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The KRCC membership drive started last Wednesday. The fall drive usually begins in mid to late-October, but it was moved up to September for some reason. Since the weekend programming has moved to at least partial automation, the programs had fixed breaks of three to seven minutes. This is a bit easier for me since I don't have to do any math to figure out how long the breaks need to be (e.g.: 5 breaks with 23 minutes of talk time means each break should average 4:36 each.) There was no pitching on Sunday, but one member came by the studio to submit a pledge. I have a few phone shifts that will conflict with a meeting and my Friday dinner; I was moved to these shifts when the station decided to just use an answering service during the shifts I wanted to work.

On Saturday night, I needed to wear sweat pants to bed since the temperature at night is starting to drop down to autumn levels. This week, I'll probably add a blanket to my bed since the low temperatures will dip into the 40s.
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 I really need to plan my weekends better. I love having the evenings free to go to more events, but that also cuts into the time I'm supposed to be sleeping. Between 9 and 11 AM, I was debating whether to go to the Arvada Tails "RMFC" meet or just go home and sleep. Running into a few traffic tie-ups on I-25 didn't really help my mood. I spent about two hours at Arvada Tails, said hello to some friends I recognized, then grabbed lunch and headed home. A Pueblo fur from the Pawpet IRC chat said he would be at the meet, but he told me tonight he had to work instead. I didn't know what he looked like beyond him saying he would be wearing a white fox partial suit. I saw a couple of furs at the meet who matched that description.
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 After work on Sunday, I went to a barbecue in Colorado Springs at one of the cruiser's homes. The home has an outdoor pool, but I hadn't brought my bathing suit. Instead, I just had a couple of hot dogs, along with beers and chicken salad. I drove one of the cruisers to a local hotel so she could take a shuttle to the airport. After driving back to the Magnolia Hotel in Denver, I slept for about five hours. I tried to listen to The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio last night, but the streams kept buffering on the hotel's wifi. I gave up after about 30 minutes then went back to sleep.
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The second auto body shop I visited Tuesday said the larger hail dents in my car would likely add at least $800 to the original damage estimate I got. The time quoted for repairs was half the time compared to the first shop: 2-3 weeks.

I was too tired when I woke up today. I decided to skip this week's Toastmasters meeting since I hadn't signed up for any roles. I don't know if the tired feeling is depression since I don't really feel sad or happy. I made sure to drink two large glasses of water after getting out of bed since I've been slacking off on drinking enough water.
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I overslept again today. Thankfully, I woke up at 5:20, giving me enough time (barely) to shower and drive to work.

I decided to skip tonight's Happy Hour meetup since I still felt sleepy earlier. Usually I'd go if I only felt a little groggy, but this was an occasionally-nodding-off kind of tired. It's a shame because the meetup location was at a bar less than 2 miles from my home.
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 I feel surprisingly alert this morning despite only getting 3-4 hours of sleep. I think drinking a glass of water just after waking up may have played a role since I'm not sounding tired.

I still have a couple boxes of pasta left. I'll get a few ingredients today to make pasta salad for Memorial Day.
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 I noticed a small tear in the cushion on my APAP mask last night. The tear must have happened a week or so ago because I noticed my quality of sleep had gone down a bit (especially when I overslept Sunday.) I initially put a piece of tape over the tear, but that only lasted an hour. I couldn't find the specific mask on ResMed's website, so I went to a local medical supply store to see if I could find a replacement. After initially being given the wrong type of mask, I got two of the right one. For future reference, it's the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask (Medium.)
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I slept through my alarm this morning, waking up about 10 minutes before my work shift started. I arrived at work about 20 minutes late. I figured it was better to be really late but clean, instead of a little late and dirty. Thankfully, the building is almost always empty when I arrive.

I like having sunlight when I drive to work at 5:30 AM (when I don't oversleep!) I wish this could happen year-round instead of just 3-4 months of the year. I need to get a haircut this week.
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A few more "talking" breaks were inserted this week into some of the prerecorded programs I run at KRCC. The 10 AM-Noon shows now have a 15-second and two 30-second silent segments per show.

The local Happy Hour group met after work last night at Jack Quinn's Pub in its upstairs bar. I got a plate of "Frickles and Frings" (fried pickles and onion rings with Marie Rose sauce) plus a "90 Shilling" beer, a rum-and-coke and one of the bar's creme brulee martinis. The meetup cut into my normal after-work nap, and being restless overnight limited my usual sleep to about 2 hours.

I forgot to check the mail yesterday, so I'll do that when I get home. My new driver's license should have arrived. I actually didn't realize my current license expired three months ago.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta and Motor City Fur Con are taking place this weekend. Because of that, some of the weekend furry shows were off. Bungee Skunk hosted a Jackbox Games stream since Steelwoulfe was away. The Funday PawPet Show stream was supposed to auto-play a rerun, but there was only a black screen after the "Let Your Love Flow" intro played. Fred Bedderhead had his own stream going. I tuned in for the beginning but left to nap for a bit.

Winter appears to be gone for now, though there has been a brief return in late-April in past years.

I've been turning off my front porch light before going to bed for the past few days. My bedroom window faces my front porch. While this can act like a night light, I think it's also affecting my sleep pattern by tricking my mind into thinking it's still daytime.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is to "go back in time" to look at old LiveJournal entries to see what has changed and what hasn't. I also add tags to any old entries where they're missing:
--Last year around this date, the "Colorado Furries Plus" group was shut down due to trolls reporting some of the images posted. I was invited to a private Facebook chat group with the group members, which caused me to not get much sleep that night.
--Five years ago, Melting Temple (a co-worker's former band) released their "Hunter's Moon" EP and held a release party/concert at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou. The band asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the concert (I had skipped a fur meet to attend) and I got to dance on stage to some of the songs.
--Ten years ago, I was growing tired of being manipulated by a woman who claimed she was needing money for food, medical bills and other expenses. The first few times she asked, I felt sorry for her and sent the money. When the requests started becoming more frequent and she ignored my pleas to stop bugging me, I blocked her and shut down my Camfrog account. I started calling her "hney" because of how she constantly misspelled "honey."
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Today was peaceful at work. KRCC didn't do any Sunday pledging this time.

I was initially worried I-25 would get icy due to the snowfall, but the roads were just wet. I wound up not going to FoxTrot because I was too tired after work, and a brief nap didn't help.
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Tomorrow at FoxTrot, I'll wear the "partial" parts of my fursuit with my jacket and regular clothes since this weekend will be chilly. I need to contact my suit maker after dinner tonight to see if she's going to FoxTrot, or if she can adjust the suit body sometime in the next two weeks. Next week might not work due to the KRCC drive.

I signed up for two more phone shifts at KRCC yesterday. My upcoming vacation is now completely "Even Stevened."

My replacement APAP mask was delivered an hour ago. This should greatly improve my sleep for the next few months. Also, a few of the KRCC shifts I picked were 6-9 AM, so my sleep schedule won't be quite as varied this week.
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I just ordered a new cushion for my APAP mask. I'm supposed to replace the various parts every 3-6 months, and I've had the APAP for about 7 months. I'm doing a better job of keeping the mask clean since not cleaning it can cause the mask to leak, affecting my sleep.

KRCC's membership drive starts tomorrow. I signed up to answer phones in the morning and late afternoon. I will check the phone volunteer log to see if there are other shifts that need to be filled.  Signing up for another 5 hours would completely make up for the time I'll miss during next month's vacation.

Just 29 days until my cruise reunion in Washington, DC.
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So far, I've signed up for 12 hours' worth of shifts for KRCC's membership drive next week. I need to ask my supervisor if the 9-11 AM phone shift is still volunteers-only. If I could do three of those, that would make up for the hours I'll miss during next month's vacation. There are a few other shifts I might be able to do. However, I'd have to miss some friends' music/talk streams or my Friday dinner with my parents.

"No one knows what it's like to be a dustbin in Shaftesbury with hooligans."

I might need to skip Steelwoulfe's game night tonight or just play a few games. I only got about four hours of sleep last night, and I have a meetup tonight at 7 PM. I do plan to go to bed by midnight, and the game night occasionally goes beyond that.
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I was on an emotional roller coaster Sunday. Since I now begin my Sunday shift at 6 AM instead of 5 AM, I planned to get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. Of course, that was nullified due to Daylight Saving Time taking away an hour. I was yawning all morning despite having a few sodas and cups of coffee.

"Asked a girl what she wanted to be
She said baby, can't you see
I want to be famous, a star on the screen
But you can do something in between [my legs.]"

I usually don't do this on weekends, but I took a member's pledge during my shift. The station's new automation setup meant I didn't have to worry about being away from the studio when I needed to play/announce something. Also, taking the pledge actually gave me something to do instead of just sitting in the studio (and yawning.) My mood was dampened by a caller complaining about "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" airing at 9 AM Sunday instead of the last hour of "Weekend Edition." I felt better about 10 minutes later when "the weather lady" called. She's an elderly woman who often calls the station in the morning and asks about the weather forecast.
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I went to a New Year's Eve party last night. The party was hosted by a member of my singles group; about 60 people attended. I napped for a few hours between work and the party. I had hoped to stay past midnight. Unfortunately, I found myself starting to feel sleepy again around 11:15 (and wanting to get some rest before work) and headed home. I made sure to alternate between drinking alcohol and water so I wouldn't get drunk at the party or be hung over in the morning.

I'll go ahead and start this countdown: 222 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con!
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1. Singles cruise (yes!)
2. Furry Fiesta and RMFC (yes!)
3. Get a fursuit (yes!)
4. Get (and keep) my weight below 300. (no.)
5. Stick to a schedule for certain duties (taking out the trash, checking the mail, etc.) or just stop putting things off until the last minute. (no.)

It felt very good to finally meet some goals that were financially impossible before. I finally have a collie fursuit, though I still need to arrange for its maker to make an adjustment or two so it fits properly.

This year, I began sessions with a new therapist. I hadn't seen a therapist since my former one retired in 2014. I had a few medical issues, including an infection which caused my lower lip to swell up. I finally asked a doctor about being tested for sleep apnea and now have an APAP machine to help me sleep better.

2017 GOALS
Weight below 280
Second vacation (BLFC or DC singles reunion)

The second vacation goal might not be possible if the singles reunion is the same weekend as KRCC's spring membership drive.
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I need to submit my next time card before Thursday this week since the payroll office will be closed next week for the Thanksgiving break. I'll be doing a split shift today since my co-worker had an appointment during his regular shift. I'll work from 5-10 AM and 1-5 PM, with my co-worker covering the 10-1 part. I feel like I need a nap between shifts, and maybe after the second shift as well.

As I did last year, I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with members of a local singles group. Last week, I bought the ingredients I need for a corn dish.
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Even though I dropped off my ballot long ago, I can't wait to say "Bye, Felicia" to this election cycle tomorrow.

My sleep schedule yesterday was a bit different. Instead of napping during the hours after work, I stayed up and watched the Funday Pawpet Show. The Rabbit Hole wasn't on afterward due to the host being away. Another furry hosted a game stream playing Quiplash 2, Tee K.O. and a couple other games. I napped for a few hours after that, then got up to listen to Doggy Radio.
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I'm glad my body is getting used to a semi-regular sleep schedule. Moving back to the morning shift on Saturdays at KRCC and getting an APAP machine have eliminated most of the tired feelings I get during the day. The only days I have odd sleep hours now are Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, since I nap after my Sunday shift then stay up overnight for The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio.

I got my haircut this afternoon. I had a coupon for a free haircut at a new location of Sport Clips, a sports-themed salon featuring TVs at each stylist's chair tuned (during my visit) to ESPN. In addition to the free haircut, the store was running a free "MVP Upgrade" promotion. This included a tea tree oil shampoo with conditioner, hot face towel, and a shoulder and neck massage. The shampoo/conditioner stations also had vibrating chairs!

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