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 I will be using my rental car until at least Friday. The garage called me to say my car should be ready to pick up sometime this weekend. I let the people at Hertz know, and they said it was no problem. Now I can attend some of the meetups this week!

A few weeks ago, the address sign post on my parking space had broken. I don't know if the maintenance workers broke or if it was weather or insect-related. A new post was just put in a half-hour ago.

I ordered a few things on Amazon that I need: a new mouse for my laptop, and a 64GB SD card and new battery for my cell phone.
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I did my first KRCC shift with the new weekend schedule earlier today. My Saturday shift has the same shows as before, with some of the new/moved shows airing during the next announcer's shift. My Sunday shift starts the same way with Weekend Edition, then Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion, the Thomas Jefferson Hour and the TED Radio Hour. I play Weekend Edition live off the satellite, while the other shows are now fully automated on the station's ENCO computer system. Most of the air breaks are now filled with prerecorded announcements, meaning I don't talk on-air as much. (That could be good or bad, depending on the listener.) The weekend semi-automation more closely resembles my Part 15 home "station" which I run Tuesday through Friday using both podcasts and live shows. I had to insert a few underwriting spots that were on the printed log but not on the computer playlist. Also, the automation system forgot to switch to the top-of-the-hour news feed one time. Other than that, and the engineer scaring the shit out of me when I first arrived, my shift went well.

One of the shows I aired today mentioned a cheese called Gjetost, which the hosts pronounced as "Yay, toast!" Another show mentioned a game show on ITV called "Golden Balls."

The station's membership drive starts in 2-1/2 weeks. I'm hoping the reduction in music shows doesn't severely affect the amount the station raises this time.
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I have been having trouble getting KRCC's time card system to come up on the station's Macintosh computers over the past month or so. It has come up in the past, so I don't know if any recent changes made it incompatible, either with Macs or the Safari browser. I'm able to bring it up on my Windows home computer; I submitted the latest time card tonight, about 26 hours before the due date. I had peace and quiet at work today since the station decided not to hold a day of pledging. They'll resume on Monday.

My presidential debate drinking game: Drink to celebrate not watching the debate! Tonight I'm having Crown Royal Vanilla with Coke. Last week, I made my own version of a "purple drank" with rum, blue curacao and Diet Cherry 7UP.
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I brought my laptop to work Saturday to attempt an "auto-pilot" stream on iVlog. Some of my settings were not correct since there was initially an audio echo. I got rid of the echo and restarted the stream, but I wasn't sure if the video was working or not. I gave up on streaming around 4:30 since "Oh! Pawpets" was doing an actual in-studio show (though not a full pawpet stage show.)

As an older cartoon said, "My desire to be well-informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane." Between the elections, the shootings in Orlando and other events, I find myself listening to news reports and podcasts only 5-10 minutes at a time before pausing them to "recover."
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Years ago, I bought some software to assist me in drafting a business plan. Since I've been wanting to start my own business for a while, I'll take the software out of the box again tonight to see if I can put a solid plan together. I know I'm nowhere close to having enough money, but at least I could get a better idea of how much money I'd need.

UPDATE: The software requires me to enter a serial number from the back of the user manual, but my manual only has a sticker with a blank box and the message "Write serial number below." I don't see a serial number anywhere else on the packaging, so I e-mailed the company to ask about it.

I got some rum, creme de menthe and creme de cacao over the weekend. Tonight, I made milkshakes using the creme de cacao and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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"I didn't get no sleep 'cause-a y'aaaall! Y'all never get no sleep 'cause-a meeee!"

One of the Facebook groups I belong to was shut down a day or two ago. The group organizer set up a private chat room for the members. In a bit of bad timing, my cell phone private message tone began sounding around 11:00 last night as I was trying to fall asleep. I decided to stay up for a couple of hours to chat, then signed off and went back to bed. My attempt to fall asleep again was foiled by someone posting to the group just after 3 AM. I set my cell phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode, but allowing the wake-up alarm. I got maybe 10-15 minutes of sleep. I'll get more sleep after work today.
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I discovered quite a few online radio stations I listen to are going dark by January 1st due to increases in music licensing fees on that date. One of the stations I currently have playing is a furry-run station called Furocity Radio.

I've been fantasizing again about owning a radio station. Since two potential signals for sale are in a rural area east of Colorado Springs and Denver, I pictured using "Hank FM" (a country variety format similar to rock/AC-based Jack FM) or a country-rock hybrid format for them. I've also thought about news/talk or rhythmic oldies for a few other stations.
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My WiFi should be up and running again in 13-17 hours. I tried to watch [livejournal.com profile] bucktowntiger 's stream tonight, but Anthrochat and Furstream had trouble running properly on my cell phone. I hope the new modem lasts much longer.

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I bought a new microwave oven today. Since I have some plate covers, this oven should remain cleaner for a longer time.

My modem stopped working properly yesterday. I can still play some streams through iTunes, but all of my other online stuff will be done via cell phone. A new modem will arrive next week. I also opted to switch from DirecTV to PrismTV.

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The family Christmas dinner ended up not happening this year.  My brother and his family were too tired after breakfast, so they went home.  I had also made alternate dinner plans since Dad hadn't confirmed if dinner would happen.  Dad had made the traditional Christmas raviolis, so I had some tonight when I visited him.

Speaking of better late than never, I've been looking over past LJ posts at previous years' New Year's resolutions.  Some of the resolutions I couldn't keep then may be within reach in 2015!  I've regained some of the weight I lost in the past two years, weighing 286 lbs. tonight.  I'd like to get back below 265 pounds, my weight at the start of 2013.  I'd also like to give at least one Toastmasters speech this year.  I hope having less stress in my life will help with both of these goals.

I'm back to using my old laptop again.  A few days after I got my new laptop back from Geek Squad, it began crashing and restarting if I tried to run multiple programs at once (or sometimes just one program on Firefox.)  A representative at Dell's repair center said there's likely a problem with the motherboard.  I got a shipping box delivered to me today, and the laptop will be mailed off Saturday.
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I picked up my laptop from Best Buy last night.  The viruses are gone, but now the Flash player won't work in Firefox.  Reinstalling the player didn't fix the problem.  At least I don't have to dodge tons of coupon pop-ups. EDIT: Flash is working again after I reset Firefox!

My dad asked for my Christmas list this week.  I asked for a new hair dryer, towels/washcloths and a George Foreman grill (or something similar.)

My replacement credit card hasn't arrived yet.  I called the company yesterday to inquire about it.  A new card should be delivered in the next few days.
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I brought the new laptop to Best Buy to have the viruses removed.  I withdrew $300 from my account earlier since my credit card has expired and a replacement card hasn't arrived yet.

Speaking of money, I've been able to pay off more of my debt lately.  The only outstanding debts I have left are my dental credit account and Dell computer credit account, around $2,000-3,000.
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I'll be taking my new laptop to a repair shop later today.  I don't remember downloading anything from an untrustworthy site, but there's a pop-up virus called Couponarific that I can't get rid of.  McAfee doesn't detect it, and I can't manually remove it completely.
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I need to stop jumping the gun when buying certain things.  I bought ingredients to make banana bread for Thanksgiving, even though it's a month and a half away.  Most of the ingredients will have a nice long shelf life, but I'm looking up other recipes to use the remaining ingredients.

I also bought a programmable LED sign (initially) for use at RMFC next year, though it could also have potential use for other things.  The driver software for the sign indicates it can be used with Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.  It doesn't seem to detect the sign on my Windows 8 laptop.  It initially worked on my XP laptop, but the program crashes now.
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I think I'm caught up on sleep for this weekend. I intended to take a one-hour midday nap yesterday, but that turned into an eight-hour nap. The one day I needed something to wake me up and I didn't get it.

A "3D Sound" USB port I ordered arrived in the mail Tuesday. The headphone portion of it works fine, but I can't get any of my microphones to work with it, even after going through the computer settings.
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Weekly calorie average: 1,895.7
Days above 2,000 calories: 2 (2,160 and 2,100)

I missed the FoxTrot meet tonight. I forgot to bring my kigurumi with me to work so I could change into it at the meet. Heading home on icy roads to get it then heading back out seemed too risky, especially since I would have been tired driving home. Instead, I'm just listening to dance music at home.

The cotrip.org site said I-25 was dry north of Monument Hill, but several of the roads in Colorado Springs are still slick.

I thought I had bought a USB cord for my Sony Handycam, but I can't find it anywhere. I can only use it with my old laptop because the Handycam's interface doesn't work with Windows 7 or 8. EDIT: I found the cord Sunday morning!
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For some reason, the Internet on my new laptop has been sluggish lately. I get frozen video/audio on many of the streams I watch, and the Internet occasionally disconnects. I'm not sure if the problem is with providers like Ustream, my laptop's Flash player or my Internet connection. I've just reinstalled the Flash player and the lag/freezing problems I usually have seem to have disappeared.

I'll be in Denver less than 24 hours from now for RMFC!
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I bought a 12-pack of Pepsi Throwback yesterday. I know this isn't exactly "healthier" than diet soda, but this has actually encouraged me to cut back on soda (to keep my calorie count low) and drink water more often.

I had run out of refills for my Alprazolam (Xanax) a few weeks ago. Thankfully, my doctor approved another refill, which I picked up tonight. I used my leftover Buspirone in its place for a while, but it wasn't as effective. The new refill should last until mid- to late-May.

KILO 94.3 was doing a remote from the new 7-Eleven at N. Carefree and Academy. They were giving out free Snickers ice cream bars, and the store was selling Big Gulps, hot dogs and other items for 94 cents each. It's too bad I wasn't there when that price was applied to the gas pumps!

I used part of my tax refund to get a new laptop. I'm currently transferring files from my old laptop since it keeps running low on memory.
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The color toner cartridge for my printer is either clogged or empty. I only got it a couple of months ago. I wanted to print this week's Toastmasters agenda in color, but I had to settle for black and white.

A few months ago, I was trying to remove a dead bulb from my kitchen light when it made a loud "pop" sound and basically launched the glass part of the bulb out, shattering on the floor. The metal base was still screwed into the socket. As I did previously with my bedroom ceiling light, I turned off the kitchen circuit breaker and removed the base with a pair of pliers. At least the kitchen is twice as bright now.

I need to head to bed soon. I'll be answering phones at KRCC from 7 AM until my regular air shift begins at 2 PM. I'll be a zombie by the end of the drive with all the hours I'm putting in, but I promise not to eat anyone's face.
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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a case of 200 wholesale CDs for $99. The lot does have a few artists I've actually heard of, along with some karaoke collections. Since these came from overstock liquidations, most of the CDs are compilations (mostly rap and Christian rock) from regional artists. Surprisingly, someone has bid on one of the rap CDs I'm offering on eBay for $9.95, and it currently has 17 watchers. (UPDATE: It now has 4 bids and is at $14.50 with less than 4 hours left.) I also have two more of the same CD in the lot. A few of the Spanish music CDs are listed by others on Amazon for $20-45, but I don't know how well they're selling. Some of my eBay auctions are about to end.

My laptop should be ready sometime today. I called the repairman yesterday. He said he'd try to have it ready that night, but I never got another call from him.

I recently visited an anagram Web site to see what my real name and fursona names could spell. My first and last name was turned into "Jet via north." With my middle name, I got "In the vast, hot major." An anagram of Jerzei Collie became "I, Jezreel coil." (Jezreel is the name of a city and valley in Israel.) In an amazing coincidence, the anagram of Mel O. Yellowtail was "Well! A timely loo."

94 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con!

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