got my car's oil changed this afternoon. I'll get a haircut and renew my passport either Wednesday or Thursday. The passport expires next week, and I'd like to have a photo without Doc Brown hair.

100 days until Furry Fiesta!
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I uploaded most of my pictures and videos from Furry Fiesta to my Photobucket page:

For some reason, some of the videos uploaded sideways.  Also, two videos which exceeded Photobucket's 500MB limit are on Dropbox.
Bucktown Tiger and Pepper Coyote performing "Counting Stars": https://www.dropbox.com/s/joh3oi5seejlnq3/BT-PepperCountStars.mp4?dl=0
Matthew Ebel performing his song "Mr. Abrams" while J.D. Puppy dances (and accidentally disconnects some of Matt's equipment!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmei1jkbelxmrgq/Ebel-JDPuppy.mp4?dl=0
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All this talk (from an online show last night) about biscuits and gravy made me hungry.  I went to a local fur meet at a Village Inn restaurant afterward and got some breakfast/dinner.

I'll be making some chicken and dumplings tomorrow night.  I found a crock pot recipe for the dish last week.
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I made another batch of bacon chocolates this week. I used thicker-cut applewood bacon this time, which I can actually taste over the rich chocolate. Some of the molds didn't have enough of the chocolate pushed all the way down, so they look a bit rough but taste wonderful!


I'll be making a third batch shortly before my vacation, using a smaller mold so the chocolates aren't as thick.
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Gunner dog

I'm still a bit stuffy today. I had forgotten to take any allergy medication yesterday, when a couple of people brought dogs to the studio. It looks like there may be a third weekend of pledging since the drive started on a Saturday instead of a Wednesday. While I'd love the drive to end sometime this week, going until next Saturday or Sunday would also add more money to my July 15th paycheck.

Last week's calorie average: 1,880.9
Days above 2,000 calories: 3 (2112, 2045 and 2150)

I was able to balance out the excess-calorie days with four well-behaved days (1,500-1,900 calories each.)
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I made an album for the pictures/videos I took on day 3 after my camera decided to erase everything from days 1 and 2.


Today I filled out the registration for Rocky Mountain Fur Con (162 days away!)
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I mainly took videos at the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic instead of still pictures. I managed to get a few screen captures from the videos, though. This first picture is the "When Pigs Fly" balloon next to the 165-foot Energizer Bunny balloon:

More balloons and a wolf! )

I'm still waiting on pictures of me in my panda kigurumi.
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Due to a combination of shyness and feeling insecure about my weight/looks, I seem to be cursed with finding the worst place to stand when posing for a group picture. First, there was my 20th high school reunion picture from last year:

Then the group photo from my Toastmasters club:

And finally, the group fursuit photo at Rocky Mountain Fur Con (sorry about the pixelation):

Hopefully my continued weight loss and psychologist visits will help me feel more secure being in or toward the front of future pictures, or at least give me the ability to determine if I'm being blocked.


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:11 am
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My new Folkmanis collie puppet arrived yesterday. I tried to upload the pics from my cell phone yesterday, but they took forever to reach my e-mail for some reason.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. That, coupled with an early morning doctor's appointment, have left me in need of a nap.
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Too much free time can be dangerous, especially with programs like Morph Thing and photos of celebrities. I originally wanted to put a wig, dress and makeup on Mel Gibson's mug shot. That plan changed to morphing Mel Gibson with Jennifer Aniston and Tammy Faye Bakker/Messner. The Aniston morph used stock photos of both celebrities, while the Tammy Faye one used Mel's mug shot.

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PAY for Sunday, May 9th: 12 hours (5 AM-5 PM)

I've struck gold! Well, not exactly. I found some old radio station ads and bumper stickers I had collected when I was younger.

KTSC-FM was the station where I worked/trained while attending the University of Southern Colorado (now CSU-Pueblo.) The "volunteer" badge from KTSC-TV was from answering phones during a pledge drive. KILO and KKFM are still on the air with their modern and classic rock formats, although both moved to different dial locations later on. KIKX had been a Top 40 station which later evolved into rock, then had brief stints as country and 1970s oldies before being sold. It's now Christian pop station Q-102.7 KBIQ.
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That is all.
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Here's my Furry Fiesta picture/video page. It doesn't have a lot, but I caught little bits and pieces throughout the con.

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It didn't quite fit when I tried it on while fully-clothed, but it fit when I wore a bathing suit instead of pants.

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snoop dogg
see more Lol Celebs

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A while back, some squirrels managed to find their way into the KRCC building. A few serious notices were posted on the studio door, followed by a bunch of silly ones:

more here )

The "underpants" sign refers to the novelty "Squirrel Underpants" offered as a membership gift last year.

A new Kohl's store in town is hiring for several positions. I'll be attending a job fair this week to apply for a position.
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It didn't snow on Christmas Eve or Christmas, but enough snow was left over from Tuesday and Wednesday to have a White Christmas this year!

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In my May 15th post, I mentioned how I thought all the photos/videos from my first singles cruise were lost when Putfile.com shut down. It turns out I found them on my computer tonight while doing a little digging. I'm currently uploading them into a new folder in my Photobucket account:


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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