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This afternoon, I attended a seminar about starting a business. While I already knew about half of the information presented at the meeting, the additional information and resources will give me much more help in either starting a new radio/TV station or buying an existing one.

I felt sleepy toward the end of the seminar (though not due to the seminar itself) and did my best to hide my yawns. I watched Matthew Ebel's live music stream when I got home, then fell asleep after that. My roughly four-hour nap caused me to miss the "Turn Up The Night" political talk show I enjoy. I thought I had missed the beginning of Bucktown Tiger's show, but he had started late.

I'm cleaning off my sofa as well as I can tonight and will take out the trash tomorrow morning. Updates were made to my Medicare plan, and a couple of people will be visiting Wednesday to explain the updates. I was going to do the cleaning tomorrow morning, but I will only have about 20-30 minutes to get ready since I will be answering phones at KRCC from 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM Wednesday.
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A KRCC co-worker called me today asking about the station's plans for us over the next few weeks. After talking with the general manager, it appears I will be working 6 AM-2 PM on Saturdays and Sundays since the former Saturday morning announcer left earlier this week. The co-worker who called me would work 2-10 PM both days.

My new schedule actually works better for me since I've been trying to move back to Saturday mornings/early afternoons for years. The FoxTrot meet in Denver is this Saturday, so I could take a nap for 2-3 hours after my shift then head to the meet. Almost all of the events at RMFC begin after 10 AM, and most of the ones I want to attend are in the afternoon and evening.
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PAY for Sunday, February 21st: 8 hours (5 AM-1 PM)

18 days until Furry Fiesta! The fill-in shift I did last Sunday and the extra hours I'll do today will make up for the weekend work I'll miss while at Furry Fiesta. The announcer who does the 9 AM shift came down with a cold and asked if I could fill in for her today. I might miss at least part of the Funday Pawpet Show since I was unable to fall asleep after my Saturday shift.

Gave you many chances to make change
The only thing you changed was love to hate.

Since one of my Toastmasters speeches involves researching a specific topic, I thought about making a speech about writer's block since I seem to have one. I haven't given a regular speech since 2011 mainly due to stress about my finances and inability to find full-time work. Researching writer's block will not only give me a speech subject, but maybe also a cure for my own symptoms.

Good guess

May. 10th, 2015 05:16 pm
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I forgot to bring to work a list of the days I worked during the KRCC drive. I entered a number of shifts into the time card system, wildly guessing which ones I worked, but I forgot to enter the hours for one weekend. Thankfully, the total number of hours for the half-month was only one hour shy of my actual work hours.

Parts of Colorado got a touch of Winter again this weekend. There were a couple of heavy hail storms Thursday and Saturday, and some parts of the state even got snow. Heading into work on Sunday morning was a bit dangerous because the hail had melted and re-frozen into a solid sheet of ice on KRCC's front walkway. It was still icy after work, though just warm enough to start melting.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,882.5
Days above 2,000 calories: 1 (2,080)

I needed to park down the street from my condo for a couple of days this week due to my street being repaved.

Since I can't seem to find a full-time (or even part-time) job that only requires Monday-Friday work, I'm torn between keeping my weekend job and being unhappy about my finances, or taking a (not much) higher-paying job Sunday-Saturday and possibly being unhappy about having to quit a job I liked. A minimum-wage job would only pay approximately $11,000/year (30 hours/week) to $15,000 (40 hours.) I would still be partially relying on my dad, though not as much. Years ago, I estimated I would need to make at least $22,000/year to truly live independently. Keeping my weekend job and adding a M-F job would allow me to make at least that much.
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It turns out the tooth crown that came loose (and accidentally got bitten in half) was the one I had recently installed. A new temporary crown was put in Thursday. The appointment I had already made for May 8th will be when the *new* new crown is put in.

I had signed up to answer phones at KRCC early this morning. Unfortunately, I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep the night before. I had previously offered to come in early on Saturday, so I'll be sure to get enough sleep tonight.

I wish the main local flea market ran on weekdays. I've had a few more home business ideas, but renting a flea market space would be more cost-effective for me.
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For once, I actually got my math right when calculating something. If I'm able to start a new weekday job after RMFC (mid- to late-August,) I would need to earn $5,100 between August and November to both pay bills and save up for Midwest Fur Fest. That works out to roughly $57 per day over 90 days (including my KRCC shifts of $116 per weekend.) Working 8 hours per day at $9 per hour would give me $72 per day before taxes.

If I don't find work by November, but I could find someone wanting a roommate, there's a slight chance I could still make MFF. Working at KRCC during October and early-November (including the membership drive) would give me more than enough for bills plus airfare, MFF registration, half of a room cost, meals, etc. I wanted to do Oklacon again this year, but the membership drive overlaps with that. Station management likes the work I do during the drives, so I didn't want to miss part of the drive this time.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,851.3


Days above 2,000 calories: 1 (2,210)


I hope I can sleep well tonight. I had orange soda (without caffeine) during the last few hours of my shift. I'm not sure if the coffee I had before then is still in my system.


I will be filling in for at least part of an afternoon shift on Sunday.

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Tonight will definitely be a "catching up on sleep" night. I got home from the Melting Temple EP release party in Manitou a little before 2 AM and got maybe 90 minutes of sleep before work this morning. I'm filling in for another worker this afternoon. He said he'd try to make it in by 5 PM, but I'm wiling to do his whole shift if he can't. Going until 7 PM would make up for having to miss next Saturday.

The EP release party was excellent. The band's bass player is a co-worker, and he asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the party. During their second set, I got to join them on stage to dance around for a few songs. Melting Temple will be playing next at the Colorado Springs 4/20 event in America The Beautiful Park.

I had to miss the Foxtrot meet, which was at the same time as the EP party. Both events would have involved me wearing my kigu, buying drinks and dancing. The deciding factors for me were: (1) The EP party was only a one-time event, as opposed to Foxtrot happening every other month, (2) Manitou Springs was a shorter drive than Denver, and (3) I wouldn't have needed to leave work early for the drive to Manitou.
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For reasons I'll explain later, I was digging through my walk-in closet and found a folder with a few sheets of resume paper and some pages from a journal I kept in 1996.

Reading the journal, I discovered that my life was only slightly better at 25 than today. Even though I was still living with my parents and had a part-time job at a credit union that paid roughly $13,000 per year, I was still hoping to find work in radio and even go back to school to get a Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting. I was also dieting back then and had gotten down to 250 lbs. by the last page of the journal. Coincidentally, I weighed 249 lbs. this morning.

Back then, I also took a few trips to the casinos in Cripple Creek, sometimes returning with more money. The largest win I ever had was $1,500 for a royal flush on a video poker machine.

The reason I was looking through everything in my walk-in closet was because I wanted to see if there was enough room to set up a small recording space in one corner. I was looking into making myself available as a freelance announcer if I couldn't find work locally. Clearing out some of the boxes would give me a little room, but there isn't an electrical outlet for me to plug in the equipment. Using an extension cord would require leaving the door open a crack, letting in noise from the bedroom, kitchen and outside.

Finding the resume paper was a relief since I'd run out and wanted to print new copies of my resume. My old copies were printed while I was still employed at Service Source, so I used white-out to cover the "-present" part of that entry. My job counselor said that looked unprofessional.
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I have this coming Monday off. I don't have to reschedule my therapist's appointment and I can attend my Overeaters Anonymous meeting. I have to work at Fort Carson Saturday afternoon, though. I'll make calls to find a sub at KRCC.

Monday also marks 30 days until Oklacon! I'll submit a leave request when I return to work Tuesday.
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I should be asleep right now, but I've been kept awake by panic attacks and worrying about my future. The attacks happened Thursday morning when I was driving to work. I realized I had forgotten my ID badge and my cell phone, so I couldn't call work to tell them I'd be late. I drove to the Service Source office to have a spare badge printed. I started panicking, and the employee helping me said she'd let the shift leader know I couldn't make it in.

Although I'm thankful for finding a job and will continue to do it, I'd like to find something different where I'm not on my feet most of the time. I have to take a pain reliever during my shift due to backaches. Also, I keep getting assigned the afternoon/evening shift on Mondays after I said I wanted the morning shift (due to my Overeaters Anonymous meetings in the evenings.) I will likely have to quit Toastmasters as well since both work shifts on Friday interfere with that.

I'm also sad about not having someone to spend my time with. I was ripped off by a dating service a few years ago, and I haven't found anyone on FurryMate yet. I guess that service is geared toward younger furries, so I probably don't have a chance of finding someone there.

I do have a couple of things to look forward to: Today is pay day and there's 40 days until Oklacon.
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Day one at my new job went pretty well. I had forgotten to bring my work ID badge with me, but a new one was printed out for me. After heading to Fort Carson, the new workers were given a tour of one of the dining halls and shown what the duties were in each section. The workers are allowed to buy lunch; there are plenty of great choices available. I had beef teriyaki and a salad. After lunch, we were shown how to clean the serving and dining areas. Some of us ended the day with the oh-so-fun duty of cleaning the bathrooms. One of my co-workers needed a ride home since her car had broken down a few days ago. I drove her home and will drive her to and from work tomorrow morning. That shift will be 6 AM-1:30 PM.

I need to remember to use my caffeine soap when I shower tomorrow, have a real breakfast (not a chocolate dipped oat cookie) and bring my afternoon medication dose to work. All the information I was given yesterday was a bit overwhelming. Hopefully it will get easier as I keep working.
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I went in to Service Source to begin my job training. The manager said he forgot to call me to say training would begin on Monday instead. I still will be paid for working 2 hours even though I was only there less than an hour. I also picked up my new ID badge for the job. With my hair at its current length, I look a bit like Milton from Office Space but without the skin condition. Don't worry, I won't set the building on fire!

At least I don't have to find substitutes for my KRCC shifts this weekend, and I can go to a birthday party where my co-worker's band is playing.
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I found substitutes for my KRCC shifts next weekend. I listed which shifts I'd be able to work at Fort Carson while still remaining at Toastmasters, KRCC and the Monday night Overeaters Anonymous meetings. If Service Source won't let me have the time off for any of those, it's not a problem.
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Note to self: Your grey suit's pant legs are still too long. Have them shortened one of these days.

I went in for another interview at Service Source this morning. I believe I officially have the Fort Carson job now since I was told what I'd need to get on base and was given a drug screening form. I let them know I could start as early as August 16th, the day after I get home from Rocky Mountain Fur Con. I was informed I could be randomly scheduled for the 6 AM-1:30 PM or 12:30-8 PM shift, with each week's schedule released on Wednesdays. Occasional shifts starting at 4:30 or 5 AM could also happen when soldiers are due to be deployed.

I still need to write an ending for my Toastmasters speech. I'm giving it on Friday. I'll have to quit this Toastmasters club once I start working since both shifts overlap with the Friday meetings.
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133 days until Rocky Moutain Fur Con!

I really hope I get the 6 AM-1 PM shift if I'm hired at Fort Carson. The 1-8 PM shift would require me to sacrifice so much more than the morning shift. I really don't want to give up my Overeaters Anonymous meetings since I'm the group's treasurer. I think there may be a morning meeting somewhere in town just in case. The other evening events I'd have to give up (or at least arrive at later) are the Ustream live show(s), Denver fur meet(s) and any other events/KRCC meetings scheduled before 8 PM. With Toastmasters, I'd either need to leave the meetings at 12:25 or so to drive to work or find another meeting which would fit into my schedule, if any exist.

:p Food coma.

EDIT: Of course, the morning/early afternoon shift would also limit my evening activities as I'd need to get to bed by 10-11 PM in order to get a decent night's sleep. Maybe taking a nap after work would help a bit. Once again, I'd have to find a balance between making a living and having a life.

A new path?

Feb. 9th, 2011 12:18 pm
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Even though it's only 15°F right now, I'm hoping the roads won't be as icy as they were yesterday. My 4-hour shifts yesterday, today and tomorrow were expanded to 6-hour shifts. Not only will I make more money from these, but I also get a 30-minute lunch break. The temperature is supposed to reach 50° by Saturday.

A restaurant company where I applied left a message for me yesterday. They want to do a phone screen and interview, which will hopefully lead to a new job. Working at Luce Research is nice, but I'd rather work somewhere with regular hours instead of "whenever we have something available."

I used the VHS head cleaner on my bedroom VCR this morning. I tried to record something on it last night, but it turned itself off after trying to start for a few seconds. It seemed to work fine after the cleaning.
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I signed up for several shifts during the KRCC membership drive. I will have more than enough hours -- when combined with my regular KRCC shifts -- to pay my bills for this month. In addition, I signed up for three 4-hour shifts at Luce Research next week. 20 days until Furry Fiesta! (19 days until I fly down.)

The KRCC phone lines have been going nuts today. There's a concert tonight featuring Tab Benoit. The show is sold out. Some people are calling looking for tickets, and others are offering to sell their tickets due to the snowstorm hampering travel. The show starts at 8 PM, so hopefully the calls will stop soon.
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I need to see if my doctor can renew my expired Alprazolam (generic Xanax) prescription. Buspirone has helped keep me calm on most days, but I need a little extra help sometimes. I wish I could have a dog or cat at home to help relax me.

Graybar e-mailed me a few days ago to say I wouldn't be considered for a position. I'll call KBIQ on Monday to possibly schedule an interview. Luce Research canceled my Thursday shift. I signed up to do 10-3 on Sunday instead. A Saturday shift was also available, which I turned down so I wouldn't need to find a sub for KRCC. I'm no longer being told Saturdays and Sundays are mandatory.

The weather has been beautiful this weekend. Yesterday the high was in the mid to upper-60s, and it's 55 right now. The snow is supposed to return on Monday, though.

PAY for Saturday, January 29th: 4.5 hours (3:30 PM-8 PM)

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