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Happy Birthday, Mom!

My sleep schedule is still a little wacky, but it's getting closer to normal. I slept for about 5 hours Wednesday morning, then took a 2.5-hour nap in the early evening.

Either my TV or the TV remote is acting up. I thought the remote just needed new batteries, but it still didn't work after replacing them. Pressing the power/volume buttons on the TV itself didn't work, either. My TV is a cheap brand that's been discontinued, and the remote programming codes for the brand don't work with my DirecTV remote. I hope I don't have to replace the TV anytime soon. It's still in good shape despite the remote issue.

EDIT: The remote will work if I hold it around a foot away from the TV. Of course, that kind of defeats the purpose of having a remote.
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I subscribed to DirecTV in 2008, about a month after moving into my condo. I compared the prices of the phone/Internet/cable bundles offered by Comcast and what was then Qwest (now CenturyLink.) The Qwest/DirecTV bundle gave me more of the channels I wanted to have (Comcast's basic cable didn't carry certain networks) and clearer picture quality, with the bundle costing about $40 a month less than Comcast.

This past week, DirecTV announced that Viacom ordered the company to stop carrying its channels due to negotiations over how much Viacom wanted DirecTV and its subscribers to pay to receive them. The channels include MTV, MTV2, VH1, VH1 Classic, BET, Centric, CMT, Logo, Spike and Comedy Central. Out of those, I watch Comedy Central the most and occasionally watch shows on Logo and Centric. Most of the "music" channels hardly show music anymore, focusing mainly on reality shows and movies. If Viacom wants me to pay more, they need to make their channels at least good enough to justify the cost increase.
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A political discussion at work brought up memories of an old comedy song. Some co-workers were talking about political candidates Doug Lamborn and Robert Blaha. The news director said shortening the latter's name to Bob Blaha reminded her of the song "Rappin' Duke" by Shawn Brown. She said she imagined Blaha's name being sung in place of the "daa-haa daa-haa" chorus

A few others and I thought of "Bob Loblaw," Scott Baio's attorney character from Arrested Development:

After a while, I remembered I had heard "Rappin' Duke" on the 1980s TV lip-sync competition show Puttin' On The Hits.

I won't answer phones at KRCC on Friday since I have a Toastmasters meeting then. I wanted to sign up for shifts next Tuesday, but they were all filled.
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My therapist appointments have been on a Monday for at least the past few months. The therapy and my OA meetings make me feel extra confident on Mondays, but that feeling gradually goes away during the week. After the next time, I may try to move the therapy to Thursdays to space out the good feelings. Once I find a new job, I hope I'll still have enough free time to go to at least one fur meet every week. Right now, I can only make one every one or two months.

It seems like some of the employment agents I've seen have even fewer ideas about finding jobs than I do. Most of their suggestions involve things I've been trying for years, mainly looking for jobs online. I've applied for two jobs so far, and I'll apply for a few more later tonight.

Okay, that looked creepy. I caught the tail end of a PSA called "CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes" featuring a still shot of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.
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I just viewed former MSNBC Live host Cenk Uygur's video from The Young Turks explaining why he left MSNBC and the events which led up to it. Uygur cited ratings which showed MSNBC Live beat the Fox News show which aired against it. Uygur said network officials told him people in Washington, DC "didn't like his tone" when he criticized politicians.

NBC in general has a long track record of hiring people for being different, then ordering them to stop being different (Howard Stern, the casts of Saturday Night Live, Conan O'Brien and Keith Olbermann.) This trend increased when General Electric bought RCA (NBC's former parent company,) and again when Comcast bought 51% of NBC/Universal. The excuse usually given is "People outside of California and New York won't get it," as if they picture the other 48 states as one giant corn field.

With the U.S. economy in the condition it's in, and with politicians trying to hold services and funding hostage to secure a budget deal, it's the job of news commentators to speak out against anything that negatively affects their viewers, whether the management/advertisers/politicians like it or not. This is why I'm glad the Internet offers alternative viewpoints from all sides. Some of them don't have the viewer numbers of the big networks, but they also don't have a group of suits telling them what to say and think.

EDIT: About that last sentence: Whenever someone hates a show (particularly a political news/talk show,) the weakest excuse anyone can give is "They only have, like, 3 viewers"or "Their ratings are sinking." Quantity and quality are not always mutual. TV shows like Arrested Development got poor ratings, but most of the people who did watch it over its three-season run (including myself) enjoyed it. Internet streams, public access cable TV shows and community radio stations are doing what larger media companies hardly ever do anymore: giving a voice to people whose views are either not heard or are drowned out by the opposition. If I like a show or agree with a certain viewpoint, why should it matter how many or how few people share that view? I'd love to start my own stream, but I know I wouldn't have enough fresh material to fill even a half-hour per day.
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I'm up late again. This time, it's due to late caffeine consumption rather than stress.

I e-mailed Rocky Mountain Fur Con's registration to let them know I'd be signing up for the Patron level instead of the Super Patron level I originally indicated. I thought I'd have enough to afford it, but the check and credit card payments a few weeks ago drained my account temporarily. I had been nervous about whether I could afford the entire con (including the hotel stay.) Luckily, KRCC's next membership drive will happen in either June or July, giving me enough extra hours and time to pad my account and credit card before then.

I called DirecTV to remove a premium channel service from my subscription. I had signed up for it during a special offer, but I've been paying full price for it the past few months and the channels don't currently have any movies I'm interested in. That will shave $10-12 off my monthly bill.
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I watched the Larry King Live interview on CNN tonight with the Imam who wants to build an interfaith community center two blocks from Ground Zero, along with reactions from others on Anderson Cooper 360. Somehow, I think I got a different feed of the interview than some of the folks who commented on it. I read several comments on the CNN site saying "he should make it an interfaith center instead of a mosque," even though the Imam had already stated that's what the building would be.

To be honest, the panelists calling the plan insensitive came off as very insensitive themselves. One of them (a woman whose husband was a firefighter killed on 9/11) kept cutting off the others who tried to give an opposing view and even suggested the Imam "build it in the Middle East."

The jaw-dropping moment of the night, however, came from a man who objected to being called a bigot. He then suggested the interfaith center should have a Christian church on the top floor ("because Christians built this great nation,") a Jewish synagogue below that and the Muslims on a lower floor. I thought for a moment I had switched over to "TV Land" and was watching Archie Bunker. Of course, this person whined that he was being "attacked" when another panelist questioned this so-called logic.

Bill Hicks was right. Some people need to "squeegee their third eye" and not blindly form an opinion without hearing both sides. Perhaps more people need to study this chart which explains things rationally:

I finished writing my Toastmasters speech after watch these programs. I'll go over it tomorrow morning and make an outline on note cards.
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For those who don't watch GSN (the Game Show Network) or visit GSN.com, the network has a promotion called Oodles. Web site users earn Oodles by playing games and answering trivia questions online. Winners can redeem their Oodles for various prizes, ranging from gift cards and games, to cameras and even a TV (when those items are in stock, which is rare.)

I had been about halfway to saving up for an HD webcam, but I discovered my Sony HD Handycam which I haven't used in a while has USB streaming capability. Instead, I redeemed about half of my Oodles for various sweepstakes and a box of one dozen Mrs. Fields "Nibblers" cookies (which I'm holding in the picture.) I treated myself to two cookies after dinner since I really behaved on my diet that day. They only have 53-60 calories each since they're about the size of a half-dollar coin.
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I saw an ad on TV earlier for a colon-cleansing pill called Colon Flow. Hearing the name reminded me of the parody commercial for Colon Blow cereal from Saturday Night Live in the late-1980s.

Colon Flow:

Colon Blow (Not viewable worldwide):
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While watching an ad break during last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, I noticed Colorado attorney Frank Azar looks a bit like Guillermo, the parking supervisor from Kimmel's show.

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I hope a good night's sleep tonight will help my voice heal. A lack of sleep (due to my cold symptoms keeping me awake the past few nights) tends to weaken it. If I don't hear at least a partial improvement by Tuesday, I'll ask my dad to call an ear, nose and throat specialist. One of KRCC's listeners, who spoke through the aid of an electronic speech device, urged me to be checked for throat cancer since that's how her voice became damaged. It definitely wouldn't hurt to check for that, so I'll see if any ENTs will accept my health discount plan. I don't smoke, but I do spend a little time around co-workers who do.

Another LJ user had posted the lyrics to "Over The Rainbow" from The Wizard Of Oz in a recent entry. I was reminded of Mandy Patinkin performing this song on Late Night With David Letterman in 1987 or 1988.

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Get ready to Twitter the stars...as we play the star-studded, big-money Twitter Game PM!
  • 09:13 This girl in the commercial is only 3 or 4 years old and can barely speak English, yet she's an expert on fish sticks. #
  • 16:47 Eating some chicken-flavored ramen with chopped garlic. #
  • 19:05 Google Maps needs to give directions to my street without sending people down every side street in the area. #
  • 19:18 Bus is running a bit late. I hope the ride down is more relaxing than the current wait. Xanax is making it tolerable. #
  • 19:49 Yay! Parents with screaming kid are taking an earlier bus. #
  • 01:25 In western Oklahoma now. 123 miles to Amarillo. #
  • 02:12 Dear inconsiderate jerks, It's 3 AM and several folks on the bus are trying to sleep. Your constant yapping is preventing this. #
  • 03:42 Breakfast stop in Amarillo. #TFF2010 #
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It turns out the second half of my trip had not one, but two sets of parents with screaming kids.  Luckily, they both got off at other stops.  I try not to take Xanax more than once a day (or at all if I don't need to) since more than one pill tends to turn me into an emotionless zombie.  Unfortunately, my breathing exercises and other distraction techniques weren't helping me this time.

For some reason, I couldn't turn my iPod off yesterday morning.  I pressed and held the play/pause button for several seconds to no avail.  It fnally worked after all the battery power was drained.
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There was another meeting tonight for the C.S. Tweetup group. This meeting was held at Champps restaurant in Briargate. Meteorologist Matt Meister from KRDO-TV did a live weather report from the restaurant and even interviewed one of the participants.

(EDIT: Video and pictures removed by request.)
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The local news had a story about Comcast cable changing its name to Xfinity. It seems that Comcast has discovered its reputation is being tarnished, and the only solution is a name change. Gizmodo.com released 25 user-created ads promoting the new service, including the ones pictured below.


When I moved into my condo two years ago, I compared the prices for bundled cable/Internet/phone services provided by both Comcast and Qwest/DirecTV. Not only was Qwest/DirecTV about $30/month cheaper, but it offered more channels and better picture quality than I previously got with Comcast and its local predecessors.
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I wound up buying an early Christmas present for myself: a coffee percolator. I haven't had coffee too often for the past two years, mainly because I've been relying on sodas for my caffeine buzz. This past Sunday, one of my co-workers at KRCC gave me a bag containing a packet of Kahlua-flavored coffee grounds and chocolate cookies, along with a card from her and her two dogs. (She usually brings the dogs with her to work.) I've only used instant coffee at home on the rare occasions I was in the mood for it. I picked up the percolator for half-price (about $10.20) at Kmart on Tuesday.

I also received two DVD sets I ordered: The third and fourth seasons of "Saturday Night Live." They were delivered Wednesday night.
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Get ready to Twitter the stars...as we play the star-studded, big-money Twitter Game PM!
  • 06:21 Yarrrrrrr! What is this potato chip doing on the floor? Avast...and stuff. #
  • 10:00 Yo, avast y'all. Don't make me bust a cap in yo ass while you walkin' the plank 'n shit! Happy Talk Like a Gangsta Pirate Day. #
  • 14:09 I couldn't find my cell phone earlier, so I called the number on my landline phone. It was underneath my bed sheets instead of on top. #
  • 18:08 Argy-bargy! I thought this week's Prairie Home Companion hadn't loaded at KRCC, but Joel showed me how to make the episode appear. #
  • 18:09 (cont'd) I panicked since I saw last week's date on the loaded episode and only had 5 minutes until the show began. #
  • 21:34 From Arrested Development: "You're... a... crook, Captain Hook. Judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate." #
  • 02:16 Awoke about 1-1/2 hours earlier than scheduled. Tino's not in tonight @KRCC, so I won't go in until around 4:45. #
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The laptop repair shop owner called while I was having dinner with my parents. He said he had a question for me, but he didn't specify what it was. I didn't even realize he left a message until I woke up this morning. I'll call him today after the C.S. Tweetup, which is having a special breakfast meeting in Black Forest.

I thought all of the commercials featuring Billy Mays were taken off the air following his death. I know the Orange Glo ad was re-recorded with a new voiceover and only showed one bit with Mays (not showing his face.) Earlier this week, I saw two of Mays' ads for the Awesome Auger and Jupiter Jack. One story I found online said ads for two other products endorsed by Mays were scheduled to air the week after his death.

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Since my desktop computer is located in my bedroom, I sometimes find myself feeling drowsy after using it for a while. I guess my mind equates being in my bedroom with bedtime. I wish I had DirecTV installed in the bedroom as well as the living room. I usually watch TV while I'm on the laptop in the living room.

Early this morning, the weekday morning announcer at KRCC tried to call me while I was asleep to ask if I could fill in for him, but the phone ringing didn't wake me up like it usually does. That's another 3 hours of work I could have used.

The Phoenix police e-mailed me again. This time I was given a phone number to contact if I wanted to file a complaint against AIG Promotions for their constant phone calls. I haven't heard from AIG in about a week, but I'll keep the phone number handy in case the calls start again. When I get a call from a phone number I don't recognize or one marked "Unknown Caller" and they ask for me (without saying who they are first,) I've begun saying "John's not in right now. May I take a message?" They either say they'll call back or they just hang up.
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LoudTwitter's servers apparently crashed, which explains why I haven't received Twitter updates via e-mail.  Here are the updates from the past three days (in backwards order):

I'm your anchor, Wanda Hell-Happened... )

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