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Back in 2006, I joined a Denver-based dating service called The Right One. I'm sure I've talked about this before, but I was signed up for the service's top level ($8,000) when I wanted the middle level ($5,600.) The service refused to change it or refund my money when I complained.

In late-2010 or early-2011, I asked to have my account put on hold temporarily since my lack of work and money made it impossible to take a date anywhere.

Last week, I called the service to resume using my account. The company has closed its offices and changed its name to "E-Love." Unfortunately, my old account is not valid with the new company.

There is a new dating service in the old one's office (but unrelated to the old one) called Great Expectations. They also have a Colorado Springs office where I signed up. The staff member offered me the $1,295 student rate (for being a "student of life") since I couldn't afford the regular $6,500+ rate and also said I could make monthly payments for three years. Unfortunately, I got a call from the staff member today saying her supervisors wouldn't allow me to use the student rate. At least I got rejected before giving them any money.

I do have online accounts with FurryMate.com and Pounced.org. Even though I'm probably too old for people on there, I hope I can find someone on there. So far, there's no one local who's close to my age on either site.

I attended yet another "cattle call" job interview today. Alorica, a call center who repeatedly rejected me when it was known as PRC and Ryla, is under new management. I think the interview went well, but I also thought others went well until I got rejected.
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I worked up the courage tonight to contact a female furry on FurryMate (The one who went to Oklacon, but I didn't see or meet her.) She lives in Oklahoma and didn't check the "long-distance relationship" option, but I let her know I'd love to chat sometime if she was interested.

I'm wondering if I should do the same for a Colorado furry who is 12 years younger than I am. I'm not so much worried about if she's too young for me, but whether I'm too old for her. It sucks that I haven't found someone near my age in Colorado.
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I tried searching on FurryMate for someone close to my age in Colorado. There were only two female matches, and they're 12 and 15 years younger than I am. I expanded the distance in the search and found a woman who is only a year younger and has much in common with me. Sadly, she lives about 500 miles away in Oklahoma. I don't really know any other local furs well enough to ask them if they know of anyone looking for a partner. I'm sure my financial/employment status right now would be a turn-off, anyway.

EDIT: Whoops, not so fast, Debbie Downer! It turns out the Oklahoma woman is attending Oklacon. The possibility of meeting her, even for a weekend, makes me feel a little better.
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I should be asleep right now, but I've been kept awake by panic attacks and worrying about my future. The attacks happened Thursday morning when I was driving to work. I realized I had forgotten my ID badge and my cell phone, so I couldn't call work to tell them I'd be late. I drove to the Service Source office to have a spare badge printed. I started panicking, and the employee helping me said she'd let the shift leader know I couldn't make it in.

Although I'm thankful for finding a job and will continue to do it, I'd like to find something different where I'm not on my feet most of the time. I have to take a pain reliever during my shift due to backaches. Also, I keep getting assigned the afternoon/evening shift on Mondays after I said I wanted the morning shift (due to my Overeaters Anonymous meetings in the evenings.) I will likely have to quit Toastmasters as well since both work shifts on Friday interfere with that.

I'm also sad about not having someone to spend my time with. I was ripped off by a dating service a few years ago, and I haven't found anyone on FurryMate yet. I guess that service is geared toward younger furries, so I probably don't have a chance of finding someone there.

I do have a couple of things to look forward to: Today is pay day and there's 40 days until Oklacon.
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Since last weekend's shifts at Luce were canceled, I called on Sunday to schedule my shifts for this week. Monday and Tuesday (when I usually work 3-5 PM) were already full, but Wednesday through Friday were still available. I signed up for the full 3-10 shift Wednesday and Thursday. My therapist told me today I should have one day per week where I'm not working at Luce or KRCC, which is usually Friday. As with last week, I may do Friday from 7-10 again to make up for not working Monday or Tuesday.

The dating service found a new match for me. She lives in Colorado City (about 70 miles south of Colorado Springs) but works in Pueblo, so she said she'd be willing to drive up to Pueblo to meet. When I called either her home or cell phone number, the on-hold music was Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." If she really does like big butts, at least I have that to offer! She said she needs to find out when she needs to work during the next week or so, then she'll call me back to schedule the date.

Speaking of big (though gradually getting smaller) butts, I only had 1,570 calories today to make up for having 2,420 on Sunday. I used some of the ingredients left over from my Fiesta Roll-Ups (the appetizers I made for the Howl-O-Ween party) and some tortilla chips and cheese dip to make nachos. Most of the ingredients are low-calorie and/or low-fat.

As of Tuesday, only 107 days until Furry Fiesta!
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The dating service called with another match for me. This one lives in Windsor (north of Denver and a bit south of Fort Collins.) According to the service, she will meet me in Denver.

The service originally called me to update my credit card information, as well as charge me $99 for a background check. Just what I need, another bill! The earliest I can make a payment to my credit card is Monday. When the service calls back with my date's contact information, I'll let them know they can charge my card on Tuesday.
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I woke up around 4 AM due to a full bladder and stress. Going to the bathroom relieved the first problem but the stress is still hanging around, even after taking a Xanax.

My therapist asked me how the dating service I joined in 2006 is working out. I had three matches in the past month or so. The first woman said she would call me back after I first talked to her. I never heard from her again even after subsequent calls to her answering machine. The second woman originally said she forgot about the date we arranged, then said she was putting her account on hold for a while.

I didn't even know about the third match until I checked my AOL e-mail account and saw a message from the service saying "we were unable to reach you by phone." That is a complete lie. My phone has an answering machine and Caller ID, so I know they didn't try to call me. I left a message with the woman yesterday and I hope to hear back from her soon.

In any event, my therapist said getting an average of less than 10 matches per year doesn't sound like the service is working hard enough. He suggested taking the company to small claims court. I previously reported them to the BBB, but they basically said "He signed a contract and he's stuck with it." I know they'll do the same if I take them to court, so it's not worth it.
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It turns out the woman I was supposed to meet yesterday had forgotten about the date. I wish I had brought her number with me to the restaurant. When I asked if she wanted to reschedule, she said she had decided to put her account with the dating service "on hold" because she was very busy. She said she would call me once things settled down.

I was matched with three women around the same time, so I'll call the third one tonight or tomorrow.
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I arrived at Old Chicago about 5 minutes before noon to meet my blind date. She said she would arrive between noon and 1 PM. I waited outside until about 12:30, then went inside to the waiting area (where I could look out at the patio.) I forgot to bring the woman's phone number with me, so I was hoping she would call me if she was unable to make it. She hadn't arrived by 1:05, so I decided to just get a table in the bar and dine by myself.

I didn't know Old Chicago's Web site had nutritional information for most of its dishes, otherwise I would have chosen my meal more wisely. For instance, I didn't know their Caesar salad had 855 calories! The salad, a calzone and an "Old Chicago Iced Tea" totaled close to 3,100 calories. I'm about to take a walk to help burn off some of these calories, then I'll pedal the stationary bike later tonight.
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One of the matches from the dating service finally called me back. I had originally scheduled our date for this afternoon, but I forgot I have an appointment with Vocational Rehab today. I rescheduled the date for next Wednesday (when I'll also have more money in my account.)

I bought a notebook to keep track of everything I eat. I've had 840 calories so far today.
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I checked my account balance this morning. My unemployment pay from last week was finally put into my account.

The last match from the dating service hasn't called me back after saying she would do so. I'll call her again tomorrow if I don't hear from her tonight. The service also found another match for me. Sometimes I swear the service monitors my bank account, then finds a bunch of matches whenever the balance is low.
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70 days until Rocky Mountain Fur Con!

I called the latest match from the dating service today to see if she wanted to meet next week. It turns out she was out of town and wouldn't be available until next week anyway. She said she would call me back then. Before my KRCC paycheck was deposited today, I was literally broke for five days.
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The dating service found a new match for me. Thankfully I will get paid on Thursday, so I can afford to go out. At least I don't have a monthly $198 loan payment any more!

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Ever since I began using Yahoo for my main e-mail address, I only check my old AOL account once in a while.

Tonight, I found a six-day-old e-mail from the dating service telling me about the latest woman they matched me with. This is after not receiving a match for about three months, during which time I filed a complaint with the BBB. I opened the e-mail and found the service had matched me with someone I had been (unsuccessfully) matched with previously. I'll call the service tomorrow morning and let them know about their mistake.

It's bad enough that the service communicates completely by e-mail now instead of calling people. I originally chose this service because it used to have at least a partially-human component to it (meeting personally with clients, calling them, etc.) Now it's no different than online dating sites, except those sites don't charge for their services.

I finally get to deliver my first major Toastmasters speech on Friday. I made a few modifications to it. It's now just under five minutes when read at a semi-fast pace. I'll make an outline of the speech tomorrow so I can get back on track if I lose my place.
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Here's how I'm doing with my New Year's resolutions so far:

1. Find a new weekday job (full or part-time) Nothing yet. I'm still actively searching, though.

2. Exercise 15-30 minutes a day I admit I haven't been doing this every day, but I force myself to exercise at least 3 days per week if I skip too much.

3. Attend at least one furry convention Accomplished last month with Furry Fiesta. Rocky Mountain Fur Con is next in August.

4. Don't take crap from anyone (or only take half as much crap) I've only taken a little crap from the dating service (months without a match, etc.)
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I've been on a mood roller coaster today. I was a little sad about the weather, then happy about Furry Fiesta being less than a month away, then disappointed about not being hired at Kohl's, then okay again for a few hours. Now I'm depressed about two matches I received through the dating service (something I'd normally be happy about.) I guess I'm so used to being rejected after a first date that I'm not excited about it anymore. Maybe one or two things could happen tonight to brighten my spirits. I know one will, but I'm not so sure about the other.
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I'm a little bit early with this, but Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] bucktowntiger !

The dating service called yesterday with two new matches for me.  I arranged to meet the first one tomorrow at 11 AM.  After hanging up, I realized I have a Toastmasters meeting at noon.  I'll call the members and let them know just in case I end up missing the meeting.

EDIT:  My date called around 8:45 AM to ask if she could postpone our meeting.  She said she forgot about another meeting she had planned weeks before.

I received some sad news earlier today. One of the people I met on previous singles cruises died this week. I was told he became ill on a New Year's Eve cruise and was airlifted to a hospital, where he died a few days later. This person went on several cruises each year. He was lots of fun to be around and always made everyone feel welcome. He was the perfect example of forgetting your troubles and leaving the drama behind when going on a vacation. I hoisted a drink tonight in his memory. I only hope I can be as carefree as he was when I get to be his age (63.)
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1. Find a new weekday job (full or part-time)
2. Exercise 15-30 minutes a day
3. Attend at least one furry convention
4. Don't take crap from anyone (or only take half as much crap)

I just realized the dating service hasn't contacted me with a match in three months. I sent them an e-mail to make sure they haven't forgot about me.
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I just needed to get this off my chest:

This is who I am. I may not be or have everything you're looking for. I can change and I'm willing to try new things, but I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not. Just because someone else says people like me are unacceptable, unfashionable, undesirable, etc. doesn't mean that person is right. You don't have to give the media's Pavlovian response of ridicule and/or disgust when you see me. It takes more than a single dinner/coffee or a few minutes on the phone to get to know me. If you don't wish to see or speak to me again, be honest. Don't tell me to call you then have your answering machine constantly pick up without a response. In short, if you wouldn't want others to do it to you, don't do it to others.
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The dating service e-mailed another match to me on Saturday. I called her today, explaining that the dating service had matched us up, and she immediately hung up on me. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but I took that as a sign she wasn't interested. I guess it would have been too much effort for her to actually say that. Seriously, how tough is it to say "No thank you, I'm not interested"?

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