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I likely won't be able to view the eclipse Monday. Two of the closest points of totality (Casper, WY and North Platte, NE) are too far away to drive to and back before my meeting Monday night. Also, I'm staying up tonight to listen to my usual Sunday/early-Monday entertainment: The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. I usually go to bed after Doggy Radio and sleep until 11 AM or noon (sometimes later.)

I created the above license after getting yet another angry caller at work. A news story about BLM protesters apparently triggered his white guilt, and he felt he needed to repeatedly swear at me for it. Naturally, the license references George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" routine when he talks about a reverend objecting to cursing on the radio.
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 PAY for Sunday, August 13th: 5 hours (6-11 AM)

The announcer whose shift follows mine is able to relieve me at 11 AM tomorrow so I can go to Arvada Tails. I signed up for five phone shifts during next month's KRCC membership drive, which will more than make up for the hours missed during July's cruise reunion as well as Arvada Tails. If I can find time to do two more shifts, that would completely make up for my next vacation (either Christmas or Furry Fiesta.)

I saw the Psychedelgates play last night. The beginning of the show was a bit awkward because one of the guitarists started shouting and cursing at the others during the sound check before storming off stage. On Twitter, I jokingly called it a re-enactment of the Troggs tape. (For those who don't get the reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrXfK9Osmvs )
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I intended to catch Clem Hammond's performance at Front Range BBQ last night. A former co-worker plays bass for Hammond's band. The restaurant was crowded both inside and out. I was able to have a seat at the bar to have dinner and a drink. I had some jalapeño cheddar hush puppies for an appetizer, followed by a spicy brisket sandwich called the John-Alex (named for a late local blues musician, John-Alex Mason.) When I finished, the opening band was still playing and there were no seats available in the performance area. I decided to head home instead and take part in Steelwoulfe's game night.

I bought a portable charger for my cell phone (and other electronic devices) recently. This will be very handy for vacations when I'm sightseeing and needing to recharge my phone and camera. I also recently deleted a couple of apps I don't use which were huge memory hogs.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta and Motor City Fur Con are taking place this weekend. Because of that, some of the weekend furry shows were off. Bungee Skunk hosted a Jackbox Games stream since Steelwoulfe was away. The Funday PawPet Show stream was supposed to auto-play a rerun, but there was only a black screen after the "Let Your Love Flow" intro played. Fred Bedderhead had his own stream going. I tuned in for the beginning but left to nap for a bit.

Winter appears to be gone for now, though there has been a brief return in late-April in past years.

I've been turning off my front porch light before going to bed for the past few days. My bedroom window faces my front porch. While this can act like a night light, I think it's also affecting my sleep pattern by tricking my mind into thinking it's still daytime.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is to "go back in time" to look at old LiveJournal entries to see what has changed and what hasn't. I also add tags to any old entries where they're missing:
--Last year around this date, the "Colorado Furries Plus" group was shut down due to trolls reporting some of the images posted. I was invited to a private Facebook chat group with the group members, which caused me to not get much sleep that night.
--Five years ago, Melting Temple (a co-worker's former band) released their "Hunter's Moon" EP and held a release party/concert at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou. The band asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the concert (I had skipped a fur meet to attend) and I got to dance on stage to some of the songs.
--Ten years ago, I was growing tired of being manipulated by a woman who claimed she was needing money for food, medical bills and other expenses. The first few times she asked, I felt sorry for her and sent the money. When the requests started becoming more frequent and she ignored my pleas to stop bugging me, I blocked her and shut down my Camfrog account. I started calling her "hney" because of how she constantly misspelled "honey."
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Tonight's weather makes me wish I could have gone to Texas for Furry Fiesta this year. Right now, the wind is picking up and I'll wake up to at least an inch of snow Friday.

Southside Johnny's restaurant is closing this weekend. I'll be there Friday night to hear The Psychedelegates play. One of the singles groups I'm in is going there Saturday night, but I already RSVP'd for another meetup that night.

Since a site I use to look up TV/radio stations for sale doesn't like e-mails from Yahoo or AOL addresses, I changed the e-mail on my Google+ account to a new Gmail account.

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I reserved my hotel room for this year's RMFC yesterday. Only 172 days away!

I had a few nice nights out over the past week. Last Friday, I went to Benny's Lounge to hear the Psychedelegates play. I read a good review about the lounge's food, so I had an order of their bacon jalapeño poppers. On Sunday, I had dinner with the international cuisine group at La Bella Vita Italian restaurant. I ordered a Primavera salad and lasagna. After work tonight, I'll join the Happy Hour group at a downtown bar.
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My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub last night. I only had $40 in my wallet, so I spent $29 on one martini and three local beers. I ate dinner at home beforehand, both to save money and soak up the booze.

The organizers of the FoxTrot meet were able to find a new club for next weekend. The group will be at the Denver Wrangler bar, which also has food service. My next paycheck will be deposited on Tuesday, so I won't have to worry about skimping.
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A mix of rain and snow began overnight. It was mostly rain by the time I got up at 4 AM. The roads and sidewalks are slushy, but not slick. This wet snow and enough of the leftover snow from last week will make this a white Christmas. If I'm not feeling too sleepy by the end of my shift today, I will have dinner with my family tonight.

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub on Friday night. I initially planned to try the pub's shepherd's pie, but I thought it would be too much. I got a reuben sandwich instead. The jalapenos used for the bacon-wrapped jalapeno appetizer were much bigger than I expected. I also had a few creme brulee martinis.
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Even though I dropped off my ballot long ago, I can't wait to say "Bye, Felicia" to this election cycle tomorrow.

My sleep schedule yesterday was a bit different. Instead of napping during the hours after work, I stayed up and watched the Funday Pawpet Show. The Rabbit Hole wasn't on afterward due to the host being away. Another furry hosted a game stream playing Quiplash 2, Tee K.O. and a couple other games. I napped for a few hours after that, then got up to listen to Doggy Radio.
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I'm glad my body is getting used to a semi-regular sleep schedule. Moving back to the morning shift on Saturdays at KRCC and getting an APAP machine have eliminated most of the tired feelings I get during the day. The only days I have odd sleep hours now are Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, since I nap after my Sunday shift then stay up overnight for The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio.

I got my haircut this afternoon. I had a coupon for a free haircut at a new location of Sport Clips, a sports-themed salon featuring TVs at each stylist's chair tuned (during my visit) to ESPN. In addition to the free haircut, the store was running a free "MVP Upgrade" promotion. This included a tea tree oil shampoo with conditioner, hot face towel, and a shoulder and neck massage. The shampoo/conditioner stations also had vibrating chairs!
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This afternoon, I attended a seminar about starting a business. While I already knew about half of the information presented at the meeting, the additional information and resources will give me much more help in either starting a new radio/TV station or buying an existing one.

I felt sleepy toward the end of the seminar (though not due to the seminar itself) and did my best to hide my yawns. I watched Matthew Ebel's live music stream when I got home, then fell asleep after that. My roughly four-hour nap caused me to miss the "Turn Up The Night" political talk show I enjoy. I thought I had missed the beginning of Bucktown Tiger's show, but he had started late.

I'm cleaning off my sofa as well as I can tonight and will take out the trash tomorrow morning. Updates were made to my Medicare plan, and a couple of people will be visiting Wednesday to explain the updates. I was going to do the cleaning tomorrow morning, but I will only have about 20-30 minutes to get ready since I will be answering phones at KRCC from 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM Wednesday.
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I forgot this afternoon's Toastmasters meeting was also the monthly potluck meeting. I wasn't sure if it was my turn to bring the main dish or another member's. I brought a "party sub," and another member brought a couple of pizzas. Others brought chicken wings, soda and desserts. No one brought cups, napkins or utensils, so I made a note to bring some next time just in case. I'll be sure to get a travel pack of wet-naps since the chicken wings can get a bit messy.

I'll be seeing the Psychedelegates in about an hour in Manitou Springs, and FoxTrot is tomorrow night! This time, I'll be sure to arrive at FoxTrot around 7:45 for dinner. Speaking of foxes, the credit union branch I went to yesterday had a large stand-up display of the Carfax "Car Fox." I wanted to take a picture of it, but I wasn't sure if that was permitted inside the credit union.
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I had much more success with the APAP machine Saturday. I took a Xanax after work to make me less anxious about the mask. I was actually able to get a good night's sleep, and so far I don't hear any snoring on the recording I made. On previous weekends, I felt myself dozing off in the middle of some work shifts. Today I only felt a little sleepy about 15 minutes before the shift's end.

PAY for Friday, September 23rd: 5 hours (3-8 PM)
Saturday, September 24th: 9 hours (6 AM-3 PM)
Sunday, September 25th 10 hours (5 AM-2 PM and 7-8 PM)

UPDATE (Monday 3:30 AM): I picked up a few groceries before my Sunday night fill-in shift. After the shift, I had to refill my car's gas tank since it was almost empty. The Safeway's gas station had regular for $1.99/gallon, which was reduced to $1.79 with the discounts I had earned. I began to feel sleepy again during The Rabbit Hole, so I laid down in bed and put on the APAP machine for a bit. I took a Xanax and will likely go back to bed within an hour. Doggy Radio is about to do "The Quickening," so the show is close to ending for tonight.
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I tried the Burger King Whopperito for lunch today. It was pretty much what I expected: a lower-carb version of the Whopper.

I found a CD with videos from my Halloween 2007 singles cruise. I had uploaded one of them (a cruiser singing "Great Balls Of Fire" at karaoke) to YouTube years ago, but YouTube eventually muted the audio since the karaoke track set off YouTube's copyright system.

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, is playing at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub tonight.
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KRCC airs the BBC World Service Sunday mornings from 5-6 AM (MT.) The show during this time is usually a news/talk format, but a classical music performance has been airing in this slot the past few weeks. While I like classical music, I don't want to listen to it when I've only been awake for an hour or so and I'm trying to stay awake. I turned down the in-studio monitor then listened to rock and soul music through the cue speakers.
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My first (in years) Saturday morning shift went well. I made sure to write SATURDAY in large letters on a piece of paper since I sometimes say the wrong day on-air when I do a new shift. Still, it felt like Sunday at first. I was a bit tired when I started the shift because I went to a performance by a co-worker's band Friday night. "The Psychedelegates" played psychedelic rock and oldies at Southside Johnny's.

I originally intended to nap after work from 3-6 PM so I could arrive at FoxTrot at 7:30 for dinner. Instead, I slept until 7:00 and arrived at Club M just before 9:00. I waited about 40 minutes for a waiter, then went next door to M Uptown's main restaurant. The menu had slight changes and the "All Thai'd Up" martini was no longer available (coconut vodka with white chocolate, chocolate liqueur and Thai chili garnish.) I ordered a regular chocolate martini and the bacon, horseradish and garlic cheeseburger. When I returned to the meet at Club M, I ordered two drinks which were called "High Tides" on the Grenada cruise. I didn't know if that was the drink's official name, so I just ordered them as "rum, blue Curacao and Sprite." From now on, I'll arrive at the meet at 7:30-7:45.
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I can't really go into details about this, but I will be unemployed by the end of this year. Though I would no longer be a paid employee, I said I would be willing to be put on the volunteer substitute list for music shows. I also offered to fill in for other paid workers during the months I have left as a paid employee. I guess my streak of being laid off at the end of a presidential term is still going. Coincidentally, I had also planned and paid for a cruise prior to my last layoff in 2008.

While I'm sad about losing a great job, my weekends will soon be free for more of the fur meets and singles meets. Also, if I need to make extra money, I could always sell things at the flea market or a community garage sale (both of which happen on weekends only.) The downside is my plans to attend Furry Fiesta and/or BLFC next year will likely be affected.

Speaking of work, I noticed the same episode of "All Songs Considered" was loaded twice instead of two different episodes. This happens occasionally, and I noticed it ahead of time this time. I brought up a different episode on the studio computer and played that during the second half-hour. (Someone else screws up, I fix it, I get laid off. Hmmmm...)

P.S. The "Bubba & Dubya" reference is from an LJ post in September 2008. I don't know if The Jeffersonswould be a model for an Obama spinoff, but maybe 227.

UPDATE: Thankfully I was wrong about the first paragraph. I'm still employed at KRCC, though I now work weekend mornings and early afternoons. This still makes it easier for me to attend weekend meets in the evenings.
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Things I need to buy before my cruise: Clip-on sunglasses, Kleenex travel pack(s), Travel laundry soap, snacks (mints/candy), flip-flops
Things I need to do: Get haircut, clip fingernails

On Saturday, KRCC began playing the new (to the station) show "Invisibilia" during the hour before my shift. Just past 1:30, the board operator who precedes me saw that the loaded episode of "Invisibilia" was only 40 minutes long instead of 59. Since there was only a minute or two to make a decision, I took an instrumental album from the jazz rack and had her play it on the air to fill in the time until the top of the hour. During this time, one person called in to say he hated the music. About an hour later, another caller said he loved the music and asked for the artist and album name.

I heard a dog constantly barking outside the studio for an hour or so. I was worried someone had left it in a car (It was 84 degrees outside at the time.) Thankfully, it was outside on a leash under a big shady tree.
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I normally use the tiger avatar for when I'm angry. In this case, I'm using it in tribute to another friend who passed away this morning. John Gerlock was a guitarist and lead singer of the Big Cat Band from Pueblo, Colorado. Tino, the Saturday/Sunday overnight DJ at KRCC, played the band's music on his show frequently and introduced me to John years ago. A few years ago, John's friends organized "Gerlypalooza" to raise money for him when he was diagnosed with cancer. The band is playing "I've Had Enough" at the Riverside Bar & Grill in Pueblo in this video.

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Having a great time at Furry Fiesta! Here's a brief recap:

I had an apple and cereal for breakfast, then went grocery shopping for soda, water and my "brunch" (chicken salad croissant.) Fox Amoore and Alexander James Adams played for a bit prior to opening ceremonies. I took a nap around 3 PM. Matthew Ebel's concert happened at 6:00, then Ebel held an after-party in his room. Everyone at the party went down to watch the Bandthro rehearsal, followed by the "Foxes and Peppers" concert.

TFF's Super Sponsor lunch was at the Studio Movie Grill in Plano, where the group got to see the movie Zootopia. I ordered the Asian salad with chicken for my lunch. The movie definitely lived up to all of the positive reviews I've seen. I fell asleep around dinnertime and missed the evening panels I wanted to attend. Thankfully, Sunday's schedule is fairly barren before noon, so I shouldn't need a nap.

I forgot to pack two items: a belt and envelopes for leaving housekeeping tips.

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