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The cost to repair my car will be about $7,500 plus whatever it will cost to remove the giant dents from the passenger's side. My dad said the shop will try to get the work done earlier than scheduled to reduce the time I need to use a rental car.

I am considering taking a Christmas vacation this year. I'm researching sites offering low-cost tours during the season and found a couple that sound good. One would originate from Los Angeles and also visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon within 4 days; another would originate in New York City and visit Philadelphia and Washington, DC within 8 days. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, New York or Philadelphia.
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I had my mail held for the vacation weekend. One of the three items delivered to me last night was my new driver's license. A box was waiting for me on the front porch when I got home; it contained the director's chair I had forgotten to pick up during last year's Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

I'll tag this part for Christmas gift ideas: medium-sized pot, portable cell phone charger, new digital camera, Squatty Potty, shredder.
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A mix of rain and snow began overnight. It was mostly rain by the time I got up at 4 AM. The roads and sidewalks are slushy, but not slick. This wet snow and enough of the leftover snow from last week will make this a white Christmas. If I'm not feeling too sleepy by the end of my shift today, I will have dinner with my family tonight.

My co-workers' band, The Psychedelegates, played at Jack Quinn's Pub on Friday night. I initially planned to try the pub's shepherd's pie, but I thought it would be too much. I got a reuben sandwich instead. The jalapenos used for the bacon-wrapped jalapeno appetizer were much bigger than I expected. I also had a few creme brulee martinis.
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I've confirmed that I will be working over the Christmas weekend. I will let my dad know about this later today since I usually spend Christmas with the family. Speaking of work, the "end-of-year donation" announcements are abbreviated "EOY," which I secretly pronounce as "eee-yoy." The roads to work today were about 30% clear, 60% snow-packed and 10% icy. I left home earlier and drove a bit slower, so I didn't slide at all. The snow/ice should at least partially melt on Monday afternoon.

I felt a bit stuffy after getting home yesterday. I was able to knock it out quickly before it could develop into a cold.
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I enjoyed the KRCC holiday party Sunday night. The restaurant where the party was held is awesome and has great food. However, I need to remember to have a light snack before the party since the food isn't served until 30 minutes or so later. I got a beer when I first arrived. I only took a few sips before the food came out because drinking on an empty stomach triggers my acid reflux. The party this year was much more relaxing for me because no one brought kids.
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I had a follow-up appointment with my physician today. I've been on the increased dose of generic Prozac for a few weeks now, and it's helped me be less anxious. After the appointment, I picked up a jug of purified water for my APAP machine. I'm glad I don't have any other appointments or errands until Friday since it snowed last night and this morning. The roads were mostly snow-free, but the high temperature won't get back above freezing until Friday. There's only a 10% chance of snow showers in Denver on Saturday night, when FoxTrot will take place. It'll be clear again on Sunday for the KRCC Christmas party.

So far, my Christmas list has three items: a floor lamp, a Tupperware bowl set and a pair of Heat Holders socks. I wanted to add a shredder, but most of the shredder models I saw were at least $100; the ones specifically labeled as cardboard shredders were over $2,000.
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According to the other guests at the Thanksgiving dinner, the "Yum Yum Corn" dish I made lived up to its name. I mixed the corn with cream cheese and butter, with a bit of garlic, sugar and parsley.

There wasn't a Toastmasters meeting Friday, so I went bowling with members of my singles group. I didn't do as well this time partially due to my right ankle hurting. My scores were 98, 98 and 92.

One of my Christmas list items will be a floor lamp. One section of my living room barely gets any light at night. I've used my small Christmas tree to light that area year-round, but the top half of the tree's lights stopped working a month or two ago.
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"The best way to prepare butternut squash? Cube it..."
"Riiight! What's a cubit? Vooka-vooka-vooka!"

I bought a package of potstickers to bring to the improv theater's pre-Thanksgiving party. At work, I wrote down a few things to put on my Christmas list. As with last year, I'll put them on an Amazon.com wish list to share with my dad and my brother's family. Christmas is on a Sunday this year. I don't know if I'll be able to work that day, though I'd like to.
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There was a bit of unmelted snow left in some yards today. Otherwise, it wasn't a White Christmas this year. There are supposed to be snow showers overnight.

I got all of the presents on my list: two more Folkmanis puppets, a hand blender and "Weird Al: The Book." I also got a box of peanut brittle from one of my mom's nurses, a fleece blanket from my sister-in-law and my usual stocking of goodies. Both the breakfast and traditional ravioli dinner went very well. My dad accidentally knocked over the tree while handing out the gifts.
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I'm glad the weather this weekend will be decent. It snowed last weekend and again on Tuesday. The roads were icy on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. The snowplows and sand/salt trucks had begun making their rounds by 9 AM when my Sunday shift ended.

KRCC's annual Christmas party was on Sunday night at Adams Mountain Cafe. I arrived early, so I decided to get some groceries at Safeway and some edibles from Emerald Fields (across the street from the cafe) before the party. The party this year didn't have as many people. I stayed just over two hours for dinner and drinks, then went home to listen to Sarek's music stream and Doggy Radio.

The rest of this week will be a bit warmer, meaning I won't have to deal with icy streets.  I'll be going to a Drinking Liberally meeting Thursday night. This month's FoxTrot fur meet will be Saturday night in Denver at its new location, Hamburger Mary's.
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91 days until Furry Fiesta, and
204 days until the singles cruise in Grenada!

My puppet family will increase by at least one this month. I found one of the old "blond" ferrets for sale on eBay, which should be shipped this weekend. I sent an Amazon.com Christmas "wish list" to my Dad, including a couple more Folkmanis puppets, a handheld blender and "Weird Al" Yankovic's new book.
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The family Christmas dinner ended up not happening this year.  My brother and his family were too tired after breakfast, so they went home.  I had also made alternate dinner plans since Dad hadn't confirmed if dinner would happen.  Dad had made the traditional Christmas raviolis, so I had some tonight when I visited him.

Speaking of better late than never, I've been looking over past LJ posts at previous years' New Year's resolutions.  Some of the resolutions I couldn't keep then may be within reach in 2015!  I've regained some of the weight I lost in the past two years, weighing 286 lbs. tonight.  I'd like to get back below 265 pounds, my weight at the start of 2013.  I'd also like to give at least one Toastmasters speech this year.  I hope having less stress in my life will help with both of these goals.

I'm back to using my old laptop again.  A few days after I got my new laptop back from Geek Squad, it began crashing and restarting if I tried to run multiple programs at once (or sometimes just one program on Firefox.)  A representative at Dell's repair center said there's likely a problem with the motherboard.  I got a shipping box delivered to me today, and the laptop will be mailed off Saturday.
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Note to self: Bring Christmas stockings to Dad's house Friday.

Dad still wasn't 100% certain on dinner plans this morning, so I'll go out to eat tonight.

Today is a "leftover white that hasn't melted yet" Christmas.  For presents, I got kitchen and bath towels, a hair dryer, a George Foreman grill, an iTunes card and the usual stocking of goodies.
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Dad let me know my brother's family would make breakfast and asked me to come over around 11:30 tomorrow.  I don't know if they'll stay to make dinner, but I made backup plans just in case they don't.

My car's gear shifter has had problems recently.  Occasonally the shifter won't move out of Park.  Sometimes puttng the emergency brake back on and off again or stopping and restarting the engine will get the shifter to work.  One night when neither method worked, I checked the manual and saw how to un-stick the shifter.
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My Christmas plans this year are still not set in stone.  My dad's knee surgery and the uncertainty over whether my brother's family will come over are leaving some things up in the air.  Last week, Dad said there likely wouldn't be a family breakfast on Christmas, and dinner hasn't been finalized.  I should be more certain in a few days since I'm going Christmas shopping with Dad on Monday.
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I picked up my laptop from Best Buy last night.  The viruses are gone, but now the Flash player won't work in Firefox.  Reinstalling the player didn't fix the problem.  At least I don't have to dodge tons of coupon pop-ups. EDIT: Flash is working again after I reset Firefox!

My dad asked for my Christmas list this week.  I asked for a new hair dryer, towels/washcloths and a George Foreman grill (or something similar.)

My replacement credit card hasn't arrived yet.  I called the company yesterday to inquire about it.  A new card should be delivered in the next few days.
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My Christmas presents this year:

Sweat pants
Elastic belt
DVD of "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" (season 1)
David Sedaris' new book "Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls"
Crock pot
iTunes card
Chocolate/walnut pretzels

I was much more relaxed this Christmas, mostly due to taking my Xanax beforehand and having an extra pill in my pocket just in case. My brother asked if I was still looking for weekday work. When I said yes, he thought I should become an AM talk show host. If I could actually talk for more than 30 seconds at a time without getting flustered, I would have tried that a long time ago. I would like to eventually get enough practice to do an online show. Maybe then I could shop my skills around to more stations. I've been listening to several different radio stations through iTunes to get an idea how I should sound.
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I got my Christmas tree out this week, mainly because one half of my living room gets very dark even with the other lights on.

Speaking of lights, I will be getting a couple of LED bulbs to replace the burned-out ones by my front door and the hallway by the bedroom.

I just got word that Friday's Toastmasters meeting was canceled due to the snow. When I went to check the mail, the roads in my community were snow and slush-packed, but not icy.
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I bought a bottle of black cherry rum this afternoon. On the way home, I saw two gas stations at North Carefree and Powers selling regular unleaded for under $3 per gallon ($2.97 and $2.99.)

One thing I'll definitely request for a Christmas gift is a tall stepladder. Two of my ceiling lights are burned out, and my step stool isn't tall enough to reach them. I previously used my kitchen chair, but that swivels, making it difficult to stand on.

I was invited to two Thanksgiving events in Denver this year. The Bovine Metropolis improv theater is having a party the night before, then a group of friends will have Thanksgiving dinner.
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I drove by a gas station Saturday that had regular unleaded for $2.96 per gallon. It's the first time in quite a while that gas has been less than $3 in my area of town. Most other stations I saw were still in the $3.04-3.12 range.

On my way to the KRCC Christmas party tonight, I saw three dramatically different prices at stations within a few blocks: $3.11, $3.24 and $2.89. My tank was almost empty on the drive home, so I stopped at the $2.89 station (Rudy's, south of U.S. 24 on 31st St.)

The Christmas party was at Adams Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs this year. During a previous membership drive, Adams provided veggie burgers for the phone staff which really tasted good; they have a sweet and nutty taste. Tonight's party included the burgers, lasagna, talapia, rice and vegetable curry. Takeaway boxes were provided at the end of the party to bring the leftover food home, so I put four of the burgers in my box. The staff members were given awards this year; my award was for "neatest handwriting."

My new medications seem to be working well. I felt a few anxiety attacks over the past few days, but I recovered and quickly relaxed again.

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