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 As I thought, my light jacket was inside my fursuit case.

I let one of the KRCC engineers know the playlist system had Monday's playlist loaded when I came in instead of Sunday's. I don't know if the DJ from the night before clicked on the wrong date or the system itself auto-loaded the wrong date. I brought up the Sunday playlist around 6:20 AM. The "Weather Lady" called the studio this week. I hadn't heard from her for a couple of weeks, so I wasn't sure if something had happened to her. On the other hand, I haven't gotten a call from the "Slime Lady" in months; I hope she found something better to do on weekends. I think I may have forgotten to submit my time card this time. If I don't see the deposit on Friday, I'll add the hours to the next time card.

I went to Rocket Fizz after work to get some gummy cola bottles. I wanted to go to a downtown candy store, but there was no parking nearby (and some street closures) due to a motorcycle festival. I went to a liquor store later for some rum. I plan to soak the gummies in the rum to make rum-and-coke candies.
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The KRCC pledge drive was originally going to end this Saturday, but it will end on Friday instead. I'll be able to resume my "normal" schedule on Saturday morning.

It would be great if cell phone makers invested more into making the phones sound better. Being able to hear and understand callers is sometimes difficult in a room with 4-5 others taking pledges. Adding the "hamburger phone" limitations -- and the mountainous locations of some of our listeners -- to that is even more frustrating. Thankfully, today had my last phone shift for this drive.

I'd love to wake up tomorrow and find my federal tax refund has been deposited.

My digital camera is saying its battery is defective. I ordered a new battery this week. The tab holding the battery in place is partially broken, but I hope that isn't causing the "defective" notice.
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I've been grouchier than usual the past few days. I hope getting enough sleep tonight will fix that.

I worked the morning and late afternoon shifts at KRCC today. I had a leftover veggie burger for breakfast and a burrito for dinner. There were a few moments when the phones were really busy, including the last minutes before 7 PM.

A phone volunteer scheduled for Thursday morning can't make it due to her child becoming sick. I offered to fill in for her.

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With the recent Supreme Court ruling about same-sex marriage, I was expecting a certain person to call into KRCC to complain about it during All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.  Surprisingly, I didn't get any complaint calls about that.  There was just one call saying the station's Web stream was too soft.  I double-checked the program playlist on Saturday to make sure the current episode of The Moth Radio Hour was loaded (It was.)

One of my tooth caps came loose tonight. Unlike a previous time, this one didn't break.  It appears to be securely back in place, but I'll make an appointment to re-glue it just to be safe.
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Today marks:
120 days until my Singles Cruise reunion in South Dakota
135 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con

The trip to Deadwood, SD (about 450 miles) will be the second-longest car trip I've taken by myself.  The longest was my trip to Oklacon 2011 (525 miles.)  This trip should take around 9-10 hours, including 2-3 rest/meal stops.

I got a political robo-call yesterday.  Calls like this are annoying enough, but this one had a guy yelling about taxes, jobs, etc. before shouting his endorsement for one of the mayoral candidates.  I've already sent in my mail-in ballot, and I definitely didn't plan to vote for this candidate even before the call. EDIT: According to the Gazette, the phone message was actually against the candidate.  I had hung up halfway through the call so I didn't hear the rest of it.
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I was finally able to activate my new cell phone Thursday morning.

A pen I've been using leaked all over my hands last night.

Note to self: No breakfast=grumpy.
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I was unable to activate my new cell phone when it arrived last week, even with help from customer service. A replacement phone I received also couldn't be activated. A third phone arrived an hour ago, so I hope the third time's a charm. The phone company's Web site says my phone's activation is pending.

15 days until Furry Fiesta!
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Last week, I was feeling down about having (at the most) 3-4 inches of snowfall in Colorado Springs.  This week, the temperatures are warm for Winter (50s and 60s) while areas like Boston and Long Island got hit hard by snow.

I either need a new battery or a new stopwatch.  The top part of the watch's digital display is burnt out, so only the lower half of the numbers are displayed.  This was an $8 watch I got at Big Lots.  I'll be searching for more durable models this week.

I ordered a new cell phone yesterday.  The phone I currently use (a refurbished 2011 Samsung Replenish) is okay, but it keeps running low on memory.  The phone won't let me delete the pre-installed apps I don't use or move them to the SD card.  Because of this, I only have 10-15MB of internal memory (out of 256MB) to use, with over 100GB on the SD card which I can't use.  The new phone will have 16GB of internal memory.
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My Internet went out around 2:30 Monday afternoon.  Unplugging and resetting the modem didn't fix the problem.  When I picked up the phone to call CenturyLink, I couldn't get a dial tone.  I checked each of the phones, unplugging them as well, but found no problem.  CenturyLink inspected the phone jacks this morning and discovered the bedroom jack had a broken wire.

KRCC's membership drive should wrap up tonight or early tomorrow.  The station only had $17,000 left to raise this morning. EDIT: The drive is over! It ended just before 1 PM.
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The "Craigslist caller" is back. I got a call on my cell phone this morning from 734-780-6926. The caller claimed she was responding to a Craigslist ad from someone named Jesse advertising a room for rent. I had received previous cell phone calls in 2009 from a woman claiming my number was on a Craigslist ad offering sensual massages, asking for a different person each time. When I said the person wasn't at my number, she started flirting. At least this time, the call was made at a reasonable time.
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I made a dentist appointment for next Tuesday. My back tooth isn't hurting now. I just feel a light tingle a handful of times when my tongue accidentally brushes against it.

My washer had a loose wire. I only needed to pay the repairman a $75 service charge to fix it.

I wish the Colorado Department of Labor would improve its automated job notification system. It reads the job order number rapidly ("and-- enter-- job-- order-- number-- fivefivefourfivefourone") and doesn't give people the chance to replay the message. I've suggested putting spaces in between the numbers, but they gave no response to my feedback.

One company conducted a phone interview with me yesterday. I've been rejected by them in the past, but I hope this time is successful.
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My laptop had been running extremely slow for the past week. I tried deleting programs I no longer use and moving some larger files to my flash drive, but that didn't help. It was still sluggish tonight at the start of Bucktown's stream, so I ran the IRC chat on my iMac and the Ustream on my laptop. I ran an anti-virus program and rebooted the laptop a couple of times. It was still a bit slow, but it gradually became faster and cleared up whatever problem it had. I was afraid I'd have a costly repair job on my hands, but everything's fine now.

My latest phone/cable/Internet payment was sent to my address instead of CenturyLink. I found out my address was listed on my credit union account's automatic bill pay for the company. It had actually been listed that way since the Qwest days, but the payments managed to go to the company anyway. This was the first check I received since Qwest became CenturyLink. My credit union canceled the check and will put the money back into my account. I corrected the company's address and set up a new automatic payment for the 20th.
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I've been getting calls from companies like this for years. They hang up when you ask them to stop calling, ask for the company's name or supervisor, or do anything other than give them the personal information they're looking for. An article in the Los Angeles Times has identified the company (one of them, at least) allegedly responsible for these calls:

I called the number for "card member services" ... identified myself as a journalist and asked to speak with someone in charge. I was told that a supervisor would call me right back. No such call ever came.

But before the agent managed to hang up, she identified her company as both Ambrosia Web Design and AWD CAM Services, and said they were based in Arizona. That gave me something to go on.

According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, Ambrosia Web Design is operated by someone named Chris Ambrosia out of a house in Mesa.

A company called CAM Services Direct is also registered to Ambrosia and, according to state records, operates out of the same Mesa house.

Ambrosia, 45, didn't return calls for comment.

Click here for complete article ...or... click here for the Arizona Corporation Commission's information about this company.
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I wouldn't have ordered the two-pack of Nizoral yesterday if I'd known my dad found some at a King Soopers (after striking out at five other stores.) At least by next Friday, I'll have four bottles instead of two. That will definitely last me until most stores can re-stock it. It turns out a new manufacturer is making the shampoo, so Johnson & Johnson is delaying shipments until new bottles/labels are made reflecting the change.

Since Qwest became part of CenturyLink, their Web site doesn't allow customers to schedule a specific date to make online bill payments. I ended up paying the bill Wednesday, emptying my checking account. At least I have a larger pay day on the 15th due to the hours I put in at KRCC's membership drive.
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Since I'm assigned to the 12:30-8:00 PM shift next week, I'll stop by the Service Source office and ask for some 52" waist uniform pants. The later shift means I won't have to go to bed right after (or during) the Funday Pawpet Show. Unfortunately, I will miss my Overeaters Anonymous meeting and some of the Ustream shows I like including approximately the first two hours of Bucktown Tiger's show.

I thought Westword was going to do a print story on Rocky Mountain Fur Con, but apparently the online slideshow and Sorinkat interview are all they're doing. I didn't have to work today, so I made another trip to Denver to pick up a copy of Westword, but nothing in the issue on RMFC.

I keep getting calls from spoofed numbers that ring once then hang up. The numbers all begin with Florida area codes and end with 9999. Records at 800notes.com show the callers are trying to steal people's credit card information by claiming they could get a lower rate. I wish the FTC would actually go after these companies instead of just taking my name and saying "we'll get back to you."
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My dad called me this morning to say Vocational Rehab had been trying to call me. I recently set up my phone's answering machine to pick up after four rings. For some reason, this causes the phone company to play a message saying my phone is not set up to accept messages. I reset the machine to pick up after three rings. Now I get the answering machine instead of the phone company message.

I called Vocational Rehab around 8:30 and was told Service Source was trying to reach me about starting training this week instead of next week (as I had been previously told.) They asked me to come in today in uniform to begin training. After arriving, I was told training would begin on Friday. Why couldn't they have just told me that on the phone instead of making me waste gas driving down there? At least I tried on the uniform; it fits and is comfortable. I'll e-mail one of the Toastmasters members to let him know I can't make the Friday meeting due to training.

63 days until Oklacon! I should post a message on their forums to see if anyone wants to share my lodge room. I know one of the Shopwreckers said finding a room would determine whether he would attend Oklacon or not.
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I found a job listing last night for a telephone fundraiser position in Pueblo (about a 30 to 40-minute drive south of Colorado Springs.) It's a Monday-Friday job and would pay over $12,000 per year (32 hours per week.) The ad said evening shifts were available, but it didn't say if other shifts were also available. The only things an evening shift would affect are my Monday Overeaters Anonymous meetings, Friday dinners with my parents and some online video streams.

As I said in an August post, the combined $18,000+ from this job and KRCC (before taxes) would allow me to pay all of my bills and give me a little extra to save up or use for additional expenses (possibly some better health insurance.) Even though people don't like to get unsolicited calls, at least I'd be doing it for a good cause (National Federation of the Blind.)

I'm hoping to make it to a fundraising concert Sunday afternoon. The event, "Gerlypalooza," starts at 1 PM at the Finish Line Bar and Grill inside the Southern Colorado Gaming and Events Center in Pueblo (the former greyhound park near I-25 and W. Pueblo Blvd.) Proceeds will help Pueblo musician John Gerlock (of the Big Cat Band) raise money for his cancer treatment. I met Gerlock through a KRCC co-worker who sometimes plays The Big Cat Band on his show. At least one of his albums (Still Alive) is available on iTunes.
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I read an article yesterday stating that people who drink diet soda every day have a 61% higher chance of heart attack and stroke compared to people who drink regular soda. I actually managed to avoid diet soda today, although I had a Sugar-Free Rockstar energy drink (I don't know if the study counted those or not.)

I forgot the pocket of the shirt I'm currently wearing is halfway torn off. I heard my cell phone and something else fall out of the pocket, but I only saw the cell phone on the floor. When I got home from work, I found the keys to my condo were not in my pocket. I called work to ask if they had found some keys on the floor, then went to my parents' house to pick up the spare keys. Getting home again, I unloaded the bag which I usually take to work and found my keys at the bottom. I let work know I found them, so I don't have to drive back tomorrow and ask about them.

At least 90% of Americans must not realize the rules for telephone survey takers are not the same as the rules for telemarketers. I know getting calls from both are a pain in the ass. Survey takers are not bound by the national Do Not Call list since they're not selling anything. Survey companies do have their own no-call lists that people can ask to be put on. Also survey takers can legally call until 10 PM (Virtually every person my computer called between 9:00 and 10:00 on the East Coast let me know what time it was.) Thankfully tonight's shift will be the last I'll do for a while since I'll be answering phones for KRCC's membership drive over the next two weeks, then having fun at Furry Fiesta. I've been writing down the days left until Furry Fiesta at work to help keep my spirits up.
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Click here to visit Furry Fiesta Web site!

Unemployment prevented me from seeing Matthew Ebel live at Antheria, so it will be nice to finally see him at Furry Fiesta.

I've decided to resume looking for jobs. I will keep my job at Luce for the time being, but I don't want to remain at a job that keeps cutting my hours. If I have to do phone-based work, I'd rather work in customer service where people voluntarily call me instead of calling people who (mostly) don't want to do surveys. Most of the callers are polite in declining, but some are just outright jerks.
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Two of the surveys I did today had the weirdest opening lines I've ever heard. In the first one, I explained the reason for the call (public opinion survey to gather information about certain issues/products.) Instead of asking for a specific person like on other surveys, I had to ask "May I please speak with the person in the household that is 18 years or older and who has had the most recent birthday?"

The second survey wasn't much better, with the question "May I speak with the youngest adult male, 18 years or older, in the household who is currently at home?" If there are no adult males in the house, I'm supposed to ask for the youngest adult female, but some women who answered hung up the phone before I could ask that. In some cases, the youngest adult males/females were in their 60s and 70s. All but two of the callers were in the "quota full" categories and were only given the 2-minute version of the second survey. The other two were given the LONGGGGGGG version of the survey. After completing 55-65% of the survey in about 10 minutes, both sounded like they were losing patience. I offered to call them back tomorrow to complete the survey, which they accepted. I'm actually taking Friday off, so someone else will finish with them.

One of the "youngest" people I was connected to was a 92-year-old man. Unfortunately, he didn't qualify to take the full survey because he said he didn't read the newspaper (due to not being able to read.) I felt sorry for him and wished I could have continued the survey because he said he needed someone to talk to. He asked me to make sure to talk to my parents and grandparents before he said good-bye.

At around 7 PM, I was switched to a much better assignment. I only got one really angry caller who started yelling at me to get a job. This assignment ended an hour later and everyone on it was allowed to go home at 8:00 instead of staying until 10:00.

In total, I had about the same percentage of successfully-completed calls (22 out of about 260, or about 8.5 percent.)

One car I saw on the way to work had its crumpled hood held on with duct tape. I'm glad my recent crash wasn't that bad.

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