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The KRCC membership drive started last Wednesday. The fall drive usually begins in mid to late-October, but it was moved up to September for some reason. Since the weekend programming has moved to at least partial automation, the programs had fixed breaks of three to seven minutes. This is a bit easier for me since I don't have to do any math to figure out how long the breaks need to be (e.g.: 5 breaks with 23 minutes of talk time means each break should average 4:36 each.) There was no pitching on Sunday, but one member came by the studio to submit a pledge. I have a few phone shifts that will conflict with a meeting and my Friday dinner; I was moved to these shifts when the station decided to just use an answering service during the shifts I wanted to work.

On Saturday night, I needed to wear sweat pants to bed since the temperature at night is starting to drop down to autumn levels. This week, I'll probably add a blanket to my bed since the low temperatures will dip into the 40s.
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I likely won't be able to view the eclipse Monday. Two of the closest points of totality (Casper, WY and North Platte, NE) are too far away to drive to and back before my meeting Monday night. Also, I'm staying up tonight to listen to my usual Sunday/early-Monday entertainment: The Rabbit Hole and Doggy Radio. I usually go to bed after Doggy Radio and sleep until 11 AM or noon (sometimes later.)

I created the above license after getting yet another angry caller at work. A news story about BLM protesters apparently triggered his white guilt, and he felt he needed to repeatedly swear at me for it. Naturally, the license references George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" routine when he talks about a reverend objecting to cursing on the radio.
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I couldn't find my light jacket this morning before work. Luckily, the weather was just warm enough (with no wind) to go out without the jacket. If I don't find it at home, I'll contact some other places I've been recently to see if I left it there. The last time I definitely remember wearing it was June 3rd during FoxTrot. I may have put the jacket inside my fursuit case after taking off the suit at the meet.

I wanted to make an appointment today for my car's hail/dent repair. Unfortunately, the computer system at the shop wasn't working when I called. I'll try again on Monday.
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I actually have snow outside my condo again. I'm glad it's just warm enough to keep the snow from sticking to the roads.

I went to a fur meet in Denver last night. There was heavy rain at times driving to Denver and back, but the snow didn't start until after I got home. This meet was at a bar/restaurant on Colfax Ave. called Illegal Pete's. I had been to the Pete's location in south Denver years ago when a co-worker's band played there. The announcement for the fur meet had said the group would have the upper level booths to itself, so I sat near what I thought was part of the group. After some of the regular patrons left, I looked around but didn't recognize anyone else as part of the group. No one apparently recognized me, either. I stayed about 90 minutes to have a burrito and margarita, then went home.

UPDATE (4 PM): It started snowing again briefly, and the temperature is slowly dropping. This shouldn't affect any driving I have to do tomorrow.
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I slept through my alarm this morning, waking up about 10 minutes before my work shift started. I arrived at work about 20 minutes late. I figured it was better to be really late but clean, instead of a little late and dirty. Thankfully, the building is almost always empty when I arrive.

I like having sunlight when I drive to work at 5:30 AM (when I don't oversleep!) I wish this could happen year-round instead of just 3-4 months of the year. I need to get a haircut this week.
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The weather in Washington, DC will be much nicer for this weekend's vacation. Both the high and low temperatures will be 20-40 degrees higher than Colorado Springs. 

I will bring my U.S. passport with me on vacation just in case my temporary driver's license isn't accepted by the TSA (or if my new license doesn't arrive tomorrow.) I think I've ironed out all the kinks in my vacation plans.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta and Motor City Fur Con are taking place this weekend. Because of that, some of the weekend furry shows were off. Bungee Skunk hosted a Jackbox Games stream since Steelwoulfe was away. The Funday PawPet Show stream was supposed to auto-play a rerun, but there was only a black screen after the "Let Your Love Flow" intro played. Fred Bedderhead had his own stream going. I tuned in for the beginning but left to nap for a bit.

Winter appears to be gone for now, though there has been a brief return in late-April in past years.

I've been turning off my front porch light before going to bed for the past few days. My bedroom window faces my front porch. While this can act like a night light, I think it's also affecting my sleep pattern by tricking my mind into thinking it's still daytime.

One thing I like to do in my spare time is to "go back in time" to look at old LiveJournal entries to see what has changed and what hasn't. I also add tags to any old entries where they're missing:
--Last year around this date, the "Colorado Furries Plus" group was shut down due to trolls reporting some of the images posted. I was invited to a private Facebook chat group with the group members, which caused me to not get much sleep that night.
--Five years ago, Melting Temple (a co-worker's former band) released their "Hunter's Moon" EP and held a release party/concert at the Ancient Mariner in Manitou. The band asked me to wear my panda kigurumi to the concert (I had skipped a fur meet to attend) and I got to dance on stage to some of the songs.
--Ten years ago, I was growing tired of being manipulated by a woman who claimed she was needing money for food, medical bills and other expenses. The first few times she asked, I felt sorry for her and sent the money. When the requests started becoming more frequent and she ignored my pleas to stop bugging me, I blocked her and shut down my Camfrog account. I started calling her "hney" because of how she constantly misspelled "honey."
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I originally signed up to answer phones at KRCC this morning. Yesterday, the operations manager e-mailed me to say Tuesday mornings are usually slow and asked if I wanted to do Wednesday morning instead. I let him know I would do that. I'm actually relieved I didn't have to work today since a few more inches of snow have fallen. The weather's warming up just enough to melt it off the roads, and the walkways around my building were just cleared.
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Today was peaceful at work. KRCC didn't do any Sunday pledging this time.

I was initially worried I-25 would get icy due to the snowfall, but the roads were just wet. I wound up not going to FoxTrot because I was too tired after work, and a brief nap didn't help.
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Tonight's weather makes me wish I could have gone to Texas for Furry Fiesta this year. Right now, the wind is picking up and I'll wake up to at least an inch of snow Friday.

Southside Johnny's restaurant is closing this weekend. I'll be there Friday night to hear The Psychedelegates play. One of the singles groups I'm in is going there Saturday night, but I already RSVP'd for another meetup that night.

Since a site I use to look up TV/radio stations for sale doesn't like e-mails from Yahoo or AOL addresses, I changed the e-mail on my Google+ account to a new Gmail account.

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Colorado Springs got more snow today. I had to go to a Toastmasters training tonight, but luckily the roads weren't slick. After the training, I used the Visa gift cards from Christmas to get gas for my car and (with a coupon) dinner/Friday lunch at Burger King.

I'll see if I have a smaller container to store my fursuit. The maker had put it in a giant container which isn't really portable. I still need to have the suit's crotch lowered a bit, but I can't seem to coordinate a repair time with the maker. Since it's still jacket weather, I can just wear the "partial" parts of the suit with my clothes and jacket at FoxTrot. Saturday's weather will be back in the 50s and low-60s.
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About a week ago, my bedroom clock's alarm somehow turned itself on, waking me up at 4:15 AM on Monday and Tuesday. The clock's touch screen stopped working for some reason, so the only way to turn off the alarm was to unplug the clock. I plugged it back in today and it's working normally again. I initially planned to buy a new clock today if the old one didn't work.

I caught a small cold last night. The only annoyances so far are light congestion and a dry throat. I'm drinking more water today to help alleviate those.

I woke up to some light snow today. Most of the roads were clear. I went to a lunch meetup with the international cuisine group at a European cafe. I had a curry chicken pita pocket.
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A mix of rain and snow began overnight. It was mostly rain by the time I got up at 4 AM. The roads and sidewalks are slushy, but not slick. This wet snow and enough of the leftover snow from last week will make this a white Christmas. If I'm not feeling too sleepy by the end of my shift today, I will have dinner with my family tonight.

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub on Friday night. I initially planned to try the pub's shepherd's pie, but I thought it would be too much. I got a reuben sandwich instead. The jalapenos used for the bacon-wrapped jalapeno appetizer were much bigger than I expected. I also had a few creme brulee martinis.
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I've confirmed that I will be working over the Christmas weekend. I will let my dad know about this later today since I usually spend Christmas with the family. Speaking of work, the "end-of-year donation" announcements are abbreviated "EOY," which I secretly pronounce as "eee-yoy." The roads to work today were about 30% clear, 60% snow-packed and 10% icy. I left home earlier and drove a bit slower, so I didn't slide at all. The snow/ice should at least partially melt on Monday afternoon.

I felt a bit stuffy after getting home yesterday. I was able to knock it out quickly before it could develop into a cold.
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The Toastmasters club held its monthly potluck and final meeting of the year yesterday. I brought a few small bags of chips, a jar of salsa and a Santa Fe chicken pizza from Blackjack Pizza to the meeting.

I had put cocoa on my shopping list this week for my dad. He gave me two boxes of Swiss Miss he had bought years ago for my grandmother, with expiration dates in 2011 and 2012. I looked up the shelf life of the cocoa, and I'm really not confident it is any good now. I'll buy some fresh cocoa after work today.

Today's snow and single-digit temperatures are a big change from Friday's sunny high of 60 degrees. The roads were snow-packed on the drive to work, though snowplows were out this morning. I only slid a couple of times. Thankfully I didn't crash into anything. I'll adjust my morning alarm tonight so I can leave for work 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. I initially wanted to attend a Happy Hour meetup after work, but I'll skip that due to the road conditions.
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I had a follow-up appointment with my physician today. I've been on the increased dose of generic Prozac for a few weeks now, and it's helped me be less anxious. After the appointment, I picked up a jug of purified water for my APAP machine. I'm glad I don't have any other appointments or errands until Friday since it snowed last night and this morning. The roads were mostly snow-free, but the high temperature won't get back above freezing until Friday. There's only a 10% chance of snow showers in Denver on Saturday night, when FoxTrot will take place. It'll be clear again on Sunday for the KRCC Christmas party.

So far, my Christmas list has three items: a floor lamp, a Tupperware bowl set and a pair of Heat Holders socks. I wanted to add a shredder, but most of the shredder models I saw were at least $100; the ones specifically labeled as cardboard shredders were over $2,000.
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An inch or two of snow fell yesterday. Parts of the roads in my neighborhood are a bit icy. Thankfully, there was very little ice on the roads to work this morning. Temperatures will be back above freezing during the daytime over the weekend.
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One of my old improv classmates was at last night's party. He asked me if I'd be interested in doing another "class reunion" show sometime. Even though I haven't done any improv in years, I'd like to perform again. The chicken potstickers I brought were quickly devoured, along with most of the other food. Before the party, I watched some of the dress rehearsal for the theater's Christmas show.

I only have one large pot, so I did a quick load in the dishwasher to get the pot clean for the corn dish I'm making today. Unlike last year, I don't have to worry about snow or icy roads. It's currently sunny and 54 degrees outside. So far this season, there have only been 2-3 light snow showers here. Usually, that means February-April will have much more snow.
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I picked up my generic Prozac refill today. I was supposed to get thirty 60mg pills. The pharmacist explained I was given ninety 20mg pills because that would only cost me $11 instead of $82 for the 60mg pills.

I'm glad I got my medication and got more groceries today. Tomorrow's forecast shows a 30-40% chance of rain and snow, then it'll be sunny again for the next few days.
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I was cold when I woke up yesterday. I had hoped to put this off until October, but I turned on my thermostat and programmed it to be in the mid- to upper-60s throughout the day. So far, the furnace has only needed to run in the early morning since the afternoon temperatures are still warm.

I'll still be driving around in a dented car for a few more days. I dropped the car off at BumperDoc today, but they found the local rental car companies didn't have any cars available. I will now bring my car in next Tuesday, and I reserved a rental car for Tuesday-Thursday. Sadly, the rental company no longer honors BumperDoc's discount rate.

I reinstalled Troll Starver for YouTube live chats on my browser today. I had installed it previously but uninstalled it because it wasn't working for me. I discovered I needed to click-drag the troll's icon into the "block" box instead of the troll's username. It works just fine now.

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