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I can't really go into details about this, but I will be unemployed by the end of this year. Though I would no longer be a paid employee, I said I would be willing to be put on the volunteer substitute list for music shows. I also offered to fill in for other paid workers during the months I have left as a paid employee. I guess my streak of being laid off at the end of a presidential term is still going. Coincidentally, I had also planned and paid for a cruise prior to my last layoff in 2008.

While I'm sad about losing a great job, my weekends will soon be free for more of the fur meets and singles meets. Also, if I need to make extra money, I could always sell things at the flea market or a community garage sale (both of which happen on weekends only.) The downside is my plans to attend Furry Fiesta and/or BLFC next year will likely be affected.

Speaking of work, I noticed the same episode of "All Songs Considered" was loaded twice instead of two different episodes. This happens occasionally, and I noticed it ahead of time this time. I brought up a different episode on the studio computer and played that during the second half-hour. (Someone else screws up, I fix it, I get laid off. Hmmmm...)

P.S. The "Bubba & Dubya" reference is from an LJ post in September 2008. I don't know if The Jeffersonswould be a model for an Obama spinoff, but maybe 227.

UPDATE: Thankfully I was wrong about the first paragraph. I'm still employed at KRCC, though I now work weekend mornings and early afternoons. This still makes it easier for me to attend weekend meets in the evenings.
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When I get mad and I get pissed
I grab my pen and I write out a list
Of all the people that won't be missed
You've made my shitlist

For all the ones who bum me out
For all the ones who fill my head with doubt
For all the squares who get me pissed
You've made my shitlist

Another job fair/cattle call is happening in a couple of weeks. As with past fairs, the companies participating are either previous employers, companies that have constantly rejected my applications or require skills I don't have.

I got a call earlier from the Colorado Department of Labor. The caller asked questions about the length of my unemployment, where I've been applying, the barriers to finding a job, etc. She said I would be sent information on local employment opportunities and other (hopefully) helpful information.
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I had a great time at RMFC! Here's the abridged version of my activities:

FRIDAY: Arrived at the hotel around 11:30 and met the roommates just before noon. Attended the singles meet and greet. Took a couple of walks: one to a nearby cafe for lunch and another to an ATM a few blocks over. Attended the Guest of Honor dinner, but missed the greymuzzle meet since both overlapped. Danced for a little bit.

SATURDAY: Marched in the fursuit parade, which had a shorter route this year. Spent $14 ($17 with tip) on a pancake breakfast. Went with a group to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Denver. Missed Casino Night.

SUNDAY: Had a huge lunch since I didn't want to be hungry during Free Can Cook. I missed that panel anyway because my nap lasted longer than expected. Attended closing ceremonies. Karaoke only had a few people when I arrived at the start, so I went to the dance for a while. I returned to karaoke toward the end and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a large group.

I saved more money than expected because one of my roommates bought lunch and snack items to share. I budgeted $20 per night for drinks, but I only had one drink the whole con while at the Hard Rock Cafe. I spent more time relaxing/napping in the hotel room because I couldn't get as much sleep at night.

I know I say this every year, but I really want to be hired at either a full-time job or a part-time weekday-only job (to supplement my KRCC work) or find a successful home business. I figured "be hired" is a more-specific goal than "finding" a job. I find lots of jobs every day, but the ones I apply for haven't hired me.

I heard tonight that Robin Williams died. Rest In Peace to a brilliant comedian and actor. I loved most of his movies, whether they made me laugh, cry or both.
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My 2014 New Year's resolutions:
1) Find full-time work or start my own business
2) Get health insurance √
3) Get weight below 250 lbs. as measured on my home scale
4) Attend Rocky Mountain Fur Con √

I have health insurance now, and Rocky Mountain Fur Con is just over a month away. I contacted and paid someone with room space available for Friday afternoon through Monday morning. I'll likely drive up on Thursday night for early registration, then drive back up on Friday after Toastmasters.

My weight went up since January. My scale put me at 268 lbs. at the beginning of the year. I gained about 10 lbs. (272-282) during my vacation last month, but I've re-lost 9 of those.
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I hope my body's internal clock has been reset for Mountain Time. All last week, I kept feeling tired at around 8 or 9 PM instead of my usual 11 PM or midnight. I also kept waking up at 5 or 6 AM when I usually get up at 8 on weekdays. I didn't nap after work yesterday since my co-worker asked me to fill in for him. I fell asleep around 11:30 PM, missing the second half of The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. I woke up a few times overnight before finally getting out of bed at 8:15.

It's depressing going back through the past five years of LJ posts and repeatedly seeing sentences like "I feel confident (this company) will hire me" or "I hope I can find a weekday job by (this event.)" I no longer bother applying at companies which have repeatedly rejected my applications. Beyond a handful of temporary jobs, I haven't had any luck getting hired anywhere. I do want to find something Monday-Friday so I can keep working at KRCC, but most of the job openings require weekend hours. I previously told job counselors I would be willing to quit KRCC if absolutely necessary for a new job (I almost did once, but I was laid off from another company the day before I planned to do this.)
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The snow returned last night and will continue at least through Tuesday afternoon. I was getting ready for a meeting tonight, but some of the other members said they couldn't make it. I need to go food shopping on Wednesday when it will be warmer again.

I need to pay closer attention to the weather when I'm planning my activities. I missed the deadline to submit my time card for my next pay day. I felt bad enough when my job applications were repeatedly rejected, but now I'm not even finding any openings.
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Weekly calorie average: 1925 exactly
Days above 2,000 calories: 2 (2,060 and 2,170)

It seems like the only opportunities I have for getting any type of full-time job would require me to either move out of state or magically come up with $75,000 or more to buy one of the nearby radio station licenses I've seen listed for sale. Of course, I'd need much more than that to pay for a studio building, transmitter site, equipment and employees.
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It seems like people in my neighborhood always try to delay any noisy activities until I lay down for sleep or a nap. The moment my head hits the pillow, kids start playing outside, dogs bark, cats (mainly at night) get into fights or motorists decide to rev their engines for minutes at a time.

PAY for Friday, August 23rd: 3 hours (6-9 AM)

I saw a newspaper article about another job fair scheduled for September. Visiting the fair's Web site, I saw that most of the companies have either repeatedly rejected my applications or require skills I don't have. A few others are companies where I previously worked, but things didn't work out (not enough hours/pay, pyramid scam, etc.)

The local paper's classified section had an article a few days ago titled "10 tips to handle a hostile interviewer." Sadly, tip #8 (Grin and bear it) is the only option anyone really has if they don't want to be unemployed. The title may as well be "Lube up, bend over and take it." Why are articles like these always geared toward job seekers who have nothing to do with the employers' bad attitudes? There should be articles advising employers to offer more flexible schedules, better wages, and actually treat their employees like human beings instead of disposable machine parts.
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After taking a month-long break for the summer, my Toastmasters club will resume meeting tomorrow. There were questions about whether we would still meet at UCCS or find somewhere else, but we will be in the same conference room we've used before the break.

Speaking of Toastmasters, I received word today that one of the longtime members passed away last month during the break. He always gave fascinating speeches and was a great mentor for many younger members.

At this point, I don't know if I'll be able to continue with Toastmasters when the next dues period comes in October. I haven't given any speeches all year due to being distracted by my job search. Being hired somewhere will likely interfere with my ability to go to meetings. I've gotten very favorable feedback on my duties as Sergeant-At-Arms and when I volunteer to lead meetings. However, I occasionally feel like I'm just going through the motions and the bi-annual payments are another luxury I'll likely have to cut out. I am still brainstorming home-based work I could do. Finding something where I could earn at least $15,000 per year would be good, though $25,000-30,000 would be even better.
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The KRCC membership drive should be finished soon. The station's Twitter account showed it had around $979 left to raise. The total was around $20,000 when I came in at 6 AM. I got a halfway-decent amount of sleep last night: between 4 and 5 hours. I enjoyed helping out with the drive and the extra money I made. Unfortunately, my mood wasn't as good this time because I got very little sleep at night and relied on afternoon naps to catch up on sleep.

I've been thinking of what small wholesale items I could sell to make money. I still have a few feet of bubble wrap and almost 200 small shipping boxes left over from my semi-successful glow stick sales (The first bundle of 100 boxes I bought were too small, so I had to buy another 100 that were the right size.)
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Only about half of the dessert I brought to last week's Toastmasters meeting was eaten. I polished off the rest this week. Someone brought Mexican bottles of Coca-Cola (made with real sugar,) but not a bottle opener. I took one bottle home since I have an opener on my fridge (three, actually.)

I called my job counselor earlier today to see if she knew of any recent openings. She gave me a few leads, then suggested I could write a book about how to deal with unemployment stress. Considering my track record with that, the book should be a manual on what NOT to do.
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My chipped tooth will require a root canal. That tooth and the one next to it (with a cavity) will also need restorative work. The work will cost about $1,700. My credit account with the dentist only has a balance of about $1,000. I wish this problem had waited until I received my income tax refund. In the meantime, I was given a prescription for an antibiotic pill and made another appointment for next Tuesday.

I haven't heard back from the latest batch of businesses where I applied for work. I'm not seeing a light at the end of that tunnel yet.
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I made a dentist appointment for next Tuesday. My back tooth isn't hurting now. I just feel a light tingle a handful of times when my tongue accidentally brushes against it.

My washer had a loose wire. I only needed to pay the repairman a $75 service charge to fix it.

I wish the Colorado Department of Labor would improve its automated job notification system. It reads the job order number rapidly ("and-- enter-- job-- order-- number-- fivefivefourfivefourone") and doesn't give people the chance to replay the message. I've suggested putting spaces in between the numbers, but they gave no response to my feedback.

One company conducted a phone interview with me yesterday. I've been rejected by them in the past, but I hope this time is successful.
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It's difficult to remain motivated about finding a job when the people that are supposed to offer help have given up. I met with my Vocational Rehab and Aspen Pointe counselors on Thursday. They basically said there are little to no jobs available for someone with my limited skills.

It feels like my road to success is filled with potholes. Having my dad's account cover overdrafts is like filling the holes with sand: it helps for a while, but the holes have to keep being filled. I'd rather find some weekday work (even if it's just part-time) to repave the road.
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I made an appointment last week to meet with my old job counselors. Today, my new counselor called me to get an update on my unemployment. She offered to place me in something called "Service J," meaning job-ready. The service will supposedly shop my resume around to various businesses. Since I've had no luck landing a job with my current search, I hope this will be more effective.
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I'm confident I can accomplish at least two of these New Year's resolutions:

1) Find full-time work
2) Get health insurance
3) Get weight below 250 lbs. as measured on my home scale (current scale weight=265)
4) Attend Rocky Mountain Fur Con
5) Drink more tea, coffee, water and juice, and less soda.

I will make one more attempt to reach my new j0b counselor at Aspen Pointe on Monday. I've left three voice mails for her so far with no response (this was done at least 7-10 days prior to Christmas.)

The next two days will be furrier for me. I'm attending the Danewood New Year's Eve party in Denver on Monday night, then having dinner with local furry [livejournal.com profile] vrghr on Tuesday afternoon.
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PAY for Saturday, December 22nd: 6.5 hours (1:30-8:00 PM)

Weekly calorie average: 1,854.3
Days above 2,000 calories: 1 (2,035)

On Friday night, my co-worker's band and three other bands had an "end of the world" concert at the Zodiac bar. The night ended with everyone drinking shots of Kool-Aid (Yes, it was just Kool-Aid.)

My new job counselor didn't return my call this week. I was supposed to meet with her two weeks ago, but she canceled due to being sick. I left a voice mail on Tuesday asking her to "call me as soon as possible," but as I said, she hasn't called. I will try again on Wednesday if I don't hear from her before then. I'm not sure if she'll work on Christmas Eve. I wanted to be employed full-time before Christmas, but I was assigned to new job counselors this month, both at Aspen Pointe and Vocational Rehab.
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I applied for a temporary job today to deliver phone books to a northwestern neighborhood. Right now my car's gas tank is near empty, and I won't be able to get a full tank of gas for at least two days.

I wish I could find a better life path. I'm having to start settling for temporary jobs because no permanent job will give me the time of day. I've been busting my ass applying for every job I can find, including fast food. I've gone through over four years of being rejected and feeling like a failure. I'd love to have the opportunity to actually make a living again.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,940.7
Days above 2,000 calories: 2 (2,040 and 2,180)

I've been trying to brainstorm ways I could work independently from home to supplement my income. None of the permanent jobs I've applied for in the past four years have hired me (just the temporary ones.)

I applied for a position at KVUU-FM ("My 99.9")last week. I had been trying to call them to set up an interview, but every extension I reached had a voice mailbox that was full. When I finally reached a live person yesterday, she said the station manager would call me after going through all the applications.

The last time I went shopping, I bought a package of "cheeseburger macaroni," which contained the cheese and mac, but not the burger part. I bought a pound of ground beef tonight. I may make the meal Sunday night or sometime in the coming week.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,800.7
Days above 2,000 calories: 0

I had another great year at Boo At The Zoo. I did feel myself have a few anxlety attacks around the kids, but they were minor. I also had a bit of the Jekyll and Hyde feeling as well. I guess most of the parents thought I was just some creepy guy hanging around with the fursuiters instead of being part of the group. After a while, I just gave up and stood to the side.

Another depressing thought hit me during that time. Nicona and Snow Queen (the furry couple who volunteer at the zoo) have been married over 20 years. I'm roughly the same age as them. If I am lucky enough to find and marry the right woman in the next few years, I will be in my 60s on our 20th anniversary (if I'm fortunate enough to live that long.) Unfortunately, that will involve finding a company that is open-minded enough to hire me at a decent wage. I don't think that will happen anytime soon. I keep waiting for a company to prove me wrong on this. So far, it hasn't happened.

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