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My Subaru Impreza is back home. Since birds decided to target the rental car yesterday, I took it to Water Works car wash and the gas station before returning it to Hertz. My Subaru's roof still has some hail dents in it because replacing that made up a large part of the repair estimate, and the shop said it wouldn't really be worth it. I let my Toastmasters group know I couldn't make it this week since I wasn't sure exactly when the shop would call me.
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The second auto body shop I visited Tuesday said the larger hail dents in my car would likely add at least $800 to the original damage estimate I got. The time quoted for repairs was half the time compared to the first shop: 2-3 weeks.

I was too tired when I woke up today. I decided to skip this week's Toastmasters meeting since I hadn't signed up for any roles. I don't know if the tired feeling is depression since I don't really feel sad or happy. I made sure to drink two large glasses of water after getting out of bed since I've been slacking off on drinking enough water.
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Colorado Springs got more snow today. I had to go to a Toastmasters training tonight, but luckily the roads weren't slick. After the training, I used the Visa gift cards from Christmas to get gas for my car and (with a coupon) dinner/Friday lunch at Burger King.

I'll see if I have a smaller container to store my fursuit. The maker had put it in a giant container which isn't really portable. I still need to have the suit's crotch lowered a bit, but I can't seem to coordinate a repair time with the maker. Since it's still jacket weather, I can just wear the "partial" parts of the suit with my clothes and jacket at FoxTrot. Saturday's weather will be back in the 50s and low-60s.
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The Toastmasters club held its monthly potluck and final meeting of the year yesterday. I brought a few small bags of chips, a jar of salsa and a Santa Fe chicken pizza from Blackjack Pizza to the meeting.

I had put cocoa on my shopping list this week for my dad. He gave me two boxes of Swiss Miss he had bought years ago for my grandmother, with expiration dates in 2011 and 2012. I looked up the shelf life of the cocoa, and I'm really not confident it is any good now. I'll buy some fresh cocoa after work today.

Today's snow and single-digit temperatures are a big change from Friday's sunny high of 60 degrees. The roads were snow-packed on the drive to work, though snowplows were out this morning. I only slid a couple of times. Thankfully I didn't crash into anything. I'll adjust my morning alarm tonight so I can leave for work 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. I initially wanted to attend a Happy Hour meetup after work, but I'll skip that due to the road conditions.
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The library where my Toastmasters meetings are held accidentally double-booked our usual meeting room today. After speaking to a few library staff members, our meeting moved downstairs to a smaller conference room. There won't be a meeting next Friday due to Thanksgiving. My local singles group is having a bowling meetup next Friday.

I sent in an RSVP for the Bovine Metropolis Theater's pre-Thanksgiving party. I'll bring a couple of appetizers (or a main dish and appetizer) since this party usually has too few of those, and an overabundance of desserts.
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I had planned to sign the paperwork for my Toastmasters club's new account Friday, but I forgot the credit union was closed for Veterans Day. I will try again on Monday.

I wanted to go to a singles meetup this afternoon. Unfortunately, my accounts are nearly drained until Monday or Tuesday. I was able to go to another meetup Thursday night, though.

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I picked up a couple of pizzas for the Toastmasters group potluck and got to the library around 11:40. At around 11:55, I suddenly remembered the group now meets at 1 PM instead of noon. As I started to walk out of the library, I found another group member waiting who didn't know about the later start. (She had been unable to attend the last few meetings.) Since I had about 50 minutes to kill, I went to Safeway and bought a few things the potluck usually needs but doesn't have like cups and plates. One member usually brings chicken wings for an appetizer, so I bought a package of moist hand wipes as well.

Free Speech TV called me a half-hour ago about scheduling a tour of their studios in Denver. I was supposed to be part of a meet-and-greet a couple of years ago when I made a pledge to the station. I'll be taking the studio tour next month.
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Both of the errands I scheduled for today wound up not going as planned. I brought my car to an auto body shop to get an estimate for fixing the hail damage. I was told I needed to bring the written estimate USAA gave me (I forgot it.) Later, I went to a credit union where another Toastmasters member and I were supposed to meet to open a new club account. I waited inside for over an hour, but the other member never showed up.

I may just delete my LinkedIn account. I haven't had any luck finding a job using that site. Several of my "connections" on LinkedIn have said the site hasn't helped them either.
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I did it! After five years of not knowing what to talk about, I finally gave my fifth speech in Toastmasters today. My evaluator said I did a great job, but suggested working on the transitions between each section of the speech as well as body language. One of the remaining speeches I have in my manual focuses more on body language, which will give me more opportunities to work on that.

During Tuesday's local fur meet, I was invited to play Cards Against Humanity with some members of the group. It's nice to actually have some interaction and stay longer than an hour at the meet. I take the blame for not usually doing this since my mood in public tends to fluctuate between "I'm lonely. Pay attention to me!" and "Okay, I've acknowledged you. Move on."

KRCC's Fall membership drive began yesterday. I answered phones during the morning and evening shifts. Since this was day one, the station only got about a couple dozen calls total. Things should pick up Saturday with the open house and the pet challenge.

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I forgot this afternoon's Toastmasters meeting was also the monthly potluck meeting. I wasn't sure if it was my turn to bring the main dish or another member's. I brought a "party sub," and another member brought a couple of pizzas. Others brought chicken wings, soda and desserts. No one brought cups, napkins or utensils, so I made a note to bring some next time just in case. I'll be sure to get a travel pack of wet-naps since the chicken wings can get a bit messy.

I'll be seeing the Psychedelegates in about an hour in Manitou Springs, and FoxTrot is tomorrow night! This time, I'll be sure to arrive at FoxTrot around 7:45 for dinner. Speaking of foxes, the credit union branch I went to yesterday had a large stand-up display of the Carfax "Car Fox." I wanted to take a picture of it, but I wasn't sure if that was permitted inside the credit union.
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I officially signed up to give my Toastmasters speech on October 7th. I let the group know I would miss the September 23rd meeting.

I'm gradually adjusting to my new weekend work/sleep schedule. The biggest adjustment I need is to make sure I take a nap after my Saturday shift so I don't get tired during evening activities (FoxTrot, Steelwoulfe's game night, etc.) I listened to a political talk show online after work yesterday (big mistake!) Furstream was down and the weekend shows which broadcast there used other services. I was too tired to stay awake for game night and slept from around 8 PM-1:30 AM.
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I set a goal to work on my next Toastmasters speech for at least an hour on Mondays-Thursdays. I plan to give the speech on either September 30 or October 7. I finished the intro and first paragraph tonight. I initially planned to quit Toastmasters in October due to money problems and not always feeling awake on Friday mornings; I hope the latter can be helped after seeing my sleep doctor next week and (likely) getting a CPAP or other device.

"Yeah, you don't wanna give him too much of the wet dog food because [wet fart.]"

I accidentally got the wrong medication refilled over the weekend. I meant to have my generic Prozac refilled, but I got the generic names for Prozac and Xanax mixed up. Both of them are equally effective, though.

A few weeks ago, the "House Party" show on K-Howl FM talked about the new Crown Royal Vanilla. The host said it was "meh" with Coca-Cola, but excellent with root beer or Dr Pepper. I couldn't find it in the stores I visited; a clerk at the last store said it would arrive the following day. I finally got a bottle and am liking it.
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The auto shop e-mailed a cost estimate today for my Subaru. Including parts and labor, it will cost around $1,260 to replace my hood and windshield. I'll be able to get the repairs done either next week or the week after.

I brought a sub sandwich and some Italian and turkey wraps to the Toastmasters meeting potluck. I estimated 10 people would show up and 2-3 people would eat before the meeting, so I brought what I thought would serve 7-8 people. Fourteen people actually showed up, but there were still plenty of leftovers after the meeting since others brought several side dishes and desserts.

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I have to give USAA a call tonight. Last night, a large hail storm battered my car. The hail was actually strong enough to put six large cracks in my windshield and dozens of dents in the hood.

Today was a potluck day at my Toastmasters meeting. The club president originally said she would bring a main dish, but I got an e-mail this morning asking me to bring it instead. I stopped by Little Caesar's on the way to the meeting to get a couple of pizzas.

My dad's oven malfunctioned today before I arrived for dinner. Dad said this was the second time the broiler came on while he was baking something. The sandwiches he prepared had burned, but he quickly made a few more for me.

I looked at the just-released schedule for RMFC. Working until 4 PM Saturday at KRCC wouldn't interfere with too many events on the schedule. The cocktail party happens at 6:00, then Match Game will be at 8:30.
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Since I still have a stuffy nose and dry throat left over from my cold, I bought some DayQuil and cough drops over the weekend. Those are really helping to reduce the symptoms. I called in sick for last Friday's Toastmasters meeting because the symptoms kept me from getting enough sleep. 

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I'm keeping an eye on my e-mail account this morning. It's currently snowing, so the head of my Toastmasters group said she may cancel today's meeting if the snow gets too bad. The snow is just starting to stick to the roads where I am, but the north end of the city (where the meeting is) usually gets heavier amounts. If the meeting is held, I need to order and pick up a couple of pizzas for the end-of-month potluck before the meeting.

UPDATE (6:15 PM): The meeting went on as planned. The weather kept a few members home, so one pizza was enough for the meeting. The snow is melting a little, leaving a bunch of slush on the roads and sidewalks.
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I probably could have saved money buying individual sandwiches instead of a tray. The $40 tray I got said it served 12-16; only seven people showed up for the Toastmasters meeting.

I got some medicated lip balm to (hopefully) speed the recovery of my swollen lip. I had trouble drinking soda from a can earlier.
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My lower lip began swelling yesterday. I think this was caused by nicking it while shaving. There has been what feels like a cut or sore just below the lip. I've been putting ice on my lip from time to time to reduce the swelling.

Tomorrow, I need to order a sandwich platter for Friday's Toastmasters potluck, check my mailbox and take out the trash.
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PAY for Sunday, February 21st: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

18 days until Furry Fiesta! The fill-in shift I did last Sunday and the extra hours I'll do today will make up for the weekend work I'll miss while at Furry Fiesta. The announcer who does the 9 AM shift came down with a cold and asked if I could fill in for her today. I might miss at least part of the Funday Pawpet Show since I was unable to fall asleep after my Saturday shift.

Gave you many chances to make change
The only thing you changed was love to hate.

Since one of my Toastmasters speeches involves researching a specific topic, I thought about making a speech about writer's block since I seem to have one. I haven't given a regular speech since 2011 mainly due to stress about my finances and inability to find full-time work. Researching writer's block will not only give me a speech subject, but maybe also a cure for my own symptoms.
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The psychologist I called earlier this week isn't taking new patients at this time.I'll try to find another one Friday, hopefully close to home.

My Toastmasters group is having its monthly potluck at this week's meeting. I'm making and bringing a "Turtle pretzel" snack, with caramel, chocolate and pecans.

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