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Looking back a few years, I remembered a magazine cover shown at almost every weekly meeting at Primerica. The main cover story was "Finished At 40," about a 40-year-old worker who was struggling to find work after being laid off from his long-time employer.

I was laid off from Metro Networks a few months shy of my 38th birthday. I quit Primerica a short time later because I was having trouble focusing on my Primerica work and my job search at the same time. I searched thousands of job ads and applied to as many as I thought I qualified for. Sadly, most of the companies either rejected me immediately or never returned my calls. Others rejected me after the interview because my weekend part-time job would have interfered with their schedules (and the low salaries they were offering weren't worth quitting KRCC.) One company (telemarketers Graven, Austen and Drake) fired me after two days for not making enough sales; another company (telephone surveyors Luce Research) barely had any available shifts once the Fall 2010 elections were over; and the third company (Service Source) treated me like garbage, lied constantly and laid me off after a month due to staff cutbacks.

I tried my hardest to not be "Finished At 40," but it looks like that's the case. I wasn't able to accomplish some of my 40th birthday goals last year (to be employed weekdays and to celebrate my birthday at Further Confusion.) I did accomplish the goal of taking 3 trips last year (Furry Fiesta, RMFC and Oklacon,) even though they were on a tight budget and I probably should have stayed home and saved the money. My actual goal was to be able to afford these trips.

I have about six months until my 42nd birthday. I hope I can find weekday work before then. I was "Finished At 40," but I'd like to be re-started by 42.
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I spent about 45 minutes at a job fair inside Mr. Bigg's Family Fun Center this morning. Out of the 30 or so companies at the fair, there were only around eight for which I felt qualified to work. Most of those were employment/temp agencies. The local Fox affiliate was looking for sales associates, but I gave them my resume anyway and asked them to keep me in mind for any news, production or voice-over positions. Primerica had a table there as well, so I went over and said hello to one of my (former?) colleagues. I didn't bother giving resumes to companies like PRC and Progressive Insurance since they had already rejected previous applications.

I read an article later about how America's latest recession actually ended last June. To be more specific, that's when the economy started to show signs of improvement again. I just wish my former full-time employer would re-open the offices it closed due to the recession and rehire everyone.
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I think I've got a local fur meet version of PCD. I'm also about to write a "depressed rambling emo rant," so I'll put it under a cut to save everyone the pain of scrolling through it.

... )
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After tonight's Primerica meeting, my sponsor advised me to take a break for a while and concentrate on finding a job since I was under a lot of pressure concentrating on both. I've been applying for every opening I can find so far. I would need to delay my work start date until after I get back from Vegas (unless the employer would let me work a few days before then.)
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Get ready to Twitter the stars...as we play the star-studded, big-money Twitter Game PM!
  • 17:54 Tacos rule, but not as much as tigers. @bucktowntiger had surprise uStream earlier. #shopcollie #
  • 21:09 I updated my Twitter background to combine my old picture with my "jcollie719" avatar from LiveJournal. I was told to try again later. #
  • 21:18 Ah, there it is! I thought about adding my drawings of Metal Dawg, Racoco W. Tiger & Kukido Leopard, but that would make things to crowded. #
  • 21:40 Primerica ended tonight's meeting about 50 minutes early due to the Labor Day weekend. Picked up some beer & vodka on the way home. #
  • 22:53 @roberttruskey I used to work as an overnight radio news writer. I turned on the TV a few hours after getting home & saw 2nd tower get hit. #
  • 23:31 I finally found the "Pumps 'n a Bump" video on another site. (Possibly NSFW) www.dailymotion.com/swf/x1mux2 #
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Mark brought Hawaiian decorations to the office since Primerica is offering a trip to Hawaii for some of its top sellers in August and September. The decorations included a large, inflatable palm tree.

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Since the year is nearly half-over, I decided to revisit the New Year's resolutions I (reluctantly) made before the beginning of the year. I'll rank the resolutions on a scale of 1-10, from least likely to most likely to fulfill. The ranking and any explanations appear after each resolution.

Make at least $35,000 per year at a new job and/or Primerica... 1 Unless I immediately get hired for a $70,000/year job, there's no way I'll fulfill this goal.

Recruit at least five people into Primerica... 2 I'm having trouble just getting one recruit!

Pay off credit card/loan debt... 1 Over $9,000 left. Ain't. No. Way.

Exercise 30 minutes a day... 6 This one is definitely more possible. It's just a matter of motivating myself.

Lose 40 pounds... 2 I've lost about 10 pounds so far. Every little bit helps.

Reduce my anxiety... 8 My Internet friends, music, TV and plushies have helped greatly with this.

Buy a fursuit... 1 The closest I've come was a regular tiger costume for the 2007 Halloween singles cruise.

Attend at least one furry convention... 1 I was hoping to at least make Rocky Mountain Fur Con since it's just an hour drive to Denver, but my current unemployment has nixed that.

Go on cruise and/or attend SinglesCruise reunion in Las Vegas... 10 (reunion) Made the reservation, although I wish I could have afforded the Halloween cruise.

Visit Europe... 1 Maybe when my Roth IRA matures in 30 years or so, I can take a trip.
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Tonight at the Primerica meeting, one of the guys there told me about another new job opportunity. I'll be calling them either Saturday or Monday.

I just noticed my shirt has tons of marks above the chest pocket and on one of the sleeves since I had a pen in that pocket. I forgot to put the cap back on. 8B DURRRR!
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KKTV's weather channel still lists 48°F for a high Saturday. The NOAA website has lowered its original prediction from 59 to 54°.

I was unable to fall asleep tonight. I actually slept in until about 9:30 AM today, and the Primerica meetings tend to make me feel energized and/or panicky. I'll be meeting a group of local Twitter users on Monday, so I'll mention my work with Primerica to see if anyone might be interested (either in working for Primerica or a free financial needs analysis.)

NOTE TO SELF: Your medication runs out in a month or so. Find out what pharmacies accept the new insurance and (if necessary) have the doctors fax/mail prescriptions to them.

Snow again

Apr. 1st, 2009 11:43 pm
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The weather this week can't seem to decide if it's spring or winter. I drove to tonight's Primerica meeting in a snow storm with limited visibility and cars parked along some of the major streets. Thursday's forecast is mostly sunny, then the snow comes back Friday and stays through the weekend.

I just saw an Enzyte ad where Smiling Bob is dressed as Santa Claus. There's one lap you don't want kids sitting on! "No, Daddy! I'm still in therapy from that trip to the Neverland Ranch!"
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Today's blizzard warning has been extended through Friday. I've only received about 3-4 inches at the condo, but the north side of the city and El Paso County got anywhere from 8-14 inches. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be sunny, followed by more snow Monday and Tuesday.

Even if the roads are drivable tomorrow, I don't know if I'll be psyched enough to go to the Primerica training meeting. My SAD seems to have returned with the snow.
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I was awakened around 8 a.m. by the credit card company wanting me to verify three charges on the card. I recognized the company's phone number, so I let them know the charges were legitimate.

I submitted job applications at the Barnes & Noble near The Citadel mall and a couple of Starbucks locations. Before then, I stopped by the Primerica office to see if Freddie heard from anyone on my contact list (No luck.)
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Primerica told me they couldn't lower my monthly loan payment. As long as I don't make any more screw-ups with my unemployment pay filings, I shouldn't have any more money troubles.

I just read that Ozzy Osbourne and his family are going to be doing a comedy show on Fox. (Blogger's review and slightly sickening preview)

Some of the bits are reminiscent of Howie Mandel and David Letterman playing tricks on unsuspecting people. As the blogger said, the longest clip in the preview focuses on a blindfolded man being tricked into making out with an old woman, so this show won't exactly be "Masterpiece Theater." Actually, when I heard this being called a variety show, I immediately pictured Ozzy and Sharon singing "I Got You, Babe."
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I found the customer service number for my Primerica loan tonight. I'll call them Thursday morning to see if the monthly payment amount can be reduced until I can get another job and/or rebuild my checking account balance.

I transfered $50 from my PayPal account into the checking account earlier today, and I've got some CDs and DVDs up for sale on eBay. My next unemployment payment will be posted this coming Monday (to my checking account, if the Direct Deposit application went through successfully.)
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Freddie from Primerica told me I may be able to adjust the monthly payment on my loan. I consolidated all of my other debt into the loan two years ago (when I was still working on weekdays) and have been paying about $198 per month. Even though I've cut back on my expenses since being laid off, the remaining expenses have almost completely eaten up the money I got in my severance package. I think the unemployment office allows people to have unemployment pay direct deposited into their accounts. That would be much easier than putting it on a debit card, then withdrawing it and putting it into my account.
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I didn't bother making any New Year's resolutions. However, one of the speakers at a Primerica meeting in early-December challenged everyone to write down ten goals for the coming year. I originally only came up with six, but I added four more as I thought of them. I ranked them by how much I think I could accomplish them, not necessarily the order I'll pursue them. (There's no way I could afford to do all ten.)

1. Make at least $35,000 per year at a new job and/or Primerica
2. Recruit at least five people into Primerica
3. Pay off credit card/loan debt
4. Exercise 30 minutes a day
5. Lose 40 pounds
6. Reduce my anxiety
7. Buy a fursuit
8. Attend at least one furry convention
9. Go on cruise and/or attend SinglesCruise reunion in Las Vegas
10. Visit Europe
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I found the folder containing my life insurance license. I was looking for a folder labeled "Primerica," but it was in a folder labeled "Ent" (my credit union.) Now I just have to complete 24 hours of continuing education and apply for a license renewal before January 31st. EDIT: No education is necessary this time since it's my first renewal.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's last name sounds like something Jerry Lewis would say: "blah-GOY-ul-vich! LAYYYYYYY-deeeeeeee!"
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I can't find the folder which contains my life insurance license for Primerica. I have to get the license renewed within the next month or it expires. I've looked in several obvious places, so I'll begin digging in my closets and boxes tomorrow.
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(1) Call the funeral home seeking a receptionist and schedule an interview.
(2) Call the telemarketing company to schedule a training session.
(3) Call Freddie and ask if he got my message over the weekend.
(4) Attend Primerica meeting (weather permitting.)
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I need to call Freddie tomorrow to see if he got my message Saturday. I got in trouble for giving Freddie the employee phone number list from KRCC. Luckily, the manager went easy on me and didn't punish me for it. I left a message for Freddie telling him to either stop calling the employees or stop using my name when calling.

I sometimes feel like I'm at least ten years behind schedule on everything. Moving into my own place, pursuing my current interests, dating, etc. are things I should have been doing in my early-20s, but I was either too broke, too scared or just not interested. I didn't attend my ten-year high school reunion because I was embarassed that I hadn't accomplished much since graduating. I had started to build a great life for myself last year, but being laid off in October brought me back to square one. The 20-year reunion is next year, so I'd like to be able to have some amount of pride about my life when I go.

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