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KRCC's membership drive will likely wrap up this weekend. This is the first drive in a long time where I wasn't constantly stressed out during my Saturday/Sunday shifts. So many positive things have happened in my life since last October, and I made sure to get enough rest and nourishment before each shift. Breakfast for the morning shift usually arrives/is made around 7:30, but I used to feel grumpy when I came to work at 6:00 on an empty stomach. Having a light snack before work alleviated that.

Speaking of so many positive things happening in my life, my 10-year anniversary on LiveJournal will be in a few weeks. Back in May 2005:

* I was still living with my parents since I couldn't afford an apartment.

* I was recovering from an April 2005 auto accident. I had broken my right knee, right ankle and left wrist.

* I worked two jobs: Board operator/announcer at KRCC-FM (which I still do today) and news writer at Metro Networks (2001-2008.)

* I hadn't heard of the "furry fandom" until the following year, but I liked to pretend I was a dog ever since I was a teenager.

* I created the LJ account mainly to comment on a Web comic (Purple Pussy) that shut down a few months later.

Today I live in a condo (though my dad had to buy it for me,) the Subaru Impreza I bought after totaling my previous car is still in great condition, I haven't broken any bones since then, and I'm debt-free. I set up accounts with MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Fur Affinity. MySpace is the only account I haven't updated recently.
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I found a few pages of the news reports I used to write for Metro Networks between 2001 and 2008. Here is one from a couple of weeks before I was laid off:

I hate the way I look sometimes. I get really depressed when I see people being mocked for their looks because (for the most part) people don't get to choose what type of body they'll have. I chose to be fat by not eating properly or getting enough exercise, and I'm choosing to gradually become thinner through healthier eating and (occasional) exercise. Everything else about my physical appearance was forced upon me at conception. I'm sorry that I'm not perfect.
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After arriving at my new job today, all the new employees were told we would actually be starting tomorrow because a client was visiting the office today. My sleeping pattern last night was a bit erratic. Between 5:30 and 7:00, I kept waking up every 10-15 minutes.

EDIT: As I mentioned on Twitter my new workplace (2860 S. Circle Dr.) is just two buildings away from my former office at Metro Networks (2864.)
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The work VCR missed the first 2 stories (one of which was about the debate,) but I got the others I didn't record at home.

An hour and about 45 minutes from now, I'll be out of a full-time job. I need to come back later today to give my boss the office keys, then I'll see if I can bring the work VCR home with me. Since I paid for it, I hope I can. I've already got the HDTV tuner (which I also paid for) in my briefcase.
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Ah crap! I forgot the vice presidential debates were going to delay tonight's newscast. I'm recording the news at home, but I hope the work VCR was able to catch the first 2-3 stories.
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Since I actually bought the HDTV converter box and VCR which I use at work, I wonder if they'll let me take them home on Friday. Soon my work-related stress will be replaced by the stress of looking for a job. The news folks in Phoenix didn't have any stories on the wire by 5:00, so one of the local stations' employees contacted me. I told him I no longer did the local news and gave him the Phoenix office's phone number.

I need to dig up my old aircheck CDs and record some new ones. Most of the stations where I plan to apply require an aircheck. I don't really like my voice, but others have told me I sound nice.

"Stop dancing in the bathroom! Your wife's got to pee!" Sorry, the weirdest ad for a local plumbing company just came on.

22 days until the cruise!
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I'm back to just doing audio stories for Colorado Springs. I hope the station which provides my audio actually has a decent assortment this week.

I should be all right sleep-wise this week. I slept for 3 hours after getting home from work, got up for a few hours, then went back to sleep for about 6 hours.

Rep. Mark Udall's last name sounds like "You Doll."

New "slogans" for the Kum Back Lunch in Perry, OK (see one of my earlier posts):
Kum Back Lunch...Home of the Footlong
Kum Back Lunch...Our sausage gravy will melt in your mouth
Kum Back Lunch...You'll kum more than once
Kum Back Lunch...New back door entrance

I wonder if the Kum Back Lunch is like this...
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Today (Wednesday) is the 30-day mark until my vacation!

There was a note waiting for me in the office telling me to resume doing individual Colorado Springs news stories, but not summaries. Yesterday, the summary sent by the Phoenix folks only had four stories. No second summary was released, so I typed up four additional stories. If that's what the Colorado Springs coverage is going to be like, I wonder how many stations will continue to use it.
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The Denver boss at Metro called me earlier today to tell me I no longer need to do news summaries for Colorado Springs. That duty will now be handled by the main office in Phoenix. I still have to do audio stories, as well as news and sports summaries for Denver.

As of midnight, there are ten days (eight workdays) left until Metro closes this office. I've been looking at this two ways: a prisoner who's about to be set free and a prisoner about to be executed. I look forward to having a bit more free time, but not the struggle to search for a job. If I don't find anything in radio, news or TV, I'll accept anything I qualify for. I just want a full-time wage and insurance.
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I began transfering some of the videos stored on my laptop computer onto CD-Rs last night. The laptop started giving me warnings that I'm running out of hard drive space, and it's been running SLOOOOOOW for the past few weeks.

4 hours and 15 minutes until autumn officially begins, and 32 days until the cruise! I managed to get enough sleep yesterday morning so I could make the evening cruise chat. Once the Metro office closes next Friday, I'll do my best to get used to waking during the day and going to sleep at night. Last year during the cruise, I kept going to bed early since my body was used to it. One of the few things I'll be glad about when this job is over is that I won't be subjected to endless political ads during the morning newscasts.
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Mike at KRCC told me there weren't any weekday openings. However, he said I could fill in for other board operators/DJs if they need a substitute. That could give me a little extra money in the days before the cruise.

Today and October 3rd are my last Metro paydays. I actually managed to get some rest before work, and I got all my reports and audio stories on the wire before 5:00. Yay for not having any complaint calls! I wonder if the CD drive in the work computer is read/write or read-only. I'd like to transfer the summaries I have saved on the work computer to disc as a kind of archive for my work.

I went to print my resume yesterday, but I found it was about 1-1/4 pages long after updating it. I re-typed some parts and reduced the font from 12-point to 11-point to fit everything on one page.

Freddie offered to call some of my co-workers to see if they'd be interested in either joining Primerica or having the free financial analysis done.
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Metro isn't offering any online work-from-home positions. However, the company will pay for a month or two of COBRA insurance. Beyond that, I have to pay for it myself. I'll be calling and sending resumes to the various stations which currently use Metro's news and traffic to see if they have any openings.

I'm currently dubbing two movies from my DirecTV DVR to my DVR/DVD recorder: the "Strangers With Candy" movie and "Gym Teacher: The Movie," both of which star Amy Sedaris. I loved her in the "Strangers With Candy" TV show and her talk show appearances, along with her and her brother David's books. There's actually a local TV news anchor I refer to as "Jerri Blank" because her hairstyle and teeth remind me of Jerri (without the braces and heavy makeup, of course.)
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I just found one of my stories on the Metro wire was translated into Spanish.

>>Frontier To Charge For First Checked Bag

(Denver, CO) -- Frontier Airlines will soon begin charging for all checked bags. In June, Frontier began charging 25-dollars for a second checked bag. Starting November 1st, the Colorado-based airline will charge 15-dollars for the first bag. Aviation expert Mike Boyd says air fares have been unable to keep up with fuel costs, so creating new fees is a way to deal with the problem. Boyd says the fees will likely remain even as revenues are forecast to go up next year. Airline officials say passengers with a certain flying status and military personnel will not be charged for any bags.

>>Frontier Cobrará Por Primera Maleta Registrada

(Denver, CO) -- La aerolínea Frontier comenzará pronto a cobrar por todas las maletas registradas. En junio, Frotier empezó a cobrar 25-dólares por la segunda maleta registrada, pero a partir del 1 de noviembre los pasajeros también tendrán que pagar 15-dólares por la primera maleta. El experto de aviación Mike Boyd dice que las tarifas aéreas no han estado siendo suficientes para compensar los costos del combustible, y que crear tarifas adicionaeles es una forma de abordar el problema. Los oficiales de la línea aérea indican que pasajeros con cierto estatus de vuelo y el personal militar estarán exentos de la medida.
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My boss at Metro told me there may be the possibility of me being able to keep working for the company online from home. I'll have to give the corporate folks in Phoenix a call on Monday.

This really sucks. Just like in 2000, I was starting to become more financially stable when news of the layoff happened. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much advanced notice this time. I'm writing down the names of people I know in radio to see if any of them know of any openings or if I could use them as references.
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My boss told me I would be receiving a severance package including a month or so of pay, plus credit for my unused vacation time. I need to ask him if the company will give me COBRA (health insurance for the unemployed.) I also need to find out if the Denver news I need to do next week has to include audio stories, and what stations' Web sites can provide the audio (I no longer receive the Denver stations via cable since I switched to DirecTV.)

What is it about the end of a presidential term that causes companies to start laying off people? I was laid off from my last job in early-2000, at the end of the Clinton administration. Now I'm out at the end of Bush's term. The two of them should star in a sitcom together: "Bubba & Dubya." It could be a take-off of "The Odd Couple" or "Laverne & Shirley."
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I received a note at work asking me to call my boss in Denver after I got home. At first I wasn't worried, but then I saw a letter from the corporate office on the bulletin board saying the company was restructuring.

The news was worse than I thought. The news departments in both Colorado Springs and Denver are being laid off, with the operations moving to Phoenix. This was a surprise to me since the company seemed to be doing well last year. I had no idea the economy had that much of an effect on the company. For at least the next two weeks, I'll have to do the news for both markets.

On the positive side, my new suitcase arrived for the cruise.
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Hopefully my sleep schedule will be back to normal later today. I had to work on Labor Day, even though I only had to do half as much work. I wound up sleeping for about 4 hours after getting home, waking around noon, then going back to sleep around 7 p.m.

For the first time in over a week, the local newspaper's Web site has the correct day's paper displayed instead of being a day behind. Now if only they could provide more actual news content. This is a good-sized city (380,000 or so.) More than three things happened, right?

52 days until the cruise! I've downloaded more music from my CDs onto my iPod and iTunes for the trip. I went ahead and bought downloads of some of the albums since I only had them on cassette.
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It's Tuesday, so why does the local paper's Web site still have Monday's paper up? They were a day behind yesterday, too. Oh well, it gives me an opportunity to goof off here for a bit longer. ;) I'm actually re-writing the stories from the TV newscast (in between visits here) until the paper's site decides to update.
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The work VCR didn't record last night's news report because of a late-running football game. The station's Web site doesn't have any audio stories I can use, just two features from the morning show. My boss told me he would get me a TiVo system for work to replace the VCR. I actually bought the VCR to replace the ancient one the company had.

I'll do some grocery shopping this afternoon. I forgot to give my dad my shopping list this week. There's no Primerica meeting tonight, so I can go to sleep after getting home from dinner.
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With the exception of a couple of very brief naps, I've been up since 10:15 p.m. Tuesday. I tried to sleep yesterday afternoon, but three things decided to happen:

(1) I called my latest match from the dating service. She asked if she could call back later since she was driving, but she didn't call back.

(2) As I tried to take a nap after the call, my supervisor from Primerica text-messaged me (my phone beeps when I get a text message) saying he was holding an important team meeting after the regular meeting.

(3) As I made a second attempt at a nap, two maintenance men from the condo community came to my door asking to inspect my crawl space. Apparently there was a water leak below the units and they wanted to find the source. That meant I had to take the boxes from my walk-in closet where the crawl space door is and put them on my bed(!!!) until the men finished their search.

I managed about two hours of sleep last night. After arriving at work about 15 minutes late, I dozed off for another hour or so (No one else is there at that time, so it didn't matter.)

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