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I used a collie morph from Boomer the Dog, along with the JibJab.com site, to make the video linked above.

Here is the original morph picture: http://radio.boomerthedog.net/collie-morph-heart-nose-big.jpg
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My basic view of the presidential election results:

I had been too smug when the electoral votes started being tallied. Since most of the early results were from typically-red states, I mistakenly thought, "Enjoy your lead now, Donny. You'll be losing it by the end of the night."

In spite of this, there were a few bright spots in the election. Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his re-election bid in Arizona, Colorado's minimum wage measure ($12/hour minimum wage by 2020) passed, and several state and local candidates I supported won their races. Sadly, the "ColoradoCare" measure (Amendment 69) lost by at least 80%. With that defeat and the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act, I may be without health insurance again unless the new leadership actually does come up with a better alternative.
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Well, some good things happened this weekend: I was able to get a good night's sleep Friday night/Saturday morning, my new front door access card for KRCC worked, and I wasn't too tired when my Saturday night shift ended.

Now for the bad news: My allergies really acted up during the Saturday morning shift, though taking a Zyrtec before the afternoon/evening shift alleviated them. Also, a closure on I-25 after work caused me to be stuck in traffic for over 40 minutes. By the time the traffic cleared, I didn't feel like going to FoxTrot and just drove home to get more sleep.

Before work, I set up an "auto-pilot" stream on my home laptop of furry videos on Ustream to watch during down times at work. Unfortunately, one of the videos had some sort of glitch. I'm reformatting that video to see if the problem goes away. Also, I'll try using Furstream or iVlog next time since Ustream airs ads every 15-20 minutes.
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I normally use the tiger avatar for when I'm angry. In this case, I'm using it in tribute to another friend who passed away this morning. John Gerlock was a guitarist and lead singer of the Big Cat Band from Pueblo, Colorado. Tino, the Saturday/Sunday overnight DJ at KRCC, played the band's music on his show frequently and introduced me to John years ago. A few years ago, John's friends organized "Gerlypalooza" to raise money for him when he was diagnosed with cancer. The band is playing "I've Had Enough" at the Riverside Bar & Grill in Pueblo in this video.

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Saturday night's FoxTrot meet happened at the recently-renamed "M Uptown." I had a few of the "Ruby Redneck" drinks and a bacon/horseradish/garlic cheeseburger. I started to leave the club just before midnight, but a group of furries wanted to sing karaoke in the club's main restaurant and asked me to shoot video. I had more than enough available phone memory to record it, but not enough to send it. I used the phone's USB cord to download the video onto my computer at home, then uploaded it to the Colorado Furries Facebook page. I also put it on my Dropbox account at https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3s1gnz9uddh8l3/Feb16FoxTrot-BohemianKaraoke.mp4?dl=0
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Last night made me wish I could literally travel to another destination through my computer.  I've been asking the local furries for help with taking my body measurements for a fursuit, but no one has been available so far.  I brought my tape measure and the picture of the measurements I needed to the Village Inn fur meet last night.  No one spoke to me and hardly anyone even acknowledged my presence..  I'll try one more time at a Denver meet Friday.

Neil's statement at around 28 seconds in the above video from "The Young Ones" is basically how I feel at times like these.
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I uploaded most of my pictures and videos from Furry Fiesta to my Photobucket page:

For some reason, some of the videos uploaded sideways.  Also, two videos which exceeded Photobucket's 500MB limit are on Dropbox.
Bucktown Tiger and Pepper Coyote performing "Counting Stars": https://www.dropbox.com/s/joh3oi5seejlnq3/BT-PepperCountStars.mp4?dl=0
Matthew Ebel performing his song "Mr. Abrams" while J.D. Puppy dances (and accidentally disconnects some of Matt's equipment!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmei1jkbelxmrgq/Ebel-JDPuppy.mp4?dl=0
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The karaoke producer named Sunfly needs to hire someone to research song lyrics before making videos of them.  I noticed a few "mondegreens" in some of their videos, like this one from "Burning Down The House":
The actual lyric is "Dreams walking in broad daylight."  Another misprint near the beginning of the song said "Strange banana stranger."

Sunfly's video for "The Bad Touch" is loaded with mistakes like these:
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Weekly calorie average: 1,856.3
Days above 2,000 calories: 1 (2,060)

I got a halfway decent amount of sleep for a Saturday night/Sunday morning (about 5 hours.) I'm feeling much more relaxed this morning compared to how enraged I was last night.

"Secretariat? *ding dong* Who's that at the door?!"

I heard this morning that the creator of the "Dalek" from Doctor Who passed away. For some reason, this scene from The Young Ones popped into my head. The Dalek impression happens at 1:52:
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I got rejected by another employer Thursday afternoon. This would have been a great position for me since I would have been able to handle customer service calls from my home computer. The only reason I was rejected was I don't have cable Internet via Comcast. The company requires that instead of DSL or satellite Internet.

When I first moved into my condo nearly five years ago, I compared the costs of bundled cable/phone/Internet service through Comcast and Qwest (now part of CenturyLink.) I got the Qwest/DirecTV bundle because it was both cheaper and offered more of the cable channels I wanted. I don't want to go through the pain of canceling one service and signing up for a new one just for a job.

This scenario reminded me of a Lee Camp "Moment of Clarity" video about how products don't last long and newer technology isn't always compatible with old technology.

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A political discussion at work brought up memories of an old comedy song. Some co-workers were talking about political candidates Doug Lamborn and Robert Blaha. The news director said shortening the latter's name to Bob Blaha reminded her of the song "Rappin' Duke" by Shawn Brown. She said she imagined Blaha's name being sung in place of the "daa-haa daa-haa" chorus

A few others and I thought of "Bob Loblaw," Scott Baio's attorney character from Arrested Development:

After a while, I remembered I had heard "Rappin' Duke" on the 1980s TV lip-sync competition show Puttin' On The Hits.

I won't answer phones at KRCC on Friday since I have a Toastmasters meeting then. I wanted to sign up for shifts next Tuesday, but they were all filled.
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Last night, Yap-TV (the musical segment before the Funday Pawpet Show) played a Country/Western cover of EMF's "Unbelievable." In all the years I've heard the original version, I never knew the phrase said during the chorus was "What the fuck was that?" When it first came out, I thought the line was "W-W-W-Wild thing." I caught it while listening again through headphones.

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I found a sub at KRCC for the weekend I'll be at Oklacon. I need to remember to buy sunscreen with DEET before I go.

The company helping me with my job search set up a meeting for next Tuesday morning.

This month is much busier for me. My co-worker's band is playing at a downtown club next Wednesday Friday. Oklacon and the KRCC membership drive are happening in two weeks, then there's all the Halloween events I'm going to. I hope I'm not too tired for the Saturday night party at the new Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

I heard this song during a break on an online radio talk show. It's "Sing Your Song" by 20 Riverside.

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My pictures and videos from Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011!

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I really wish my voice was stronger and had more range. Whenever I don't get enough sleep before my KRCC shifts (which is the case on most Sundays,) my voice sometimes becomes hoarse and/or slurred. If I can eventually afford new health insurance, I don't know if it would cover speech therapy.

I know this is late for the Fourth Of July, but...
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Speaking of My Little Pony, here's Bucktown Tiger's latest video to accompany your muffins:

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I called the company hiring Fort Carson dining hall workers to get an update on my possible employment. No decision has been made yet.

Sometimes I feel secure enough about myself, but other times I wish I could instantly change what's wrong with me. I'm upset over the fact that I forgot to submit my KRCC time card. I've been so distracted by LOOKING FOR FULL-TIME WORK that I forgot to submit it.

I wish I could cure this depression. I've been seeking out happiness whenever I can, but my mind doesn't always let me enjoy it. Even during Furry Fiesta I suffered a panic attack during the closing ceremonies. At night, I often ask myself why I can't allow myself to be happy and why I torture myself by worrying.

I saw this video by The Other 98 today on the Nicole Sandler show (Monday-Thursday 10 AM-Noon Eastern at radioornot.com) It's a parody of a classic Coca-Cola commercial skewering the Koch Brothers:
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I made an album for the pictures/videos I took on day 3 after my camera decided to erase everything from days 1 and 2.


Today I filled out the registration for Rocky Mountain Fur Con (162 days away!)
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PAY for Saturday, January 1st: 10.5 hours (5-9:30 AM and 2-8 PM)

I was hoping to edit some videos I had downloaded off of YouTube. I used a program to convert the videos from Flash to WMV. When I tried to load them into Windows Movie Maker, I got a message that the videos weren't indexed. This is the first time I've gotten that message.

I took a 90-minute nap between shifts today. I should be able to get more sleep tonight. I'll take a Unisom when I get home just in case.
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During Bucktown Tiger's stream tonight, someone in the chat room posted a link to a mashup of Europe's "The Final Countdown" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The creators, Wax Audio, also have another mashup on their YouTube page using AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and Ray Parker Jr.'s theme to "Ghostbusters."

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