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While my rental car was at the car wash last Friday, I bought a car cell phone holder that attaches to the A/C vents. Having the phone closer to eye level will allow me to use the GPS without taking my eyes off the road, and also hear any directions or other audio better. Also, the A/C can cool off the phone since it occasionally gets hot when operating/charging in the car for a while. The cell phone battery I ordered on Amazon was out of stock, so it won't arrive with the SD card and a new mouse. I found another seller and ordered a battery there.

This weekend, the owners of the furstre.am web site shut down the site. As a result, the Funday Pawpet Show decided to shut down after 17-18 years. I began watching FPS in 2009 and made it part of my regular Sunday night entertainment. I'll definitely miss it.
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 I will be using my rental car until at least Friday. The garage called me to say my car should be ready to pick up sometime this weekend. I let the people at Hertz know, and they said it was no problem. Now I can attend some of the meetups this week!

A few weeks ago, the address sign post on my parking space had broken. I don't know if the maintenance workers broke or if it was weather or insect-related. A new post was just put in a half-hour ago.

I ordered a few things on Amazon that I need: a new mouse for my laptop, and a 64GB SD card and new battery for my cell phone.
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I intended to catch Clem Hammond's performance at Front Range BBQ last night. A former co-worker plays bass for Hammond's band. The restaurant was crowded both inside and out. I was able to have a seat at the bar to have dinner and a drink. I had some jalapeño cheddar hush puppies for an appetizer, followed by a spicy brisket sandwich called the John-Alex (named for a late local blues musician, John-Alex Mason.) When I finished, the opening band was still playing and there were no seats available in the performance area. I decided to head home instead and take part in Steelwoulfe's game night.

I bought a portable charger for my cell phone (and other electronic devices) recently. This will be very handy for vacations when I'm sightseeing and needing to recharge my phone and camera. I also recently deleted a couple of apps I don't use which were huge memory hogs.
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The KRCC pledge drive was originally going to end this Saturday, but it will end on Friday instead. I'll be able to resume my "normal" schedule on Saturday morning.

It would be great if cell phone makers invested more into making the phones sound better. Being able to hear and understand callers is sometimes difficult in a room with 4-5 others taking pledges. Adding the "hamburger phone" limitations -- and the mountainous locations of some of our listeners -- to that is even more frustrating. Thankfully, today had my last phone shift for this drive.

I'd love to wake up tomorrow and find my federal tax refund has been deposited.

My digital camera is saying its battery is defective. I ordered a new battery this week. The tab holding the battery in place is partially broken, but I hope that isn't causing the "defective" notice.
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"I didn't get no sleep 'cause-a y'aaaall! Y'all never get no sleep 'cause-a meeee!"

One of the Facebook groups I belong to was shut down a day or two ago. The group organizer set up a private chat room for the members. In a bit of bad timing, my cell phone private message tone began sounding around 11:00 last night as I was trying to fall asleep. I decided to stay up for a couple of hours to chat, then signed off and went back to bed. My attempt to fall asleep again was foiled by someone posting to the group just after 3 AM. I set my cell phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode, but allowing the wake-up alarm. I got maybe 10-15 minutes of sleep. I'll get more sleep after work today.
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Saturday night's FoxTrot meet happened at the recently-renamed "M Uptown." I had a few of the "Ruby Redneck" drinks and a bacon/horseradish/garlic cheeseburger. I started to leave the club just before midnight, but a group of furries wanted to sing karaoke in the club's main restaurant and asked me to shoot video. I had more than enough available phone memory to record it, but not enough to send it. I used the phone's USB cord to download the video onto my computer at home, then uploaded it to the Colorado Furries Facebook page. I also put it on my Dropbox account at https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3s1gnz9uddh8l3/Feb16FoxTrot-BohemianKaraoke.mp4?dl=0
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My WiFi should be up and running again in 13-17 hours. I tried to watch [livejournal.com profile] bucktowntiger 's stream tonight, but Anthrochat and Furstream had trouble running properly on my cell phone. I hope the new modem lasts much longer.

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I was finally able to activate my new cell phone Thursday morning.

A pen I've been using leaked all over my hands last night.

Note to self: No breakfast=grumpy.
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I was unable to activate my new cell phone when it arrived last week, even with help from customer service. A replacement phone I received also couldn't be activated. A third phone arrived an hour ago, so I hope the third time's a charm. The phone company's Web site says my phone's activation is pending.

15 days until Furry Fiesta!
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Last week, I was feeling down about having (at the most) 3-4 inches of snowfall in Colorado Springs.  This week, the temperatures are warm for Winter (50s and 60s) while areas like Boston and Long Island got hit hard by snow.

I either need a new battery or a new stopwatch.  The top part of the watch's digital display is burnt out, so only the lower half of the numbers are displayed.  This was an $8 watch I got at Big Lots.  I'll be searching for more durable models this week.

I ordered a new cell phone yesterday.  The phone I currently use (a refurbished 2011 Samsung Replenish) is okay, but it keeps running low on memory.  The phone won't let me delete the pre-installed apps I don't use or move them to the SD card.  Because of this, I only have 10-15MB of internal memory (out of 256MB) to use, with over 100GB on the SD card which I can't use.  The new phone will have 16GB of internal memory.
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The "Craigslist caller" is back. I got a call on my cell phone this morning from 734-780-6926. The caller claimed she was responding to a Craigslist ad from someone named Jesse advertising a room for rent. I had received previous cell phone calls in 2009 from a woman claiming my number was on a Craigslist ad offering sensual massages, asking for a different person each time. When I said the person wasn't at my number, she started flirting. At least this time, the call was made at a reasonable time.
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I finally managed to call my Vocational Rehab counselor at a time when she wasn't busy or out of the office. She found six clerical openings via Craigslist. I applied for four of them since one required an in-person meeting on a date that had already passed, and the Web site couldn't find the sixth one. One of the companies has already replied with a positive message.

My new cell phone was officially activated yesterday. As with my old phone, I uploaded Bucktown Tiger's "Chicken And Fries" as my ringtone.
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I just got off the phone with one of the job rehab agents who had been assigned to me. I say "had" because he told me he no longer works for the company. He took down my number and said he'd contact the other agent.

In 102 days, I will either be having fun at Furry Fiesta or feeling sad at home wishing I could have gone.

I hate when the auto-pay for my bills happens the day before my paycheck is deposited. At least I'll have the paycheck money available (some of it, anyway) for end-of-month bills.

My new cell phone arrived this afternoon. My old phone (on the left) had gotten a lot of wear since I got it in 2006, when I still lived with my parents. In the condo where I currently live, I couldn't get a decent signal on the phone. Hopefully the service I'm switching to will have better reception.

The operator I spoke with said it would take 2-4 days to transfer my current cell number from my old provider to the new one. She also said she would see if the promo code I forgot to enter during the sign-up process could still be applied. The code would take 40% off my bill for the first 12 months and pay any cancellation fees from my old provider up to $350.
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Get ready to Twitter the stars...as we play the star-studded, big-money Twitter Game PM!
  • 06:21 Yarrrrrrr! What is this potato chip doing on the floor? Avast...and stuff. #
  • 10:00 Yo, avast y'all. Don't make me bust a cap in yo ass while you walkin' the plank 'n shit! Happy Talk Like a Gangsta Pirate Day. #
  • 14:09 I couldn't find my cell phone earlier, so I called the number on my landline phone. It was underneath my bed sheets instead of on top. #
  • 18:08 Argy-bargy! I thought this week's Prairie Home Companion hadn't loaded at KRCC, but Joel showed me how to make the episode appear. #
  • 18:09 (cont'd) I panicked since I saw last week's date on the loaded episode and only had 5 minutes until the show began. #
  • 21:34 From Arrested Development: "You're... a... crook, Captain Hook. Judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate." #
  • 02:16 Awoke about 1-1/2 hours earlier than scheduled. Tino's not in tonight @KRCC, so I won't go in until around 4:45. #
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My replacement AC adapter and new Bluetooth dongle arrived in the mail today. The computer is remaining charged, so I know the old adapter was broken and not the outlet.

With Bluetooth capabilities, I was finally able to download the videos I had on my cell phone. These are the WMDs (Wiedlans of Mass Destruction.) My cell phone only takes 27-second videos, so two of them are combined in the video below. As with most cell phone videos, the video and audio quality isn't all that great.

A maintenance crew cleaned the outside of the condos this morning. I've always tried to remove the spider webs spun near my entrance, but some were out of reach. The spiders rebuilt the other webs as quickly as I removed them. Since I wasn't dressed and I heard the crew walking around right outside my windows, I quickly ran to put a robe on. They found the metal numbers that were previously used to mark my parking space before the retaining wall was replaced and new signs put in.
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...as we play the star-studded, big-money Twitter Game PM!
  • 22:13 Ordered new AC adapter for laptop, along with a Bluetooth dongle (sounds dirty!) to transfer large files from my cell phone to my laptop. #
  • 22:14 I have to park in the guest area up the block because the rain gutters on my street are being torn out and replaced. #
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Nice to have this service back again!

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PAY for Thursday, August 6th: 3 hours (6-9 AM)

I get calls at least twice a week from a telemarketing company located in Phoenix called AIG Promotions. They claim I requested information about accepting credit cards for a home-based business. Every time they call, I tell them I never requested such information and I asked them to stop calling. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the Better Business Bureau a few weeks ago, but neither of those helped. AIG responded to the BBB report yesterday saying I shouldn't have contacted them (which I didn't) if I didn't want them to call me. Lo and behold, they called again today! I finally e-mailed the police department in Phoenix tonight to ask if I could file charges of telephone harassment against the company. I hope someone can stop them.

I changed my cell phone number yesterday. I originally called AT&T to ask if they could trace the blocked number belonging to my "Craigslist caller." They said they couldn't, so they suggested changing the number. I don't use the cell phone much anyway since the signal at the condo isn't as strong.

UPDATE: The Phoenix police responded to my e-mail by simply giving me the link to the Do-Not-Call list complaint site, even though I told the police I've already done that.
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The dating service has shifted into overdrive for me. I received two matches a few weeks ago, and one of them finally called me to say she had been out of town. She said she'd call me back either this coming weekend or the next. I was awakened yesterday by the dating service with yet another match. That's a switch after normally waiting a month or two between matches.

I need to get a booster for my cell phone. My signal was perfect when I was still living with my parents, but I'm lucky to even get two bars on my reception here at the condo.
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I'm really worried about the lack of applicants to my web business. The applicants who opened the e-mail I sent said they only have $100-250 to invest, and the package costs $1295. I saw a few who had the required amount, but they haven't opened my e-mail yet. My business is only about a month old, but I hope it picks up soon. I have enough to pay my car and insurance bills this month, but my Visa balance is still about $850 over the limit.

I subscribed to AOL's high-speed service through Qwest. AOL is raising its rates for dial-up, but the high-speed service will cost the same. At least I can be on the Web and the phone simultaneously with this service, so I won't have to run up as many charges on my cell phone. My last cell phone bill was about $60 higher than usual because of all the hour-long conference calls I sat in on. Having a faster Web connection will also shave some time off since I won't have to wait as long for pages to load while I'm on the phone.

The dating service hasn't found another match for me yet. Tino from KRCC told me about a teacher who frequents the bar where he works. He offered to fix me up with her.

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