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I likely won't be able to view the eclipse Monday. Two of the closest points of totality (Casper, WY and North Platte, NE) are too far away to drive to and back before my meeting Monday night. Also, I'm staying up tonight to listen to my usual Sunday/early-Monday entertainment: The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. I usually go to bed after Doggy Radio and sleep until 11 AM or noon (sometimes later.)

I created the above license after getting yet another angry caller at work. A news story about BLM protesters apparently triggered his white guilt, and he felt he needed to repeatedly swear at me for it. Naturally, the license references George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" routine when he talks about a reverend objecting to cursing on the radio.
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 After work on Sunday, I went to a barbecue in Colorado Springs at one of the cruiser's homes. The home has an outdoor pool, but I hadn't brought my bathing suit. Instead, I just had a couple of hot dogs, along with beers and chicken salad. I drove one of the cruisers to a local hotel so she could take a shuttle to the airport. After driving back to the Magnolia Hotel in Denver, I slept for about five hours. I tried to listen to The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio last night, but the streams kept buffering on the hotel's wifi. I gave up after about 30 minutes then went back to sleep.
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KRCC has had reception problems in the western part of the market the past few days. The power went out at the station's translator site in Westcliffe (the blue dot at the bottom of the map below.) That translator actually provides a signal to two other translators (red dots) in Canon City and Salida since they don't have a clear line-of-site to Cheyenne Mountain. In turn, the Salida translator feeds another translator near Lake George (purple dot.) KRCC Partial Translator Map photo KRCC-TranslatorPath_zpsfrgbo7mr.jpg

Recently, the toilet in the bathroom adjoining the studio hasn't been flushing properly. I had to pour a pitcher of water into the tank to give it enough water to flush completely.
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My new driver's license hasn't arrived yet. Instead, the Department of Revenue envelope in Saturday's mail had a letter stating my tax refund is being held until they receive an Individual Credit Schedule form. The delay shouldn't affect my plans for the DC trip in less than two weeks since I'll still have enough money for the hotel and trip expenses.

A co-worker's wife gave me some leftovers to have for Easter dinner: turkey, gravy, stuffing, corn, biscuit and chocolate cake.

There was another "cube it" moment during my KRCC shift today. When answering a question about calculating the age of the universe, a show's guest used "cube it" in the equation. Hearing the phrase "cube it" always reminds me of Jim Ward quoting Bill Cosby's "Noah" bit on the Stephanie Miller Show: "RIIIIIGHT! What's a cubit? Vooka-vooka-vooka!"
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I did my first KRCC shift with the new weekend schedule earlier today. My Saturday shift has the same shows as before, with some of the new/moved shows airing during the next announcer's shift. My Sunday shift starts the same way with Weekend Edition, then Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion, the Thomas Jefferson Hour and the TED Radio Hour. I play Weekend Edition live off the satellite, while the other shows are now fully automated on the station's ENCO computer system. Most of the air breaks are now filled with prerecorded announcements, meaning I don't talk on-air as much. (That could be good or bad, depending on the listener.) The weekend semi-automation more closely resembles my Part 15 home "station" which I run Tuesday through Friday using both podcasts and live shows. I had to insert a few underwriting spots that were on the printed log but not on the computer playlist. Also, the automation system forgot to switch to the top-of-the-hour news feed one time. Other than that, and the engineer scaring the shit out of me when I first arrived, my shift went well.

One of the shows I aired today mentioned a cheese called Gjetost, which the hosts pronounced as "Yay, toast!" Another show mentioned a game show on ITV called "Golden Balls."

The station's membership drive starts in 2-1/2 weeks. I'm hoping the reduction in music shows doesn't severely affect the amount the station raises this time.
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The furry bowling meet in Denver was held at the same alley (Celebrity Lanes in Centennial,) but it was in a more private "party room" with four lanes this time. Some furries brought cakes and cupcakes to celebrate a couple of birthdays. For dinner, I ordered a barbecue bacon cheeseburger and two "Whiskey Orchards" (Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps, Angry Orchard cider and Grenadine.) The lane I was on had a faulty scorekeeping system. The bowlers would sometimes be credited with more pins than they actually knocked down, or given strikes when they only knocked down 7-9 pins. My scores were 156 for a complete game, and 121 for a seven-frame game. The group's photo shoot interrupted the bowling, and most of the bowlers opted to leave after the shoot. Even though my score was partially "enhanced" by faulty equipment, I got a Guardians of the Galaxy mug with a dancing Groot figure as a prize for the highest score.

The next bowling meet I will attend is on October 29th in Colorado Springs. I'll have a little something special for that meet.

I'm at work at KRCC at the moment. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the meet, so I'll sleep for a few hours once I get home. I should be awake for at least part of The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio.
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Last night, I constantly had the feeling I had something I needed to do today. I slept in due to staying up last night listening to The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. As I was making lunch, I noticed my jury duty notice on the counter saying I needed to serve today if needed! I called the phone number to see if I needed to report. Thankfully, my juror number was within the range of those not needed.

I finally get to bring my car in to have the hood and windshield replaced tomorrow. I initially arranged to return the rental car at 1 PM Thursday, but I have a sleep doctor's appointment then. I modified the reservation to return the rental at 11 AM. That will knock $20-30 off the bill.
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KRCC airs the BBC World Service Sunday mornings from 5-6 AM (MT.) The show during this time is usually a news/talk format, but a classical music performance has been airing in this slot the past few weeks. While I like classical music, I don't want to listen to it when I've only been awake for an hour or so and I'm trying to stay awake. I turned down the in-studio monitor then listened to rock and soul music through the cue speakers.
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"It's a blessing and a curse. It's a blurse."

A listener called to compliment me at KRCC this morning. He said I was one of the best announcers at the station. This brightened my mood considerably, but it was also a bit depressing as I know my paid time at the station is coming to an end. I wish more people like this actually owned stations or had ways to get me hired at a commercial station. Maybe I should take the caller's (and others') advice to say my name on the air.

The FoxTrot meet in Denver is this coming Saturday, then the following weekend is Rocky Mountain Fur Con!
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Things I need to buy before my cruise: Clip-on sunglasses, Kleenex travel pack(s), Travel laundry soap, snacks (mints/candy), flip-flops
Things I need to do: Get haircut, clip fingernails

On Saturday, KRCC began playing the new (to the station) show "Invisibilia" during the hour before my shift. Just past 1:30, the board operator who precedes me saw that the loaded episode of "Invisibilia" was only 40 minutes long instead of 59. Since there was only a minute or two to make a decision, I took an instrumental album from the jazz rack and had her play it on the air to fill in the time until the top of the hour. During this time, one person called in to say he hated the music. About an hour later, another caller said he loved the music and asked for the artist and album name.

I heard a dog constantly barking outside the studio for an hour or so. I was worried someone had left it in a car (It was 84 degrees outside at the time.) Thankfully, it was outside on a leash under a big shady tree.
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I'm looking forward (not really) to heavy snow over the next two days. About two inches of snow fell in my neighborhood Sunday afternoon. Another 2-4 inches of snow is expected Monday. This might affect whether I can attend my OA meeting Monday night. Most or all of the snow should be cleared by Saturday night for FoxTrot.

"It's Radio Biznatch."
"And we're all up in your biznatch!"

As much as I like the podcasts I subscribe to, occasionally some of them like to create drama out of thin air.
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"Wait. You're cutting into his butt!"
"What kind of piece do you want?"
"Well not BUTT!"

I wasn't able to make today's Toastmasters meeting due to this morning's snow and icy roads. My walkway was shoveled this morning, but it was snow-covered again by noon. Temperatures will stay below freezing until Monday afternoon. I'm hoping my drive to work this weekend won't be too slick.

Last week, I saw a Facebook post from an online friend about a rock radio station in southwest Oklahoma run by furries. It's "K-Howl" (KHWL 98.7 FM) in Altus. I listen to this station occasionally, either on its Web site or via TuneIn.
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I discovered quite a few online radio stations I listen to are going dark by January 1st due to increases in music licensing fees on that date. One of the stations I currently have playing is a furry-run station called Furocity Radio.

I've been fantasizing again about owning a radio station. Since two potential signals for sale are in a rural area east of Colorado Springs and Denver, I pictured using "Hank FM" (a country variety format similar to rock/AC-based Jack FM) or a country-rock hybrid format for them. I've also thought about news/talk or rhythmic oldies for a few other stations.
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I missed a meetup tonight with a local Happy Hour group. My cell phone was turned off and recharging in my bedroom, so the alarm to remind me never went off.

I hate the fact that I can't afford to start a radio or TV station, either here or in Denver. There is a low-power TV station for sale in Denver, along with an FM station east of the city and other stations throughout Colorado. I'd need anywhere from $100,000 to $2,000,000 just to buy one station.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,877.9

Step 1: Change the formats on all of the company's stations.
Step 2: Don't advertise the new formats.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT! (or not.)

SoCo Radio flipped the formats of their FM stations again.  The "Kiq'n" country format formerly on 93.9/94.7 has moved to 103.3, giving it a stronger signal again. The new 93.9/94.7 format is classic hip hop called "Buzz."  Easy 101.3 has changed to ESPN.  I didn't listen during the week, so I don't know if 101.3 will be all-sports or still carry the midday Radio Shopping Show (which is also on two AM stations.)
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Weekly calorie average: 1,604.2

Saturday was another "Even Steven" day, though it ended on a sour note. I got a note in my mailbox saying I will get a raise this month. My good mood was spoiled by a caller who got upset. She wanted to buy tickets at a venue for a performance that night and bring them to the station for us to give away. She was disappointed that I couldn't do this, due to the office being closed to the public on weekends. Since none of the managers are in on weekends, I took the caller's name and number and left a note for the operations manager.

People need to realize that, even though most radio stations run 24/7, the evening/weekend staff can't always help the public with everything. That's why the stations' offices are almost always closed on the weekends.
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PAY for Wednesday, May 20th: 1 hour (12:30-1:30 PM)
Thursday, May 21st: 3.5 hours (1:30-5 PM)

"...or are you just happy to see me?"

David Letterman's final Late Show is about to start here. I began watching Dave's NBC Late Night show in 1986, when I was in 9th grade. When I learned the date of Dave's birthday, I had sent him homemade birthday cards courtesy of my family's Apple II Plus and "Print Shop."

I started to practice stand-up myself in high school, performing a 4-5 minute act for the school talent show. It seemed funny at the time (as hacky as it was) and the audience seemed to like it.

People said my voice would be perfect for radio, which I began studying in college. Locally at the time, a duo called "The Mark Brothers" (Mark Stevens and Mark Goldberg) had the local "zany" morning show. I loved many of the bits they did, including some I later discovered were actually Bob & Tom Show bits. I worked with Mark Goldberg briefly in the 2000s at KRDO-FM and later at KRCC, actually showing him how the control board was laid out.

My path to becoming a DJ took longer than I expected, not actually getting my own (paid) on-air shifts until 2002, but my weird sense of humor was shaped in part by David Letterman, Johnny Carson and many of the comics that appeared on their shows.
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I've been fasting since late last night for a blood test.  I'll head to the hospital in about an hour.

I took a "media mug shot" picture.  The coffee mugs are from KRCC-FM (where I work weekends,) local NBC affiliate KOAA-TV, and two online political shows I enjoy: Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick, and the Bob and Chez Show.
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All this talk (from an online show last night) about biscuits and gravy made me hungry.  I went to a local fur meet at a Village Inn restaurant afterward and got some breakfast/dinner.

I'll be making some chicken and dumplings tomorrow night.  I found a crock pot recipe for the dish last week.
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As much as I like being out of debt and having 2-3 years of savings in my account, I'm still not much closer to accomplishing some of the goals I'd like to reach.  One goal is to work full-time in radio and/or own at least one station.  My current radio job is part-time, and there are no available full-time positions unless someone in management quits, retires or dies.  There are a few radio stations in nearby cities for sale, but the cost to buy (and, in some cases, build) one of the stations is too high for me alone.  One existing FM station (possibly Power 103.3) is offering a local marketing agreement, and a current low-power Spanish AM is for sale for an unlisted price.  I have a Part 15 (1/10 watt) FM transmitter which doesn't require an FCC license, but I only play free podcasts on auto-pilot for 7-9 hours on weekdays.  I'd like to have a full-time station with an actual staff that covers more than a block or two, 24 hours a day and can provide a steady income for myself and whoever else works at the station.

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